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NID577- Change, Insert Your Creative Choice

2009-04-19.  Change, Insert Your Creative Choice

No Idaho #577

Topic: Change, Insert Your Creative Choice

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, LIGHT

TR: Mark RogersKathy


Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you once again, I am Elyon here to join with you in your celebration of renewal that happens annually at this time when your event of springtime brings to view such visible signs of renewal and change and growth that you are inspired by this change to find in yourselves new patterns of growth and actions that bring this change that you would like to see into your own reality.


You know that when this time of the year arrives the angle of the sun changes, the grass is green, the trees bud, and that you may with all complete confidence assume that your advent of spring will bring with it the necessary temperatures and rains and conditions necessary for you to once again have a fruitful growing season.

But as well as you have mentioned in your conversation you also know these signs bring with them that it is time to get to work, for the garden will not plant itself. The tree will not prune itself. The wood will not be put up for the winter on its own. So you accept these signs of the change in time to inspire you to change your activities and roll your sleeves up and go out and actually put your bodies to work to create the rest of the equation necessary for you to be able to enjoy the bountiful harvest that you foresee in advance.

I call you to witness that you insert yourself into what is now the natural course of events as the creators that you are who will envision the rose in your garden and who will of necessity take the steps necessary to prepare and plant, fertilize and water, all in advance of the results that you can envision so that when harvest time arrives the necessary effort has been inserted into the equation and you are in fact realizing the creation of your efforts.

This example of being inspired by the changing of the season to become active and creative at the right time using the right efforts grants you a certainty that in accordance with these environmental laws and the wisdom you have acquired of the need to plant and sow your seeds at the proper time work together to create the reality of a bountiful harvest that you envision while even the snow is piled high around you.

This is such a clear example of who you as individuals may take your cues and your signs from your environment and insert your creative choice and insert your action which is needed to prepare for the creation that you have envisioned, and like clockwork it may be counted on to bring you these results.

This same principle [applies] when it’s adhered to in all other aspects that you may engage with in your lives. In your business pursuits there must be the preparation and the getting ready and the investing of the effort before there will be the rewards. In your education process there is the planning, there is the effort inserted, and there is the reward of the attainment of values, knowledge, and wisdom. And in your spiritual pursuit there is the desire to grow your spiritual awareness, and it is powered by your efforts of preparation so that, as this universal principle flows on, you may duly expect that in the proper season your rewards will be abundant. But perhaps nowhere is this principle illustrated so clearly as in the spring when you are making a rather wholesale shift in your activities and your attitudes based upon the potential and the promise that is before you when you witness the proper signs that are provided you.

We have discussed the many signs that are being provided to you about your spiritual environment and how your spiritual climate on this world is as well changing and bringing you the signals of the dawning of a new season. Like your spring enthusiasm you are rising in enthusiasm about the promise of a new spiritual season on your world. Like your gardening exercises you are laying the groundwork, preparing the seedbeds to be planted and nurtured and tended so that you may, just like with your springtime activities, expect a bountiful harvest.

Once again it is a great pleasure and joy for me to be welcomed among you as one of you in the group. I cherish this opportunity that you provide and will now open up this space to be accessed by others who as well cherish such an opportunity. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Hello again, I am Monjoronson here once again as a result of your invitation. I appreciate the direction of conversation this morning about the renewal of springtime and how such a renewal can bring with it a new flush of inspiration.

I am aware that as this season changes and the potentials become greatly expanded for what may be accomplished, that many of you have more inspiration than you will have time, that is, many things may be added to your list of desired things to accomplish when the potential arises for you to be doing some of these projects that lay dormant during your winter season. So with the advent of expanded potential your inspiration swells, and many dormant projects or ideas of projects all of a sudden become elevated in your priorities, and you may find yourselves with such a great desire to do so many wonderful things that you realize there may not be enough hours in the day or enough hands to do all the jobs that you are inspired to consider.

