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NID578- Monjoronson Q&A Session 46

2009-04-21.  Monjoronson Q & A Session 46

No Idaho #578

Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 46

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Thought Adjuster, Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Father, center us in this higher mind, in that area of our higher mind which is our soul, connect us with spirit, connect us with the love of Paradise and in-circuit us in this local universe circuitry of spiritual energy, the energy  of Michael and Mother Spirit, the energy of our universe. Tonight we ask for the presence of Monjoronson and all other beings which are present.

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson. This evening during this session of questions and answers, focus on man’s moral responsibilities to act in the light of love and to begin to turn the tide of consciousness into a greater spiritual awakening within the souls of each and every one of you. Begin to live up to the faith which you truly have. Know who you are and where you stand. There is no doubt, make certain that you read the times in which you live. The time for change is upon you. My peace I leave with you. Thank you.


Question #1: Good evening Monjoronson. How is it that our Creator Son can be at one location such as the capitol sphere of Salvington and have the ability to interact with tens of trillions of beings, celestial and mortal? I thought of this question because I have read many questions in the tmarchives where MIchael is talking to a particular t/r and other participants. How can He direct his attention to one person or one group while maintaining interaction and full knowledge of all His creatures on over three million evolutionary worlds and many architectural worlds? Does He have the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously that is beyond our ability to understand? Thank you for giving attention to my question.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. If you were a parent, would not you be able to contact all of your children? The ways of spirit are not based upon the ways of men. The intimate and complex nature of spirit presence in the mind is established through the Mother Spirit circuit. All spiritual circuits act as one, therefore the presence of Michael can instantly be made aware in your mind to you because the Mother Spirit is in direct contact with all living beings and things in the universe of Nebadon. She is instantaneously in contact with all living matter which has mind.

The ability for spirit to reveal itself to a human anywhere in the universe is certain. The ability of a creature in the universe anywhere to focus toward spirit is not always certain. There are no magic tricks, no flight of mind which accounts for the presence of the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit for spirit acts as triad; Creator Son and the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit and the infinite connections of the Thought Adjuster form a complete spiritual circuitry on Urantia as it does on many of the worlds in the Universe of Nebadon.

What is important is not the device which enables spirit to make its presence known to anyone and everyone instantaneously, it is the difficulty of humans on far flung planets such as yourselves, in a spiritual negligence who have to trust the subtle hints and the simple awarenesses which spirit continually reveals. What is important is that there be a desire within man to become more like spirit, for man to become a better human, a more servicing human.

The crude human attempt at accessing spiritual awareness can only lead to an unfolding of awareness, an awareness of change, an awareness of brightness, clarity within the mind. Then it becomes the task within society to begin to live in a peaceful manner, in a more refined circumstance of mind which yields a greater responsibility within the will of man to want to become more God-like, more spirit-like, more Creator Son-like, more Creator Mother-like for all aspects of spirit act as one. So be not perplexed by the seeming simpleness of spirit, rather seek for the simpleness within the human mind that begins to access such spirit presence. Again, thank you for this question.

Thank you Monjoronson. I have noticed from past transmissions that questions regarding science tend to be vague but encouraging. It seems logical that you would encourage us to look for our own solutions rather than doing it for us. Even the celestial philosophers and astronomers are busy figuring out their advanced issues. I assume these are pursuits which give us something to do eternally. On the other hand it would seem that spiritual advice is quite specific, at least now that we’re able to communicate with celestials more openly.

Question #2: My question concerns the area of healing which has a scientific component in as much as many of the maladies are physical but they could benefit from a spiritual solution. Since many are suffering from deficiencies owing to the “default” which was out of our control, is it possible to get more healing help from the spiritual side now that the new age has arrived? If it is a matter of asking for help, I do so now and volunteer to be part of the solution and ask for instructions regarding same. Thank you for your consideration .

