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NID557- Post Suicide Resurrection

2009-02-03.  Post Suicide Resurrection

No Idaho #557

Topic: Post Suicide Resurrection

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, we welcome your influence into our lives and to this process as we align ourselves with the energies of Monjoronson at this time. We invite Monjoronson to this circuit with us, to drink this cup of service with us. It is our supreme pleasure and privilege to be in this association with you and it is our intention to be instruments of your peace and your love. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to accept your invitation and to offer with you my services in this process that we build together in this hour. I am grateful for the services of the other volunteers in this loop as well. Truly we are graced with dedicated servants and with such devotion and dedication, the fruits of these labors will be bountiful indeed. Let us pick up once again this opportunity for questions and answers at this time, whenever you are ready.


1 – Would you further explain post- suicide resurrection?

Question #1: [Mary] Hello Monjoronson, our first question this evening is a further question following up on others asked in other sessions regarding the issue of suicide. The question is: Do people who commit suicide experience a third day, a third period resurrection or do they sleep until the end of the dispensation and for those souls who do not experience a three day or third period resurrection, where are those souls kept? If they are not on the mansion worlds and no longer on Urantia, where are they until the end of the dispensation? Thank you for your reply.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question, I am Monjoronson here again to offer a response. I notice in your line of questioning a rather definitive judgment that has been placed upon the one who has committed this act, the one you call suicide. Inherent in this question is the assumption of wrongdoing or guilt for having committed such an obvious transgression but I must make efforts to illuminate the situation from a different perspective.

The transition of a mortal is inevitable and there is no harsh judgment rendered on this circumstance of transition. It will be something that causes this transition and if the element of judgment is removed, you can see that all who pass through this stage of transition are considered as the same in having arrived at this point and regardless of the details and circumstances of their transition, they all are treated as transitioners. So therefore there is no need for an idea of detention housing or purgatory where there is a price to be paid.

All of those frameworks support a notion of definitive right and wrong, or correct and incorrect behavior and as long as you are engaged in the judging of correctness you are compromising the element of mercy. So in answer to your question, they are not segregated aside and treated differently for the events and circumstances surrounding the event of their transition just as you would not consider segregating small children from each other because they choose to like to play different games. Thank you for your question.

2 – The Question is in 3 parts:

Mary: Thank you for your reply. I have a 3 part question here which pertains to the concept of personality unification. This questioner says they understand the idea that the bestowal of personality from Father starts us off with no idea about who we are and our capacities as a personality.

Question #2: [Part 1] What does a person have at the end of personality unification besides experience?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. It brings to mind another question and attempts to shed some light and that is, are you your experiences or are you somehow the wisdom attained as a result of your experiences? Experiences are all useful tools and as such may be gathered and used and stored as you are in command of them. But your personality is the overall sum of the combination of these experiences and what they have taught you which is wisdom, because wisdom is greater than the individual experience, even greater than the sum total of experiences. It is your own assembling and grasping of the overall significance of all these combined experiences.

If you were no more than your experiences you could not ever build on these experiences and grow from such building. You would simply be a record of these experiences unable to assemble any meaning or develop any platform of understanding. So it is this umbrella over all your experiences, your assembled personality and its accumulated wisdom that is the grand result which is more than the sum of its parts by far. I understand there is more.

[Part 2:] This questioner also says that they understand from the Urantia Book that perfection of the personal self acquires the dignity of becoming divine as the finaliters are said to be divine. Am I correct to equate divine status with complete personality unification?

Monjoronson: Declaring divine status is a matter of personal reference. Certainly you can attribute both conditions that are clear and obvious to you such as your finaliter status but in the final analysis, this divine status as you refer to it is found all the way down to even the mortals of the realm who each one contains a fragment of pure divine essence. To some, anything that is not material is divine, to others, the line is pushed further up and divine attributes are more clearly distinguished, but this divine thread runs through all creation and so I would honor your assessment of where you would feel comfortable drawing the line of where divinity is clearly discernible and where it is not, but I assure you your assessment will change as your awareness grows and your scale will slide. In the end it will include all. I hope this may nudge your scale a little even now, thank you.

Mary: [Part 3] One final part to this ongoing question. The Urantia Book teaches that the test of personal growth achievement or personality unification, the tests are found in psychic circle advancement. Seven of these circles when completed represent a mortal material approach to what? Entry to the morontia mind circuits? What does the Adjuster do with the individual when the mortal completes all seven circles? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. Of course you know the Adjuster is not in command of what to do with the mortal at any time but accepting your line of questioning, in a word, the answer is, fuse. If the Adjuster were to desire to do anything it would be this act of co-mingling. It may happen at that particular point in time of achievement that you speak of or at any other time prior to or subsequent to this achievement you refer to. There is no strict adherence to any time scale, rather there is the adjustment of the universe to the individuals time scale.

Your question also speaks to the condition of completing a process or regime and then what do you do. I would say that you simply keep going, simply move forward in the same direction you have been moving, start the next cycle or regime, apply yourselves with your newly found wisdom and skills to your next task. But as for what your indwelling guide would do, the object of their desire is your offer to surrender to the union between you. This is the achievement that is sought and registered as having been achieved as the most significant matter to your personal Thought Adjuster.


Never consider that there will be a time where you could run out of things to do or not know which way to go for there is always a next horizon, a next plateau. This whole universe is designed to bring you these opportunities. Thank you for these questions tonight. It has been my pleasure once again to work with you all in this process, thank you.

Mary: Thank you Monjoronson for being with us tonight. Thank you to our t/r and transcribers and we will be signing off tonight, thank you.

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