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NID552- When Do Adjusters Become Co-Pilots

2009-01-13.  When Do Adjusters Become Co-Pilots

No Idaho #552

Topic: When Do Adjusters Become Co-Pilots

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Mark: I would like to observe the fact that I routinely use this opportunity to invoke spirit with words of gratitude and prayers, and I’d like to point out that of course it is not required. It can happen on an individual, personal basis where each one of us chooses their inner direction or purpose. It’s not of course strictly necessary to utter words, sometimes we just enjoy to be in stillness and gratitude with our Divine Parents.


1 – When Do The Adjusters become Our Genuine Co-Pilots?

Question #1: [Mary] Good evening, I would like to express my gratitude to the t/r’s for providing this service for us and we’ll start this evening with a question that relates to the metaphor we use to describe our bodies, our vehicle. This person was thinking about their body vehicle and was wondering: at what point in human development does this body become a vehicle and we the operators with our Thought Adjuster as co-pilot?

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson here to accept the invitation that you present by offering these questions. When you make these references to your vehicle being your physical body and you being the driver of your body you are trying to make this distinction of where you reside and from what seat you operate. But, as you will witness, you have from your earliest possible human memory no other reference than . . . your environment extended to you through your vehicle.

Your sensory organs are part of your vehicle and filter to you their input. This vehicle provides you with the means to be mobile in your environment and indeed it was required of you to take control of this vehicle in order to command it to do the most very basic of necessary functions for you. You have in fact been in training to use your vehicle for your entire lives, discovering throughout your life its different capabilities and limitations and so you have grown up with your vehicle. You have always been the operator of this vehicle, but what has changed (and is changing day by day), is your awareness and consciousness of this distinction.

In your earlier life you may recall periods where you made no such distinction, you were your body as far as you could tell. You made no reference of another aspect of yourself, it was all one. As you grow and mature you begin to see that there are aspects of yourself which are enduring, which are divine and which extend well beyond the limitations of the flesh. At such a point of realization do you become conscious and aware that you are the one who has been operating the vehicle since you two came together for this purpose.

You rightly identify that your Thought Adjuster, your inner voice, is a passenger with you. They do not have their hands on the wheel as you do nor their foot on the accelerator. You are the one who determines the how and the where you will navigate and your indwelling Spirit is along for the ride, ever keeping an eye on the map and suggesting the most secure route along the way. But even this you have not been aware of much of your time, you have merely gone about driving the vehicle much of your life without ever glancing over to make contact with your passenger.

It is only in recent times of your development that this aspect has come to light for you and your gradual dawning of awareness that this is so as well. So now truly you are seeing yourselves in a different light, you are seeing which seat you are in and observing from that seat realizing that you, the eternal and divine aspect of self, are indeed enjoying the company of a Divine Fragment of the Father, a gift offered to keep you company and guide you home.

It is good that you ask such questions because they show a level of growth and maturity for you to even consider. Thank you for expressing these questions to be addressed today.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson. This next question is concerning survival, when we move on to our next vehicle. This questioner talks a lot in these next paragraphs about the fact that there are a lot of people that live life here on earth and profess to not believe in God yet who still live admirable decent lives, loving, kind lives and yet they do not attribute that to a belief in God.

2 – Need We Believe in God To Survive after Death?

Question: This questioner just wants to know; if they go to heaven, if they have lived a decent life even though they haven’t professed a belief in God while they were alive, are they still going to go to heaven?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. It is a common concern among humans of the realm to be concerned over the welfare of their brethren, and this is a noble and admirable trait among you. First I must take liberty with your phrase “go to heaven” and exchange it with “enjoy your ascension career” because as you are aware, there is a great gulf between what mankind would call heaven and your eternal ascension career which most certainly takes you heavenward.

You must try to see yourselves in proper perspective as to where you are in this long ascension career, this universal journey. You are at the very beginning, you are in the infancy of your career. You will grow from this point and as such you cannot help but be immature and unknowing and unaware and uncertain. It is not expected that you would be any other way having just started out in your experiential career.

You are as the pre-schoolers, perhaps some of you the kindergartners in a long regime designed for you to pass through and if you see yourselves as such, perhaps you can forgive yourselves for the lack of certainty that is prevalent among you about what all is going on. Just as the kindergartner or first grader cannot tell you what it is they are engaged in, this schooling process, they may even deny that they like it or insist that they are somehow not involved but they are all in first grade.

Complete freedom is given at all times to exercise your freewill distinction and it is not in any way a mark against you to declare as a first grader that you do not like school or the program assigned to you and you will never grow up. It is known that you are immature and unknowing because you must gain these experiences personally and so you are not held at fault for not having gained the proper experience, in fact this entire universe and universes to come are designed to provide you with the proper experiences.

