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NID581- Is Paradise a Living Substance

2009-05-05.  Is Paradise a Living Substance

No Idaho #581

Topic: Is Paradise a Living Substance

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Dear Mother and Father, Divine Parents, please come and join us at this time and help us to come into alignment with your will in this process of seeking truth through your emissaries of light. It is our desire to come close to you in this process and to have your will reign supreme throughout our efforts. Please help us to align ourselves with your will and to align our wills to represent your will in this process. We thank you for the opportunity to work with Monjoronson in this process and to be privileged to be on the same team under the same service project as we gather around in this hour. We now devote ourselves to this process with pure intent and look forward to working with you and with Monjoronson hand in hand. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings to all in this immediate circle of volunteers around this service project of the question segment. As well, greetings to those who will by the efforts we offer now, be exposed to this session at a later time. I am grateful for all those in this process as we all link together in this chain to make this opportunity present and real in this world. Let us be about our chosen tasks. Thank you. We have quite a few questions here tonight so we shall pursue answers to them. Thank you for being here.


Question #1: Do midwayers have Divine Adjusters and do they have opportunity for fusion?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your warm welcome to me and for the enthusiasm these questions represent. It is my great pleasure to engage with you and the furthering of understanding regarding these issues which are present in the minds of the questioners.

When speaking about the order of beings you refer to as midwayers, it is important to realize that they are, as your Urantia Book notes, a distinct and different order of beings. In some ways they are close to you and similar and in other ways they are quite distinct and different. As different orders, they may not be directly compared or contrasted, it is as your proverbial saying goes, comparing apples and oranges. So from your vantage point you are familiar with Thought Adjusters and their interface with your order of beings, it is only natural that you inquire as to whether they extend to this other order of beings.

However, the Thought Adjuster presences are in direct interface with the mortals of the realm and they are designed to be part and counterpart with your order of beings. They are not designed to be similarly attached to the order of beings you call midwayers. Their function is to adjust divine thought and human thought, thus their name Adjusters. This implies that they are directly suited to this task, even created for such a purpose and as such they do not directly apply to this other distinct order of beings you refer to as midwayers.

Likewise, your conception of fusion is not directly transferable. Certainly midwayers have a divine connection and certainly midwayers have through this connection, ability to become one but it is not the same as the system designed for humans of the realm. You will find that there are many, many orders of beings and all have been created with specific characteristics and traits that provides for them their necessary interface with the Divine, but all of these are created specifically for these orders of beings and are not all called Thought Adjusters or serve the same purpose as Thought Adjusters. This relationship you have with your Inner Guide is unique to your order of being as it was designed to be so. Thank you.

Question #2: [Mary:] Thank you Monjoronson. This is this individual’s first question and feels honored to know what your answer will be.

I read a line in the Urantia Book which I cannot find again. It said something like, “Although Paradise is not a person it is certainly living” or it may have said “alive.” In the Urantia Book there are several places where everyone I ask directs me to, neither of which are the sentences I am sure of having read before. So my question is: Is Paradise living? Thank you for your wise and knowledgeable answer.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your first inquiry. It is difficult to convey to mortals of the realm how systems can in fact be living and alive. You are so accustomed to life being designated by individual life units of mortal creatures and animals which draw breath and exhibit signs of life or they do not, but there are other forms of life which do not follow these strict patterns. Your earth, for instance, is quite alive and you might refer to that as a living system for it contains many different elements but nevertheless, it is alive as a system. Your solar system is also alive although it does not show signs of a heart beating or breath being drawn. Yes, Paradise is a living system. It is an energy system that is not centralized and focalized into a specific body but it is nonetheless equally alive and real as you are who are focalized within a specific material body.

There are also systems which you are becoming aware of which are very much alive between and among individuals. These systems are created by the contribution of intention between individuals and they are given life by those who donate the energy into the system and then the system itself can be said to be living and alive. Many prayer groups or meditation circles or groups of devoted individuals can witness to you that there is something greater that happens when you combine your intentions and literally create this additional system between you and among you. Your definition of alive is simply what needs to be adjusted to allow for the expanded awareness of what constitutes living and alive. Then you will be able to see that many things which are not contained into one location also qualify as being quite alive.

