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NID558- The Great Circuit of Spirit Connection

2009-02-08.  The Great Circuit of Spirit Connection

No Idaho #558

Topic: Great Circuit of Spirit Connection

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, LIGHTNebadonia, Evanson

TR: JonathanMark Rogers, Cathy


Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, this is Elyon. I often hear one ask, „Am I wise enough?‰, „Do I love enough?‰, „Does spirit flow through me enough?‰, „Do I serve enough?‰ Today I would like to address that single word, „enough‰.


I will begin by calling to your mind the image of a sprinkler and imagine that each hole in that sprinkler head is one of the words in each of those sentences: love, service, wisdom. It is the spirit of God; it is the light, the power, the circuitry, whatever terms you apply that comes through that sprinkler head and sprays forth from you. In that spraying you are watering the life about you. Truly the question is not „enough‰ but, „is it present?‰, for in the family of God there are many sprinklers, and it is all of your efforts that waters the lawn.

Sometimes some become too self important and begins to believe that they are the only ones to do an adequate job watering and become overly focused on the aperture, the opening, of each hole in their sprinkler. They bore it out figuring, „If I had more knowledge, if I had a following, if I had more money or power I could do more work for spirit‰. What occurs is a diminishment of power in others, for you know that if, in a system of sprinklers, a lone head were to break and merely gush water, all others lose their pressure. So in the effort to over-serve and over-love and to become overly wise merely floods the general location and does no good in the broader sense.

There are others who are Œ denialists‚ of themselves, always diminishing their importance. They reason, „What good am I, for I could sit as a sprinkler head deep at the bottom of a pool? What have I to contribute? Spirit is all about me; I have nothing that can issue forth from me.‰ While this may, on some levels, be important in the comprehension of your minuteness in the grand universe, it effectively destroys your purpose, for you are a sprinkler head meant to distribute spirit. Jesus spoke of self forgetfulness or perhaps a better term is self acceptance. You have a configuration on your sprinkler head that was given. It is the pressure of spirit which casts farther or nearer that spray and array of water. You simply need to be and to allow, and the volume and pressure of God will do the ministry, will express the light, will share the love.

Also, be content with that which comes your way that fosters your spiritual growth, for the feeder line, the hose, to your sprinkler head is only so large and carries only so much. It would appear ridiculous to take your hose and hold it under a waterfall expecting to capture that water. Very little would come into that hose and do any good. Much would spill on past you.

I will wind up my comments by injecting one more thought, and that is again regarding stillness. Stillness is knowing when and how to take the end of your hose and hook it to the faucet of God. Thank you.

Monjoronson (Mark): I greet you as well, this is Monjoronson stepping up to accept this opportunity of grace. After overhearing your discussion I would like to attempt to once again add to the attempt to get your arms around or understand this concept presented of how you can be at once a unique beginning and as well a vast continuation.

Picture in your mind‚s eye if you will, rather than the image you offered of the blind people around the elephant, let us imagine the many blind individuals around a large tree. Some have gotten bold enough to climb up and experience the division and branching while others gather around the massive trunk and accurately describe the textures they are feeling. This tree that I invite you to envision in your mind‚s eye is the tree of life that you often refer to in your genealogy as your family tree. As such you are a piece of this tree, an independent node which becomes at the instant of your existence identified „you‰ but could not exist if it were not for many branchings that this tree has that provide you the opportunity to be at all.

Keep in mind that you exist as a result of your standing on the shoulders so to speak of your family, generations and generations, a million years of those who came before you, the very roots of this enormous tree. If it were not for their being, you could not be. You are spawned directly from this tree, and you require its existence for your very own. You literally owe all that you are [to], this gigantic organism, this human family tree. Who you are is both dependent upon all who came before you, and as well you are familiar with the concept that you are a unique combination, traits, and potentials.

So it is that you are a unique combination like the hands dealt you in cards. No two will ever be exactly the same, and this represents your potential. Will you branch out from this tree in your own direction, your own intention and purpose? But you do so bringing with you this gift of life that has been brought to you as the torch has been passed from limb to limb down this enormous family tree of man. That is how you are seen as both the result of much that has transpired before you and at the same time your own unique individual which will play your hand in accordance with your own individual personality.

So all those who participate in describing this enormous tree are all correct, and all aspects of this enormous tree are all one and tied together, yet the root may appear very different, the trunk which may appear very different, the branches which will then perhaps bear fruit as many of you do in your lives.

