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NID582- Free Will Choice in Ascension

2009-05-13.  Free Will Choice in Ascension

No Idaho #582

Topic: Free Will Choice in Ascension

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Jonathan


Monjoronson (Jonathan TR): I accept your invitation; I am here. This is Monjoronson. We celebrate the light and love bestowed upon us by Michael, and we share the great adventure of discovering truth and becoming that very truth, radiating goodness, and embracing the divine spirit that dwells within each of you. Let us begin.


Mary: Thank you for joining us, Monjoronson. I am going to read the whole question:

Q1 – I have read from transcripts from you and from other celestials concerning the extinction of certain morontial souls. I know that our free will is sacrosanct, but I also know that we don’t allow children to make decisions that we know will bring them harm. No one sees that as violating the rights of someone’s free will.

Why is it that certain morontia beings that cross over to the other side are allowed to make a decision for extinction? Would they have made such a decision if they had been raised on a more normal world, a world that was not stained by rebellion? How can it be fair to allow such a monumental decision to proceed? Even though they may be adults from a human standpoint, are they not children from a universe standpoint? Why are they allowed to vote themselves out of existence? Is this not a kind of universal assisted suicide? I appreciate your response.

Monjoronson: Thank you for that question. You are perceptive in the details regarding such a crucial choice in the career of an ascending soul. The primary directive is that free will is sacrosanct, and that the Father, while bringing life freely to all personalities, will never require one to continue existence without their willingness. You speak of our protecting children who make wrong decisions until they mature and can make a greater decision, more healthy, safer. A morontia being, an ascending human, who chooses not to survive, while young in his ascension career, has attained the level of consciousness that is deemed mature in regards to this decision of eternal survival.

All elements of what you may describe as therapy and counsel have been completed. The options are clear, and the decision is never emotional. It is a whole-soul choice independent of exterior stresses or pressures. While it brings a solemn sadness to those around that individual, in a sense it is a holy decision because that soul in confidence with God has so chosen. It is the will of the Father that all personalities are manifest for all eternity, but it lies in the secrets of divinity as to how eventually all personalities will be manifest for eternity.

It is beyond our knowledge as to the methods by which the Father will bestow every possible personality manifestation. Once such a being reenters into the potentials resident within God the Supreme we do not know what may transpire subsequently. So this ascension career stops, but it is a mystery as to what may ensue in some other form, in some other dimension, at some other stage of universe unfolding.

It is the Father’s love that gives life. It is the Father’s mercy that will not require the forced continued living when a sane and certain decision has been made. This underlines the great importance each one of you has in choosing to continue your ascension career. You need not ever feel obligated to make the ascent; the Father will not even condemn you if you do not. He gave a gift; if you do not want it, that is your choice. But the Father God has powers beyond our comprehension as sons and daughters, and it lies within the secrets of His being as to what may follow in ages to come. There may be a destiny that awaits such a soul, but it will not be the ascent to Paradise. Perhaps this will stimulate your further musings. Thank you again for asking.

Q2 – Mary: Here is a question in a somewhat similar vein:

We are surrounded in our lives by so many souls who don’t have a clue of rights and wrongs. Is it possible for some of them to have forsaken the Adjuster presence to the extreme that the Adjuster has vacated them for lack of fertile soil? If this is possible, is there a possibility of the Adjuster returning to repentant souls in the flesh?

Monjoronson: On a world like Urantia while it is so marked by the turmoil of rebellion and the subsequent confusion and errant behavior, the divine presence– the Thought Adjuster– rarely does abandon the soul. This is because of the conditions of your world being spiritually chaotic. On a normal world the soul that may reject the divine light will have done so with greater clarity, less confusion and distortion of philosophic perspective. That decision will be reckoned as being whole-souled. On Urantia no soul is capable of such clarity. Those who appear to manifest negativity, evil, under normal circumstances may not have chosen such behavior. Even those who profess to live under conditions of sacredness may yet still be lacking in the whole-souled choice. Therefore, the Thought Adjuster remains ever present until the soul is lifted to the realms of morontia where a clearer vision, teaching, and better conditions prevail. Many of those individuals you speak of simply are not listening to the divine voice; they are not tuning in to their deeper spiritual impulses but rather are often distracted by the exterior sensations and distractions of normal life and following those pursuits.