Your individual spiritual aspect of self is quite alive and yet it is only attached to your mortal body during this lifetime. Once your body ceases to function, your spirit does not, therefore your definition of living will certainly shift at that moment if not before to accommodate your new awareness that life is not simply a physical manifestation but more accurately defined as an energy system. Thank you for your question. [Thank you for your answer.]

Mary: Here are some questions from Mexico. The questioner is a member of a study group there and would like to ask several questions.

Question #3: Dear Monjoronson, I talked about you in my study group but they do not believe in my words. They think you are the product of a group of psychics, however I believe in you.

How can I demonstrate to them that you exist? Is it possible that I could become a T/R to prove it?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question and your concern over providing some element of proof for the validity of my being. First let me say, oftentimes you simply cannot provide for another this definitive proof that you desire. What they will believe is what they will believe and it is not your job or responsibility to take on this goal of informing them through their ignorance and into awareness. That being said, you may on the other hand, act as an effective demonstration of that which you believe; that is, words may not get through because they are just words attempting to rearrange thought patterns of another.

Demonstration of your beliefs are far more effective and powerful and that is where you may in fact be effective in manifesting your beliefs and acting as an example of your awareness and understanding. Your example carries far more weight that your argument about any particular understanding. To this degree it is most certainly possible for you to engage in the activities of transmitter/receiver but I caution you, those activities are still largely just words. If they will not hear your words as a brother, perhaps they will not hear your words as a transmitter/receiver either. Allow that they are in their own place in this evolutionary scale and that to each comes truth in their own time. Realize you cannot rush or force their coming to truth. You can be a living, breathing example of truth in action, of wisdom presence but you can only have limited success if you are clever with your words or learned with your arguments.

When the time is right however, they will come to you and ask you, what is it that you know? And how is it that you know this and how is it that you live your life in this particular way as a result of what you know? When this happens they will be completely ready for the words which may then fill in the missing pieces for them. But always remember, this sort of exchange is never a forceful exchange, never a dominant argument. Always is it offered and it must be taken by those who would benefit from it when they are ready and as their freewill allows. I understand there is more to this question.

Question #3 resumes: (3A) Are humans who are below the third psychic level able to serve in the Reserve Corp of Destiny? Will reservists be activated in this era of global unrest? This person does thank you very much and recognizes the grace of our Father is with you.

Monjoronson: And my friend I recognize the grace is with you as well. Your questions indicate a deep yearning and desire to serve. I most certainly assure you that all those who desire to serve will be granted this desire of their heart. Your questions indicate the desire to determine some ranking so that one may be prepared or ready or accomplished to some degree in order to be activated and called to service. But I tell you the only thing required to be in service is your desire to do so. If you desire to work for this Correcting Time and you would desire to work with me in my task of uplifting this world simply make your desire known, ask and it shall be given. Fear not that you are not qualified or that any are not qualified for in the times we find ourselves the call will go out to all and those who hear the call and have this desire in their hearts will be activated and chosen to fulfill their inner desires to be of service.

This may come in the form of your desire to become a transmitter/receiver or to act in any other capacity; ask, apply yourselves, go into stillness and petition your Divine Parents and I assure you, you will be activated to your maximum capacity. We are an all volunteer corp here and we require those to step forward who wish to serve. There is no pressure but there is a great acknowledgment of those who are willing to step forward and volunteer their services. I sense you are one of these and I accept your gesture. I look forward to working with you and I thank you for stepping forward with this move to reach out in my direction. I recognize this petition of your heart. Thank you my friend.

Mary: This person feels this is a vital issue for Monjoronson to answer and it reads.

Question #4: Monjoronson, since you come from Paradise, how are you able to truly understand the life of an evolutionary mortal born into a world tainted by rebellion. I know that Michael lived as one of us and came to experience life as a mortal with all of its ups and downs so there is no question that Michael fully understands our sufferings and anguish in this world. Can you Monjoronson fully understand what it is like to live life as a mortal if you have never lived as one of us? Do you know the heartbreak of mental illness? Do you understand the pain and anguish when a loved one dies? Can you sympathize with those individuals that have lost their jobs, homes, livelihoods in this economy? Do you get that we have been mired in darkness for centuries and need hope to lift ourselves out into the light? I ask these questions because I don’t know if those that started at the top can understand what it is like to start at the bottom. Wouldn’t you feel a lot different if you had walked a mile in our shoes? Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your heartfelt question. As I spoke of before, there are many different orders of beings present and as such these different orders of beings are created with different purposes and have a different set of experiences and paradigms in which they function. In respect for all that you have gained by virtue of your experience, the short answer to your question is; no, I have not walked a mile in your shoes. I have only observed from afar if you will, what it is like for you to experience these many different circumstances that you enumerated.

