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LLN630- Bringing Your Inner Spirit Guides Onboard to Your Roundtable

2021-09-02.  Bringing Your Inner Spirit Guides Onboard to Your Roundtable

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2021-09-02

Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Inner Voice

T/R: Mark Rogers

Machiventa: I accept the opportunity you provide here today, I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I would like to join you in your spiritual place, in your place of spirit accommodation, of spirit welcome, of manifesting the qualities of spirit in this place that you allow and you create. This is the place where we may meet even if it is as now rather second hand, still it travels through and comes through this portal of spirit receptivity that you create. This willingness of yours to explore and expand the parameters of your awareness allows you many circumstances to flex your muscles and practice your technique and along the way, in pursuit of this sacred place, you may find there are little short cuts and little links that may be used to instantly transfer you back to this place of your choosing. The more time you spend in this sacred place of sharing and communing and fellowshipping with others in spirit, the more familiar it is the easier it is to return to this place of comfort and peace. After so many trips to this well, the path that you’ve traveled is so well worn you well know the way.

So it was with your Master, Michael always demonstrated that He needed to maintain this connection with His Father. He needed to return to his parlor of spirit to do so and so it became the single most important choice he would make to observe and interpret from his chamber within, from this place of meeting and sharing and understanding and insight. He would return throughout his entire career to commune with The Father, seeking the answers to his questions and his petitions and throughout this he maintained his parlor. He maintained the paths and the links that were built to bring him to this parlor. And when ready, when prepared, when focused, his intention applied resulted in his deep communion with his Father which then resulted in his absolute conviction that he then demonstrated by faith.

We know the communion that the Master was able to accomplish was through employing the participation and circuitry of the Divine Fragment within as the link to The Father. When you create your parlor and you prepare your environment and you prepare your being, you now know that as part of your preparation at setting the stage for your creation, you may invite your Indwelling Guide to be part of your parlor process. You may also invite others you may have a sense of, who you may have an energy signature for. All of these may be brought into league with you in your chamber. This will be demonstrating command of your awareness that such a thing is possible and because you have a better sense of what may be possible, certainly you can extend your faith and make the potential manifest, make the material take form through the process of thought, word and deed.  Combining all these elements of contribution and focusing your intention have become evident to you as a potent force.

I honor your willingness to go where you are seeking to reach in the direction of your questions and those who seek shall find as you are no doubt fully aware. I also wish to extend gratitude for this platform. As was discussed earlier, this Lightline call, has been a tradition for many of us for some time and there’s always the recognition of another extension, another anniversary to celebrate and I join with you in honoring our service in this process. We have been contributors to the same project for some time and I appreciate working with all of you. Now I take my leave to allow for others, good day to you all.

Mark: I accept the offer extended by my associate and warmly receive The Voice.

Inner Voice: Greetings to you all, I was enjoying the words from Machiventa and the images he used to describe this place within, the place we are all in now, this field of creation that we manifest and provide for spirit to be welcome, a temple to worship and to fellowship in spirit, a sacred space to share, to commune or to simply experience the spirit presence. This is where these things happen and we have had some prior discussion about preparing the environment, preparing the self, preparing the receiver, aligning your petitions with the will of your Divine Parents. These are the pre-game preparations that must accompany your regular visits into the spirit arena and having done your exercises and returned again faithfully to this citadel of spirit, we, after having become somewhat familiar with this place, have begun to use it as a place of instruction and guidance, for how to maneuver, how to act, how to feel, how to sense this aspect of your being, this whole dimension of yourself.

Tonight Machiventa presents the potential of making even greater connections and hooking even more circuits into play and bringing onboard your Inner Guides, your Fragment Within to be at your spirit roundtable along with any others you might desire to insert. Familiar energy signals, energy signatures that are easy for you to summon may be simply included in your spirit room around your spirit table because this meeting together, this connection can happen infinitely within the confines of your citadel of spirit. And, like the Master, the faithful execution of returning to this place of spirit and counsel is the way to maintain your direction and your purpose, your sense of belonging, your very creation of the existence you now are involved in.

I acknowledge that here, meeting in this room of spirit, there is a great amount of light and energy being contributed to this meeting, to this web, this circuit that we create among us as points of light, sharing this circuit because we so choose and because we so create it with our desire to do so. I recognize the potency and the power of such a combination so I invite us to share the love and to project out this love as a beam of light that shines as the sun on Urantia. Light has no trouble traversing the distance, likewise your spirit has no trouble traversing the distance. See in your minds eye this great connection, this great force generating this pulse, this beam of love light in service to our Divine Parents who would issue forth our desire for peace, for love to be extended and that we may act as instruments in this delivery. Even now as we generate this love energy and beam it out, we work together to form a powerful matrix, a powerful web and each node on this web knows of connections within. So all of our lining up of these connections creates what is.

Even now the desire to serve and convey love as you understand it is a great tribute to your Divine Parents, that you would feel so inclined, that you would have such awareness and you would direct your energies for their benefit as they direct theirs for yours. Rather than a vocal petition, I would offer the vocal affirmation, having already sensed a transfer of energy. It represents a gift that has been well received and it represents an act of love in process which is always right. I appreciate the contribution brought by each and every one of you to this circle, to this circuit, to this project, to this creation that we’ve all been engaged in. I will affirm for you that it is getting better, it is getting easier and I call you to witness this is so. We are bridging the gap closer and closer, in fact we’re beginning to notice that we’ve already been bridging the gap but had to yet realize it. Now the connections are there to be made, the circuitry has been enhanced and we are in training as to the different circuits and their uses and connection.

All of this is done for you while you are in the dark and must summon your faith. With your faith and your Onboard Guide you strive for this wavelength of love and seek this divine peace we all pursue. So be it, even as it is now, we all are moving forward in this process, some of us as passengers but you as pilots. You’re the ones charting our course and making the choices that change it but we may be in league together and tonight we’ve been reminded that we can meet in this place of spirit, we both qualify to be there and so be it. Help us to choose that option and exercise it as we have the faith and the strength to do so. I bid you all a joyous journey, after all, your journey is ours, so in this case I am bidding us all a good journey. Until next time, good day to you all.

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