The Divine Spirit remains present, patient, and toiling tirelessly to elevate that individual. Many times these individuals accumulate far more soul matter than you might judge them to be worthy of, for they have provided the Divine Presence with much to work with. You are taught how beneficial it is to cooperate with that Pilot Light within, but your own flame is the true fire from which your morontia soul emerges.

If you simply, passively, conform to the Pilot Light the flame is dim; it is merely the ignition flame. You are the one to burn brightly, and therefore your choices, while they yet may be errant, are creating the conditions for the Divine Spirit to ignite the higher flame of the morontia soul. It is best to not become too entangled in evaluating whether or not the Divine Presence resides in another one of your fellows. The more important task is to hear the divine voice resident within you and leave it to the Divine Presence of your brother or sister to make the contact and to uplift the personality. There are many complex conditions that prevail on Urantia today, and it is difficult for even an angel to discern let alone a human being the value and worth of another soul. Thank you for your inquiry.

Philip:  Thank you.  The next question is:

Q3 – What is the ultimate purpose of beings that are Father fused? What is the end job that we are being trained for?

Monjoronson: For you who have been engaged in assimilating the revelation presented in the Urantia Papers you are aware of the universe ages, and that beyond the age of the Supreme lies the four ages of the Ultimate, and that this is a transcendental experience, transcendent of time and space. You speak of the ultimate purpose of Father fused mortals. Purpose has meaning in the progression of time. Currently you purpose to find the Father on Paradise and to become perfect as He is perfect, to unfold your potentials as He has unfolded all of His, manifesting the master universe. The Ultimate experience is purpose transcendent, and therefore it is difficult to express what will be a goal or an engagement in a realm that does not process reality in the same manner that you do now.

You may consider it a blasphemy to think of yourself as one like a Creator Son, a god of your own galaxy. This may be the case; that may be your purpose, but it is a dimension of expression as yet unexplored. So until the Supreme achieves the fullness of its expression and the seventh stage of the second universe age is complete, not one of us knows precisely what will unfold following that stupendous event. I then encourage you to be diligent in accumulating those talents, skills, and universe values that will prepare you for the mysterious unfolding of the Ultimate age.

Philip:  Thank you for your response, Monjoronson.  The next question is entitled

Q4 – “Disagreements”: This individual thought of this last night when he and his wife were having a discussion or argument: How high up in ascension does this go? Do differences of opinion occur in higher realms? I read in the UB that the Lucifer Rebellion is described as a debate on the streets of heaven, that these issues were discoursed. That has always bothered me; if Lucifer is so smart why didn’t he just know better? This leads me to believe that things are not so certain and apparent even in heaven. How far does one have to go up before things are absolutely clear?

Monjoronson: My dear friend, such clarity will not be arrived at until you stand on the Isle of Paradise in the presence of the divine Father. and one look, for that matter the embrace, will erase distinctions, separations of viewpoint and opinion. Until then we are engaged in the tug, the pull, of duality. It is our privilege to wrest from the potentials new actuals. We are creating the Supreme experience, and in so doing we will encounter conflicts with others as they also engage in the same creative adventure. Given the free will of the personality to make such creative choices, there will be inevitably clashes between souls, for the ascension by its name indicates a gradation of attainment. Some will have experienced and attained more, others less. Some will have yet to discover a higher choice and must express the lower in order to reveal the better way.

Yes, Lucifer was quite intelligent, and you might ask, being a mere human, you can see with clarity the higher way, how he could not. This choice was his creative act, and while there may be a majority opinion against this choice, Father gave him the freedom to do so. If he were not allowed to, all your decisions of free choice would be a mockery. There are tribunals to settle differences all through your ascent. They will be free of the animal like behavior of shouting and screaming and punching that you witness here.

As you have indicated, they will take on the form of debate, even spirited debate, as you jointly discover the higher values from the divine source. Havona will greatly clarify the unity of such apparent disparities. You will see there the complementary elements of such, as you might call in this life you live now, clashes. It is part of the growth experience to challenge and to be confronted, even your weather does that to you, and so do the philosophies you weave. Even the orientation of personality types will draw out such encounters of conflict. This is part of the will of the Father in the dimension of the Supreme.

There would be no challenge to ascend if everyone knew already what was right. That is the Havona experience, not the realm of the Supreme.