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. Regarding the observation, that spirit transmissions are more specific in a spiritual nature than in the scientific realm, [this] is correct because science is a momentary thing, it is a momentary observation within the human mind, it is transient. There will always be science but as you grow spiritually and as you traverse the worlds of spirit the science begins to shift and change with each world. You will always be confronted to understand the science of where you are, while aiming with the goal of spiritual perfection; becoming one with spiritual light, spiritual meaning and spiritual purpose.

As regards healing, it is also true that there are genetic issues within the human condition played out in an environment where such genetic thought resides, that certainly people do develop mindsets; their diet, their behavior, their thinking. This all contributes to mans overall condition of well being. Even in mans deepest affliction if there is the glimmer of consciousness, man can come to the place where man begins to shift the way he thinks as he begins to shift within his body.

It is true that when the Master lived on your world there were so called miracles, spiritual accomplishments which carried the note of being apart from time in its ability to instantly be transformed. Yet the Master said it was your faith that heals you. One must necessarily look at, what is faith? in this manner. If faith is just a belief system, then it is stagnant for belief systems are rather stagnant. Real faith is living, it is a type of circuit, it is a posture of action. Belief, trust the determination of the will for when mans will is determined, much can be accomplished, not just healing but yet a greater awareness and centering, a consciousness of clarity, a heart of openness, a spirit of enthusiasm, a desire for love.

True healing comes from within. There is a saying you have; “You can lead a horse to a trough of water, he must drink for himself.” Pushing his head in the water is just going to scare him. Healing is like a relationship. There are two parts to healing; the person who is holding a space, a neutral space for healing and the person who needs to be healed. The person who needs to be healed must desire to be healed, must do what it takes to be healed. It is not just a single thought to heal something yet it comes in an instant, to be healed. The point at which you are healed and the point at which you recognize healing down on a physical level relates in a time sequence. It is like planting a seed. You don’t put the seed in the ground and water it and expect to pick fruit the next day. It is like changing habits. It has to do with reorganization of thought, prioritizing thought. Such is also healing.

There is spiritual help in healing to the soul which truly desires such healing yet healing always begins within the mind as it works its way into the body and the body’s pathology. Understand that a lot of conditions that people suffer are brought on by poor thinking, poor judgment, bad decisions, an inability to move forward, an inability to flow, an inability to be connected freely with spirit in a true brotherhood of man. The ability for mankind to begin to acknowledge and respect each other helps tremendously in giving people access to the faith they truly have for it is true, if you could see a world where people have become one in the brotherhood of loving service to each other out of respect for the gift of God within themselves you would begin to see the transforming qualities which the brotherhood carries.

In terms of what you ask, an anointing, can the question be more specific?

Comment: I think the reply needs some consideration before a more specific question were asked, perhaps at another meeting.

Monjoronson: Excellent.

Comment: Thank you for your insightful counsel.

Monjoronson: Thank you in finalizing the answer. It becomes very important for a person to begin to seek healing on a spiritual level. I am sure there are many instances where the Thought Adjusters are alerting the humans of their indwelling to certain conditions which compromise their health and their way of life and yet many times these admonitions go unacknowledged, unnoticed. It’s like if the person cannot think of it himself it doesn’t exist. One must truly approach healing with an open mind. A truly [firm] ability to be within the soul in contact with a greater presence is tremendously beneficial to health, for spiritual health has qualities that animal health does not.

Spiritual qualities which have the ability to transform animal health, these qualities reside within the circuit’s space, within the space of a mind which is able to open, accept input, accept correction, accept the responsibility to change some of the aspects of thinking and some of the behavioral conditions which man is not even aware of. Even though you humans live in a world which, has been ravaged with much spiritual negligence or seeming spiritual negligence, merely presents a challenge, a challenge which the outcome must be discovered through the efforts put forth by the human will to believe in a better self, a better way, a greater life, a more meaningful existence, a more service oriented activity.


These areas we have discussed this evening are truly worthy of introspection and further discussion. I thank you for this question.

Philip: We thank you for your presence here tonight Monjoronson and also our transmitter. That concludes our session for tonight.

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