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NID583- Reality of Planetary Supreme

2009-05-20.  Reality of Planetary Supreme

No Idaho #583

Topic: Reality of Planetary Supreme

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.

  • Moderator – Philip


Prayer: Father, the trust that I have in you gives me great strength and courage to exercise faith that everything will work out and eventually everything will be all right. The trust I establish with you Father is not quite as unconditional as your love for me but day by day I’m growing more and more in a complete and trusting faith with you and a complete and trusting relationship. This evening I extend this trust to include the spiritual circuitry of Nebadon, the circuits of Michael and Nebadonia. The trust Father, enables me to move forward. It is my guiding line, I am in your tow Father, I’m following your lead. Tonight we ask in this encircuitment for a greater revelation of peace on our world within the hearts and minds of all of my brothers and sisters here. This evening I ask for the presence of Monjoronson to come into this encircuitment, that in my mind I may reach that clear void at the edge of my mind where I am able to extend in trust and faith the spirit to inspire, to infuse, to guide and to continually outpour this tremendous love which comes forward through spirit.

Monjoronson: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. In this encircuitment of trust I am here this evening. I am here as part of a team that has been established that questions may be asked and inspiration is given. We appreciate the concern of the people of this world in their attempt to grow into a more spiritual relationship with their Indwelt Fragment of God for it is this elastic Fragment of God which stretches all the way from Paradise to dwell within the hearts and minds of the citizens of this world. As your planet begins to respond to the increased spiritual pressure from above, may you also become elastic within your relationship to each other. May you stretch a helping hand, may you stretch open a space in your heart. May you pour forth compassion for your fellow man, whichever rung on the ladder they may stand, for in God’s eye you are all His equal children. We are ready to begin, thank you.

Philip: [The Secondary Revelatory Commission] Good evening Monjoronson and welcome to our circle here. Our first question tonight concerns a transcript this individual has been reading from the Teaching Mission and he came across one from the No. Colorado group entitled the “Second Revelatory Commission.” In his studies he has also run across people who claim to have what they call the “Continuing Fifth Epochal Revelation” which was apparently transmitted through someone named Gabriel of Urantia.


Question #1: Is this a part of the “Secondary Revelatory Commission” or the “papers” which are the result of this Commission?

Monjoronson: If you have access to this information and you are reading it, worry not who authored [it], rather resonate with the words. There is very little information that can add to the dynamic relationship that exists between an individual and the Spirit of the Father Within. That information comes forth as the relationship develops. There are plans within the halls of Nebadon to keep the people of Urantia informed. Again, we are not discerning that many people are interested in the first bit of information we have sent you. We are in no hurry to send you any more information until the first set of information is absorbed into your society’s fabric and begins to show forth the color of the text which has been given to you. Thank you for this question.

Question #2: [How do we love all mankind?] Dear Monjoronson, I know that the Master taught us to love the Father with our heart, soul and mind. He also taught us to love our neighbor as ourselves. I see the wisdom in doing so but I find it impossible to love all men and women. I deal with nasty persons on a daily basis that have no concern for me or others. They show contempt for their fellow man. I have also experienced shunning from former friends. I feel such anger towards these individuals that I find it impossible to love them. I know that my experience is not unique. I am certain that all of us have had to cope with persons of this sort. I understand that the transformation of this earth will come about as a result of our individual acts of love. We are inspired to do this because of our love for the Father and our love for Michael. How is it possible to overcome such feelings of anger towards those persons that are not concerned with such things? How do we learn to love people that either have contempt for us or even hate us? I appreciate in advance Monjoronson your advice and counsel.

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. If you would have read the Jesus papers in the Urantia Book you would have read that the Master said “He that must master himself must master his emotion.” That said, if you are actively pursuing a relationship with your Thought Adjuster you are expected to act more and more like a Fragment of God who lives within you. God is completely unconditional. The Thought Adjuster within you accepts everything; He accepts everything that you do, everything that you feel, everything that you project. It is necessary in your practice with discovering the Father that you attempt to respect the relationship by your thought and then by your actions.

First of all, it is not intended that you actually love everyone. It is intended that you intend to love everyone. You have to learn to separate the individual from the individuals behavior. If you have expectations based on assumptions and they are not being met you may be angered towards an individual. But if you open your heart and realize that this individual, this friend, this onetime acquaintance is actually a son of God, and that is worthy of love. That does not depend upon a persons action. Just like God can forgive you of your sin, so can you forgive others for their humanness, their mistakes. Maybe you take peoples actions personally, this is also incorrect behavior.