Philip: Thank you. The next question refers to the length of time we spend on the mansion worlds:

Q5 – I know that each case will be different. I speak only of generalities. On the whole, how much time is spent on each mansion world before moving to the next? Is advancement assured or do some get stuck? Do some just choose to stay and not fully get to fusion? Is Urantia effectively becoming a mansion world as it ascends toward Light and Life?

Monjoronson: The length of time on any one mansion world, the duration of your stay, is dependent upon your lessons gained. You are advanced not by how long you remain on a sphere; you are advanced by your unfoldment, your enlightenment. You cannot sit in the classroom and merely endure the semester and expect to move on. You may accelerate your curriculum by way of extracurricular activities. These may contribute greatly to the acquirement of morontia stature you need to ascend further. But as you also indicate they may increase the length of time you remain at a given level that you may further explore the engagements which will tardy your ascent now and accelerate it on a higher level.

The duration span is longer than you conceive the duration of a human life. The time is of a different quality than on an evolutionary world, and you will not think of your stays on each mansion world as a lifetime of experience, but you will accumulate more than a lifetime of experience on each sphere. Urantia will not become precisely a mansion world, for these seven spheres in the morontia realms compensate for what Urantia is not as yet. In Light and Life Urantia will be all that the mansion worlds are. So in that regard it will be equivalent. Then these mansion worlds will appear to be more like the correctional spheres they have been described to be.

To the many of you on the pre-ages of Light and Life, they are worlds for advancement, and the lower mansion worlds are correctional for those who have not attained in the human life those lessons that already are provided for on Urantia. But once Light and Life is attained no correction is necessary. They will take on when the entire system is in Light and Life a new function.

My advice to all you ascending sons of God is to cherish every level you are on, to absorb every experience you can which enlarges your soul and expands your vision, for there is no greater way to learn a lesson, to elevate your personality, than to do it on the level, in the realm, that is suited for that enlightenment. Correctional spheres compensate, but the level you are at at the time to best absorb such an expansion is the optimal location wherein to grow.

Many of you may aspire with anxiousness to be in the house of the lord, to be on Paradise, but it is a beautiful unfolding to get there, and when you have attained you will find yourself cherishing even more what you have ascended through. What my advice is: slow down and enjoy the walk.

Philip: Thanks for your response. Our last question concerns the mentally insane and the Thought Adjuster:

Q6 – Do mentally insane mortals have Thought Adjusters? If they do, how does the Thought Adjuster work with defective minds or brains? If they do not have Thought Adjusters how do these mortals grow or develop souls? If they have no Thought Adjusters, thus no souls, are they resurrected on the mansion worlds as future spirit fused beings or is earth life final for them?

Monjoronson: Much that we have discussed in a prior question can be patterned once again to this question. Mental insanity for a creature housed in a physical form also entails physical disfunctions, chemical imbalances, neurological disorders, which impair the function of mind but may not mean the individual is mentally, mindally, insane. That mind may be attempting to make good expressions but cannot do so with the brain receptor and the physical form. The Thought Adjuster is ever present with such individuals as long as that mind even with a defective brain is still making freewill choices.

An observer may not be able to discern that choosing, for it is buried deep within the mind level. The Thought Adjuster is working diligently to establish soul substance for survival in the morontia realms. You are aware of the importance of a considerable degree, perhaps more appropriately a critical degree, of soul substance for fusion to take place. You have spoken of the alternate forms of eternal survival as in spirit fusion. These are expressions of mercy by the Father to compensate for the defective qualities of a time/space unfoldment wherein not all factors function as they ought to to contribute to a good spiritual growth.

A Thought Adjuster will only leave an individual if the freewill function has ceased, but that does not mean that that individual will not survive. It only means that the Thought Adjuster can do nothing more until a new vehicle is indwelt by that personality and proper function begins and their relationship can continue.

Again I caution not to attempt to discern too intently or intensely the status of another personality. Leave that to the Divine Spirit and rather address your own, may I say, milder insanities and madnesses and make headway in your own ascension. The Father is present with you as well and is working around the clock to take you up to the higher realms. I appreciate all the questions you have relayed to me this evening. I am delighted to have such inquisitive fellows in our troupe.


As you each are wrestling with these questions prepare yourselves to be of assistance to your fellows who hunger for such answers. I am also delighted at the comprehensiveness of your questions. You each have done your homework in establishing your perspective and therefore provide a context for deeper questioning. I thank you for coming forward and asking them.

Philip: We thank you for coming forward with the counsel tonight and we extend our thanks to all those involved.

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