I have not had dust between my toes as did your Master Michael. His order of being has had as part of its paradigm to actually incarnate and live the lives of many different orders of beings. I am not strictly of His order although I am related and a brother so to speak, of Michael. Therefore I have this association and connection with Michael and certainly some reference can be supplied to me by virtue of my relationship with Him. But as you note, until one actually lives the life, there is no true and accurate and total representation that one may have. It is much like if you were to take a journey across the world to a culture quite different than yours you might, before you went, study and observe and read and research about this culture all that you could.

Much that you would research and observe would be quite notable and interesting but it isn’t until you actually arrive there and begin to observe the day to day, hour by hour activities that you would fully get a grasp of the inner workings and daily lives of the members of this alternate culture. So it is with me. I have trained, studied, researched, been informed but my exposure to mortals of this realm has just begun. There will come a time where I will be able to say with some authority that I know of a certainty these daily struggles that you mentioned, but right now I have not incarnated and therefore I observe that it is not possible for me to actually walk a mile in anyone’s shoes. I grant you the validity of your observation, that until I have done so, I am not completely qualified to share your unique perspective.

This is, by the way, the value of your individual perspective, each and every one. No one, even on your own earth, even in your same family, can say that they have had your exact set of experiences. They are completely unique unto you and so even those in the same village or same family share approximate similar circumstances but no two are identical for even those who claim that they know what it is like to live a mortal life have not had all and every one of the tribulations you mentioned. Each experience will contain its own set of circumstance and not all will know of every trial and tribulation for each will be a specific experience. This specific set of experiences is your gift to the First Source and Center who gave this entire opportunity for you to have these experiences to you.

Because yours are unique, no two are the same. That’s what makes your contribution to the Supreme so valuable and so worthy. Thank you for your observations this evening.

Q:  Thank you for yours Monjoronson.

Question #5: This next person wants to know how are we to feel about those who have chosen extinction?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. It is easy to understand the logic in such a question when you consider that the prime objective for your order of being is the preservation of self and the continuance of life as you see it so it is not easy to understand when one of your kind decides to opt out from such a treasured and time honored tradition as the continuation of life. You wrestle with this with those among your kind who take their lives prematurely and it is somehow quite unsettling to you to consider that someone would simply choose to end their experience.

First of all you have to realize that someone who chooses to end their experience here in this life in this mortal realm does not necessarily choose to end their eternal journey. The act of cutting short your life experience as a mortal of this realm is in no way a definitive statement of your choice to terminate your eternal career. But even a choice such as this does occur with some frequency and still the idea of this is unsettling to those who cherish this gift of grace that you call life. That is how much your Divine Parents, your Creator loves you so much that they would provide you an opportunity to choose not the way of an eternal career. However no choice is taken lightly and no individual with insufficient awareness or experience is necessarily committed to make this choice until they are in a position of awareness and then if they still desire to simply give up and not play in the great game of life, then they are loved enough that they are allowed to quit and stop their eternal career.

This question of how you should feel about this is a rather difficult one because if you were to know the larger perspective you would know that all of God’s children are given every and ample opportunity for life and all they have to do is take it. But if they so choose, they are allowed to not take it, and even so they are equally loved and equally cherished and what is so important to you who desire to survive, may simply be not as important to others. This too is a gift of grace; that they are allowed to choose and decide, is the eternal career of ascension what they want to do, or perhaps is it not? If it is not and they choose it not and repeatedly choose it not, you simply go away from reality and your choices may take you further and further away from reality until you literally cease to become real.

But you are given the opportunity to make these choices because of the great love your Creators have for you and so even that becomes a gift of grace and an act of love. No one is forced to march forward, no one is forced to put in the effort to grow and to achieve and to become aware. No one is dragged along with the troops, this is an all volunteer corp and if you decide you are simply not going to pursue this you are allowed to choose it not. The struggle for your human perspective is to allow that all choices are appropriate for the ones who are making them; that it is not right or wrong but simply matters of choice and preference and all of the children who are making the choices are equally loved and cherished and fostered.