It is important that you begin to show forth love as God shows forth love to you. Don’t wait for others to make it easy and comfortable for you to love them because you might become a lonely individual. Begin to seek like minded people who you can love, you can expand your dimension of consciousness with. Begin to open to the possibility that the Father indwells you for the express purpose to help you understand who you are and to become who you are supposed to be. You are supposed to be a kind, patient, loving, helpful, compassionate, serving individual.

Whether anyone around you is participating is irrelevant. People will begin to respond to your vibratory level. When your frequency is higher that theirs then their low frequency can then be adjusted to your level of understanding. If you go around spewing hatred and anger that will be sent back in return. What one gives forth one shall receive because nothing in the spiritual universe is linear, it is circular, it always returns. So be careful what you put forth for you may have to eat what you have prepared for others. Unfortunately there is no way to learn to fill your tank full of love the easy way. This has to be done with a wholehearted earnest openness and desire from you, to open up and ask to be loved from within, to ask to be filled to the capacity that you may give and give and give until it is all gone and you can be refilled.

Learn to control your animal nature, your low frequency emotion. The emotion of love has a higher frequency charge than the emotion of anger. Anger usually comes from frustration, frustration usually comes from misunderstandings, misunderstandings work both ways; it works on your end as well as on others end. Particularly on the planet on which you live, communication seems to be a tremendous issue. You have so many languages, so many words, so little understanding and even less meaning. Begin within your own soul to understand something greater which is beyond you, something which you are attempting to strive toward and then you will discover a truer meaning in the relationship of your soul to your mind.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, for that in depth explanation. It’s nice to know that the real admonition is the intention to love. It coincides with our text and our teachers who state that love is the desire to do good to other, the intention to share beauty and the willingness to receive truth. All three of those being intention and that really clarifies it in my mind and I personally thank you for that.

Monjoronson: You are welcome Philip, that is correct. The intention and desire will eventually lead to the act.

Q:  Thank you.

Question #3: [The Planetary Supreme] Greetings Monjoronson, I just read a transcript from Mother Urantia or the Planetary Supreme and I am a little confused.

My questions are:

  • Is the Planetary Supreme a “living being” or a living entity?
  • If so, does she have a personality?
  • If so, is she “mindal” or conscious like we humans are?
  • If so, can she cause or create planetary adjustments like earthquakes, etc?
  • Assuming she is like the Supreme Being, is she an oversoul “recorder” for all planetary history past, present and future?
  • Does she also record all the soul experiences for all mortals past, present and future?
  • Does she consciously desire to ascend?
  • Is she contactable?
  • What kind of living conscious being is she compared to us mortals?
  • What role does she play with the Supreme Being?

Thank you for your reply.

Monjoronson: Thank you. The Supreme Being is an evolving aspect of Deity in which the mortals of time and space who traverse inward with Thought Adjusters attenuate. The aspect of the Supreme on Urantia has nothing to do with the physical nature of the planet, only its spiritual nature. Unfortunately the tremendously inept spiritual dimension of this planet has not developed a tremendous aspect of the Supreme as yet. The Supreme is contactable just as God is contactable. God the Father, the Special Fragment Within is part of the individual personality. The personality of the Planetary Supreme is also evolving.

There is not much in terms of a contactable personality as lets say Michael, Nebadonia or myself. Rather the Supreme is an overruling personality, it is greater than an individual because it is a coordinated personality.

It is just as living as God is living, it is not anthropomorphic. The Supreme is the true expression and desire within the souls of everyone indwelt with a Thought Adjuster and the desire for this planet is the religion of Nebadon– the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of loving men and women. This is the ultimate desire within the soul of this planet, within the soul of the spiritual ideal of this planet. It is within each and every one of you. It demands to be expressed. It cries for help. It does not worry or become distraught through neglect, rather It continues to forecast the inevitable in terms of achieving peace and brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God.

It is interesting to note that on Urantia, people are easily distracted from what should be their immediate and foremost concern. The immediate and foremost concern for every human being should be the intimate developing relationship with the Father within the human soul. From that relationship, all information that is needed to pass from one world to the next is also forthcoming. Everything that the human needs in this life to live a true and wholesome life is contained within the relationship between the human and the Indwelling Spirit. Once one gets past the struggle, the tension which is initially created between the Spirit Within and that aspect of the mind which opens to it, once this tension is past, then begins the tremendous unfolding work which is part of the development through this relationship within the soul.