I offer this imagery in one more attempt to assemble a few more of the pieces of this puzzle together. Thank you for the chance to share this imagery.

Light: I would greet you, this is Light, and I would pick up on one thread of your conversation about the relative truth or relative reality of anything as defined by the observer.

As was mentioned, you are aware of many different thought patterns which are embraced by some and rejected by others. To those who may embrace a thought pattern they are able to access and utilize this thought pattern to great advantage, while those who would reject such a pattern as suitable will not allow themselves to access any potential gain that may be inherent in any given thought stream. So it is even with myself. There are those such as yourselves who are willing to allow for my very existence, and so it is that I may indeed and in fact become real to you, while there are others who would reject the reality of my being, and in so doing they create the very condition, for my existence may not be proved in any satisfactory terms to another. So it may be argued am I real?, do I exist? when to some I clearly do and to others I clearly do not. It has very much to do with the observer, the perceiver, whether they will allow and embrace or whether they will reject and condition.

So it is not enough that something be real but something has to be experienced to be real. There are many things which are real which are outside your experience so therefore practically speaking do not exist for you. That does not diminish the reality of their existence. It only defines the reality of your perception. So it is with many of the truths that are discussed in these forums. They are relatively received throughout, each one in accordance with their ability and willingness to receive. Some lessons may lay dormant awaiting the proper conditions for reception, sometimes for many years. So as the seer, the observer, in life it has more to do with your screens and filters than with the nature of what is real and what is not.

I do personally cherish the fact that you are willing to embrace the reality that I exist so in fact I may exist among you at this time. Thank you for allowing me. Farewell.

Nebadonia (Kathy): My dear ones, it is your Mother speaking, here to bring you closer to my circuits of spirit enhancement. You are bound together in a great circuitry of spirit connection. I am at all points of the circuit bringing my love to each of you in a continuous pulse of spirit. As you are becoming more aware of your powers to initiate action using these circuits we have enhanced for you, my many helpers are available to increase the capacity for utilization of the spirit energy provided. It is my hope that you will take the opportunity to form an intention to use this power for love, to increase the flow in your ministry to others in your world. I am always with you and proud of your efforts to apply the concepts that are presented. I hold you in my loving care always.

Evanson (Jonathan): The master said, „He who would be greatest among you let him be the servant of all‰. Here we have our Mother Spirit who provides the great circuitry by which each grows. She is the wonderful presence of Infinite Spirit. Great indeed this personality and yet the servant of all. It is her orientation of helpfulness, not the position of management, by which you are all uplifted. She will not corral and coerce. She embraces and uplifts. So this pattern can extend into your life as you connect in to her circuits. Your service to one another, if pure in intention, is truly helpful. If tinged with self advancement it becomes management. It was also said, ‰Greater is he who rules his own tongue than captures an entire city‰. Manage yourselves and be helpful to one another.

You have discussed various means of truth discernment, and I offer another point. There are elements of your culture that are disciplinary in orientation, and this is good at times. Whether it is in your athletic arenas, your military, or your monasteries, for you know that a wild horse when broken is of great use. But there can be instilled in this perspective a weakness whereby you rely on another‚s management to be told and to behave accordingly. One who discerns truth looks to whether or not that expression toward you I describe as management is helpful, and that is your responsibility to sort for the helpfulness.

God is truth and His reality is expressed abroad throughout the entire universe. There are facts and realities about God and universe reality which are unmovable, unalterable; that is the universal overcontrol or management. But you are weaving your way through this matrix of the divine manifestation, and from your island of personality you must learn to discern the helpfulness where God transforms from an absolute I AM to a loving and caring divine Parent who is oriented directly toward your growth. As you accumulate those helpful expressions of grace you will discern more clearly the overall management of the universe. It will be slow in its unfolding, far beyond even this life and your comprehension of it. Focus on that which is helpful and you will come to discern the complexity and beauty and intricacy of the entire universe reality.

Truth is one and complete and perfect, but as has been described in the past, just as a large chunk of marble is solid and complete, you can chisel away any figure, any sculpture that you choose and intend to manifest.


This is, in my attempt, a way to harmonize absolute truth with the appearance of relative truth. Be helpful to one another and do good to all. For the record I am Evanson. Thank you.

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