But just like you see with your infants when they are born, a certain small percentage just have a failure to thrive, an innate tendency to not choose life, to not grow with the circumstance of living. This is allowed because all choices are allowed and if you are going to allow for great choices to be made there also must be this allowance for less than ideal choices to be made. I hope this helps with your perspective. [Thank you Monjoronson.]

Question #6: When we fuse with our Thought Adjuster, how much “past eternal” memory will we gain as a result of fusing with this Eternal Spark of God? And, what else might we gain as a result of this incredible fusion?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. When you do eventually fuse with this Spark of Divinity within you gain unimaginable amounts of what you would refer to as wisdom or awareness as you are literally hooking up to the source of wisdom and awareness and this brings with it unlimited potential because as you have been told, the Divine is unlimited in its potential and so when you align yourselves with this Fragment of the Divine and take this step of fusing with this Fragment you have access to all that your Divine Fragment has access to which in the strictest analysis, is everything.

It is not possible for me to convey to you in words, to the human mind, the scope of all that becomes accessible to you as a result of this act of combining your eternal component with this Divine Fragment. You simply cannot process what such a combination provides for you but it is designed to be this way; that you grow into this awareness and that you come to this joining together through a slow and steady process of fine tuning so that you are prepared for all that will become yours as a result of this effort at combining your different aspects.

You wonder as mortals of the realm what it must have been like for Jesus who was at some point aware of this connection and in full possession of this combination while He was yet a mortal in the flesh and you witnessed this man and Divine Being accomplish many great things, miracles and wonders. These were all the outward manifestations of what is yours by virtue of such a combination. Even your Master said to you ” You will do all these things that I have done and more” and He spoke the truth for He knew first hand of this connection that you speak of and its inherent characteristics. So when you consider what it will be like and what you will gain, consider the life of the Master and what He gained. In a short period of time He was able to transform Himself and it could be said, an entire planet, when He took this step of joining with His Divine Component. Thank you for this question.

Question #7: In the Urantia Papers it says that the initial Magisterial visitation by an Avonal Son is always one of incarnation as a material being. This person would like to ask: If this is not your first mission, when and where did you incarnate as a mortal being on Urantia? Moreover, the Urantia Papers say that Urantia has never hosted a Magisterial Son. If that is the case, then somewhere between then and now you must have incarnated? [Mary:] I presume that this person is asking these questions because you are not currently incarnated at this time, that you are here speaking with us yet you are not incarnated. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your consideration of my whereabouts and presence. To make it clear as I have said before, I am not currently incarnated in the flesh on Urantia or anywhere else. I do foresee the future time when such may occur but as of this meeting, I affirm for you that I have not nor have I ever incarnated in the flesh on Urantia. Your Urantia Book may state that a Magisterial Mission includes a manifestation and this may well be so but the timing of any event like this is mine to choose and I have not chosen to limit myself to being in one place, in one body at this time. I am far more effective right now being able to be here to talk with you and elsewhere to talk with others while not being restricted with a physical vehicle.

Fear not, you will know when I have materialized, all will know. Until then you must await the time as I await the time when my hour has come. We will be in touch. Thank you.

Question #8: We all struggle against fleshly desires and fleshly imperfection. Yet, the spirit urges us to rise above but as much as I try it seems impossible to rise above. Could you comment on this Monjoronson. How can any of us be something that we are not?

Monjoronson: Thank you very much for this question. It is my desire to immediately turn this question around and declare that it is not about being something that you are not, it is more about accepting who you are. You are both a spiritual being and a mortal of the realm. It does you no service to divorce yourself from either aspect. You do not do yourself a service by not acknowledging your spiritual component. Likewise, you do not do yourself a service by not acknowledging your human component. Both are worthy aspects of your being, as a matter of fact, right now, in this incarnation in this life, this experience of being a being of dual nature is extremely valuable. You would not be here were it not so.

This is your chance to feel what it is like to be both materially present with your feet firmly on the ground and spiritually aware with your head in the clouds, if you will. No other incarnation that you have will provide you with this much contrast as to the distinction between matters of the flesh and materialism, and matters of the spirit and the soul. But I encourage you not to make enemies out of these aspects of your being, rather seek to join them in harmony just as your Indwelling Guides have devoted themselves to the purpose of joining your eternal component with your Divine component. So it is your task to coexist side by side, your material vehicle and the matters of the flesh with your spiritual side which seeks for matters of spirit.