You must be tolerant and forgiving of yourselves for not having become a high school graduate when you are but a grade-schooler. Of course your Divine Parents have nothing but love and support to give you, the small ones, as you find your way through process. Another universe truth that should comfort you is that you are all part of this program until and unless you decide you will no longer participate, another supreme gift offered to you of freewill choice.

But unless you claim this individual choice it is assumed that you are one of the class moving forward and just as you would not allow a first grader to drop out of school, it would be a premature decision for them to make, it is not considered that you have enough information, enough knowingness to determine your course at this time. So it is granted that you will graduate to second grade regardless of whether it is your desire to go forward or not.

Trust that this divine plan encompasses you and everyone else and see that it is pervasive enough to demonstrate to you that even those first graders who are adamant that they may dislike the program at hand are in fact learning from it and manifesting the positive fruits of being exposed to it when they are kind and just and good, even in the absence of understanding the total framework around them. Fear not, for none of the first graders shall be turned away, they must learn more before they can even begin to decide their fate, thank you.

Mary: Thanks Monjoronson, it is good to be reminded that even in our state of imperfection when we may not even know Him, He still loves us and gives us every opportunity to love Him. We have a final question here tonight.

3 – Please Explain about Participant Numbers in the UB Statements about The Reserve Corp of Destiny?

Question #3: In the Urantia Book Paper on seraphic planetary government, there is a section about the reserve corps of destiny. This questioner states: probably because of my math background I have always been confused by one paragraph. “The cosmic reserve corps of universe conscious citizens on Urantia now numbers over 1,000 mortals”. Is this group separate from the reserve corps of destiny? The reason this has always puzzled me is that the book states that the present number of reservists is 962 and then goes on to say the cosmic reserve corps numbers over 1.000. Thanks so much for all the wonderful lessons and spiritual guidance. The archives have been a grounding stability for me as well as an enlightening and joyful experience.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your effort at submitting a question to clarify your understanding. I must make a couple of points. First is that I am often asked to somehow corroborate this Urantia Book. I am oftentimes at odds [with the process], because I am asked to defend a text which I did not author and which was delivered quite some time ago as your history goes. And so I am faced with the challenge of seeing past the curiosity of exact numbers and attempting to get at the larger concepts and even ideals that are promoted in this fifth epochal revelation.

I am going to make a comparison here to illustrate my point. Imagine if you would, a great event occurring on your world fifty years ago, and at that time, your very best reporters covered the event on your world and wrote with the most integrity and sincerity a detailed account of this event to transpire on your world and provided many details, perhaps [reporting about the] number of lives touched, the time frames, and even personal perspectives.

The day after such an event you would readily pick up the newspaper and eagerly read for numbers and details and very specific aspects of this story. If this was a big enough and grand enough event you might cut this page out of the newspaper and perhaps tack it to your clipboard. If this event was extremely significant you might remember it and recall it for months to come but remember that this event was fixed in time, the details provided were pertinent only to that time, that moment when it was observed and recorded.

One year after such an event, the newspaper attached to the clipboard would be yellowed and fading. Five years from that event you would not refer to it except occasionally. One decade later it might be hard to recall such an event. One generation later a story might be told to a grandchild. All of these are relating back to an original event. In your citing this passage in the Urantia book, the key word that brings this point home is the word now. It implies all I am trying to bring across with this imagery that “as of now”, fill in the blanks.

It is my hope that the process we are engaged in now and have been engaged in over these last number of years of the teaching mission and now the correcting time will bring the concepts and the principles that were outlined so well and with such divine inspiration in the Urantia Papers, that this teaching mission will bring these concepts alive into this time “as of now.” But none of the numbers, statistics and details may exactly transfer because this is not the time that is referred to and while concepts and principles span eternity, numbers and facts and figures are very static.

It is as though a snapshot was taken and after that snapshot was taken no more consideration is given to change. You can only see how it was in the picture, not how it is now. So I encourage you to allow for the principles and concepts outlined in the Urantia book to be brought into your current realm of awareness and understanding. But that you also allow, that in this moment, in your moment, in your life, in your time, the exact numbers and details will be your own snapshot of time, your own encounter with reality. To talk of numbers when the text was presented 50 years ago has very little relevance to the concepts that are attempting to be portrayed.

Allow the concepts to influence your daily lives and pervade your thinking with a minimal amount of getting bogged down by trying to calculate exact numbers and figures to somehow bring you peace of mind in reconciling the text. Any text is a snapshot in time and space. As of now your life is dynamic and moving and growing and changing moment by moment. I hope that the tools of a text such as the Urantia Book may be integrated into your dynamic, living, growing, changing life experience.


Thank you for these questions tonight, it has been my privilege once again to have this opportunity to address your questions and concerns. Above all I hope that you receive the message that you are part of this grand plan, you are well cared for and your are well on your way even if your are just beginners in eternity. Thank you and farewell.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson, good evening.

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