So it is you are forced to reexamine your list of potentials, and you are forced to engage in the process of priorities knowing full well that your entire list may not be accomplished in one season. This process of prioritizing your inspiration is a very useful aspect of your lives here on this world because in fact you will never get done the many things that may come to your mind and enter your consciousness as a desire for you to do. So you must allocate your available time and resources to the things which rise up on your list as the most significant or important to you.

This does not mean there is not value in dreaming grand dreams or having grand plans, for without these dreams and plans these creations will never come close to manifesting in your lives. But you are realizing that there is a practical component to your engaging with your many creative desires, and so you may pull back and decide that you must focus on one task at a time in order of priority in order to accomplish your top few priorities on your list. You know that when the time is right planting your garden must naturally rise to the top of your priority list, for if the window of opportunity is not taken the season may be lost.

So it is that you may have the grandest of lists, but your practical consideration requires that you focus on what is timely and what is necessary to do while the season requires it or permits it. Then at the end of the season you will still have things on your wish list that you never managed to fit in. This list may very well carry over to another season or to many other seasons if your plans are grand. But you also witness that if you keep steady you manage to check many things off your list and have a certain success with those items that required your focus, your intention, and your effort at the time.

Then I will call you to witness you may be very busy with your list of intentions and out of the blue something which is nowhere on your list rises up such as the visitation of some dear friend, the call of a neighbor for help, the sickness of a friend, and these immediately go to the top of your list, and you find yourselves forsaking even your most cherished priorities on your list in lieu of the priorities which are of higher value. So while it is good and proper and make your list and prioritize your list and focus on one step at a time, life also brings to you the opportunity to reprioritize your intentions everyday. While you have come to understand the value of maintaining your focus and proceeding forward with your intentions, you also have seen in your lives the need to be flexible and to realize that every priority in your lives may be shifted in the next moment to take a new position on your list.

Thank you for allowing me to throw in my two cents’ worth about intentions, projects, lists, and priorities. It is a joy to be welcomed to do so. Thank you.

unidentified (Cathy): In the effort to have sustainability on this planet it is important for each one to examine the way that life is lived in the everyday activities and interactions with others. It is a matter of being aware of the resources used in living every day. It is also important to take a larger view of the effect of your actions on other mortals around you as well as the planet. The concept of Earth Day is the positive step toward this process. It is a worthy project to examine how processes may be improved to enable the continued prosperity of the inhabitants of the planet. In community there is great power for change of small actions that can bring big improvements. You are encouraged to participate in those activities as opportunity presents itself. Sustainability is needed to create an environment where spiritual activities are able to expand.

LIGHT: (Mark): Greetings once again, I am Light. As per this thought pattern I offer you some more images on light. I invite you to consider that the changing of the season into springtime is most profoundly demonstrated by the condition of the changing of light on your world, that is, more light comes to your part of this world enabling your plants to grow and your gardens to be fruitful. It is the advent of this condition of more light added to the equation which it is the dominant factor in the changing of your seasons, and it is registered in every living being on your world, this shifting of the light. It is presented at a different angle, and it is more focused and intense, and with this refocusing comes a new season and a change in every living thing.

I invite you to consider that as light generators each of you may have this similar effect on your immediate environment. The more light you bring to the equation, the more all living things in your immediate environment will respond to this shifting of light. These spiritual seasons will more readily come about when there is a greater access to this light. Just as your planet turns to face the sun and with this turn brings you into a new season, so you may each one radiate more light and focus it out so that all around you will sense there has been a change of season, albeit this will be registered as a change of spiritual season.

I invite you to play with this imagery of how you may contribute to the changing of the season of spirituality to all of those around you with your focus and your contribution of shining more of your light into the environment.

I am as well honored to have this chance to be with you and hope that you all have the opportunities to fulfill as many of your intentions on your lists as possible, and while you are engaged in these projects and involved in getting these tasks done I pray you function more and more as the light beacons that you are in this world and transform each and every project into the dawning of a new season of spiritual awareness.


Now may we go out and about and be about this task. Thank you again and farewell.

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