All too soon this experience will be over for you and you will not have another chance to experience the depth of materialism that you have the chance to experience now. It is a case of stopping to smell the roses while you are traveling by. Your spiritual component is pulling you, if you will, to go in the direction of spirit and most surely and certainly you will go in that direction; there is no where else to go. But in the meantime, while you are here now in this time, savor this unique opportunity to be this combination being. You are the tadpole who is growing to be the frog and will eventually be able to leave the water and be out into a new environment to live.

So it is no use hating to be a tadpole and resisting the daily life of the tadpole. It is only a necessary step that is required for you to become the frog and resistance is not only futile but it sacrifices any chance you have at enjoying the stage you are at. So be glad for each stage, every stage that is provided to you, for these are the experiences that you gather to yourselves, these are the gifts that you would bring to the First Source and Center. As the little drummer boy would bring his song, so will you bring your set of unique experiences and offer them to be combined into the Supreme. Be at peace and be in joy for every step of the way. Peace be unto you.

Question #9: The Bible teaches that we should test the spirits: “Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world” [1 John 4:1] but it does not teach how to do the test. Would you please teach us how? Though we do not know how to test the spirit, if we could for evaluating the T/R communication quality, would you mind accepting to pass our test? Thank you very much Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question. There has been discussion at some length about the different ways of knowing the truth. You have two avenues available to you which provide means whereby you may directly assess the truth relative to your being. Michael has bestowed upon you the Spirit of Truth and you may at any point, at every point, petition this spirit, petition Michael to furnish this spirit in your time of quest and then provide a space to receive the answer that you seek. Michael has graced you with this gift because He desires that you have a safety check to use at your will and command to verify for you the accuracy of any truth by going within and asking for help from Michael, from His Spirit of Truth and then positioning yourself to allow for the grace of His response. You may be assured you will receive a response but there must be this space created and provided, there must be this alignment with this process in order to access this process.

Additional to this, you each and every one have a Divine Fragment of the First Source and Center, a red line, if you will, directly to the First Source and Center who most certainly can provide verification of the authenticity of any truth you are in question about. Oftentimes this happens regularly with you. It is your first initial feeling, it is that little voice inside, it is the reflection when you feel that flush of conviction and certainty. Those are times when your Indwelling Guide, your Thought Adjuster, your Voice Within is acting to provide you with the very assurance that you seek. You may as well develop a relationship which is more profound with this aspect of yourself and as well you must create this space and align yourself for this process to be more discernible by you.

Both of these processes are done within. All the answers you seek are found there within. You have been provided with all that is needed to not only establish the accuracy and authenticity of the relative truths you are exposed to, but you may utilize these inner processes to actually find truth that you seek. All this is available with your dedication and your intention to be about this process. I would say that it is true: You should not take on face value anything you are told or hear or are exposed to on the outside without running it through these internal filters, but then you must trust that you have within you these internal filters or else you have no where to go to verify truth or to establish its authenticity.

If you do grow to trust these inner means by which you may contact truth, then this system of discovering truth may be made much easier for you simply pass all that you are exposed to through these filters and accept that they will be identified for what they are. Many times you will discover that there are indeed truths contained within material you are exposed to and you may tease out these truths without having to reject everything or considering that it must be all or nothing at all. These filters you have within are able to discern and pick out the truth which is pertinent and relevant to you to be assembled into your construct of understanding.

So utilize these gifts of grace that you have within. That is the only true measure of truth to any individual. All other information that you have is subject to interpretation by the mind that is easily deceived or confused. These internal filters are always pure and of high caliber. I hope this helps to illuminate this process of passing truth through your inner self and coming to some grips as to accepting what your Divine Gift inside tell you is truth or not. I most certainly encourage you to put my words to the test as you should all words and I will certainly honor the results of you having passed my words through your internal filters. Be at peace with the process and know that you have been given the tools necessary to define for yourself what the truth is for you in this time and then trust that this is so. Thank you and farewell.


Mary: Thank you very much for being here tonight Monjoronson. Thank you to our T/R for services and we will be signing off.

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