I am not saying that Monjoronson is not important, I am not saying that the Planetary Supreme is not important, but what is more important is for everyone to be at the same table for supper. This is the most important and until man can begin to show spirit that he is capable of coming to that table, spirit is limited as to what it can reveal to man. Man must grow a capacity for more information. It is like a child not eating his dinner and asking for the sucker full of sugar. A wise parent withholds the sucker until the child has eaten his or her dinner. The same is true with the spiritual universe. So much is asked for yet what is given is mostly neglected. Would a wise parent give a child candy before the dinner which it is served, has been eaten?

You must ask yourself important questions. What are my priorities? Where do I stand? If you stand in true relationship to God, this Spirit Within will reveal to you everything you need to know, it will reveal your hearts desire and your minds yearnings, your questions, your concerns. We are brought here to jump start a planet which is not running properly. We are the cardiac unit which has been called into the operating room when the patient’s heart has stopped beating. In all fairness to your question and in all fairness to the Supreme, each individual has a responsibility in giving expression to the Supreme evolving aspect of Deity. I hope this helps with your concern. Thank you.

Question #4: [Timing] This next question concerns timing.

After the sojourn on Mt. Hermon Jesus was told that His hour had not yet come. He picked up tools and worked in Zebedee’s shop. Did this have to do with timing in the larger sense?

Is there reality to auspicious moments when all the cogs are turned just right and the universe allows things to fall into place?

There is much talk now of the Mayan Calendar and that it has to do with many galactic and universal cycles that have an influence on our affairs. Please explain how this works and how we can work within the natural flow of these patterns.

Monjoronson: Thank you for your concern. Things happen when they happen. There need not to be a reason why things happen, they just happen. They happen when they happen. Part of mans understanding of timing has to do with whether man is in step to his inner rhythm, the beat which comes from the Father. If man is in synch with the Father’s rhythm within then man will be in synch in his social nature, man will be prepared when he needs to be prepared because man will be able to read the signs of the times from within.

It is not necessary to gather the fruit basket when the flowers come out, one must wait till the fruit is born before it is picked. As in the timing of all things in the Master’s bestowal experience on Urantia all of you will have ample time to understand what it is that you need to understand about the life the Master lived on this planet. Yet during the times of the Master’s bestowal so few people on this planet knew what was really going on save for a whole universe that held its breath with watchful intent as the Master’s life unfolded.

And yet those of you who live spiritually coordinated lives are able to understand more in relationships or in relationship to whatever it is that you choose to relate to. I am not in a position to elaborate on such concerns about the Master’s experience, His bestowal experience on Urantia. When you journey forth to the mansion worlds you will experience a vast detailed and in depth study of the Master’s life as it was lived on this planet. There are not only actual records but there are countless and countless explanations as to how His life has been perceived within this greater universe. What is important is to begin to adapt the spirit of the life of the Master as He lived it on Urantia. In adapting His spirit you will begin to understand that which you seek. Thank you.

Question #5: [Overpopulation and Abortion] How does the overpopulation and abortion on Urantia impact the probationary nursery?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your concern. The spiritual universe of Nebadon is designed to accommodate the evolutionary worlds created in its regional and local universes, within its constellations and systems. There is ample accommodation within the worlds of Jerusem, the mansion worlds, to accommodate the travesty which has happened on its aborted and isolated worlds. The conditions of the planet do not in any way dictate the conditions which exist beyond it, rather vice versa. The conditions which exist in Jerusem dictate somewhat the conditions on Urantia in the spiritual sense, the human tragedy and travesty which has manifested resulting from the defaulted and aborted missions of the spiritual missions to your world have been taken into account.

Mankind must grapple with the struggle of what is created on Urantia. Yes, spirit is eager to help but it helps through human hands and human minds and human hearts. It is helped through those individuals who attempt to spiritualize and align themselves with the fundamentals of spirituality. The Master outlined the fundamentals of spirituality when He lived His life as a Bestowal Son on your world. There is an overwhelming and an inestimable amount of [texts] which seeks from the spirit standpoint to help with the problem of Urantia, whether they are on Urantia or that part of Urantia which has been transported to the Mansion worlds.

On the Mansion worlds the spiritual help is somewhat more visible, this is the only difference. The help is the same nonetheless. Here, you have to exercise trust, faith to access spirit and the nature of spirit. You must be persistent, you must ask qualifying questions, specific concerns, detailed explanations. Spirit is all too often eager to come here and if it was possible, even do the work themselves but this does not happen on the evolutionary worlds of time and space until the mortals reach an evolutionary status of attempting to show forth the much more conscious and spiritual way of living. Again this does not indicate that spirit is weary or judgmental or antagonistic, for spirit is none of these things.

Yes spirit encounters problems just as humans do. Spirit has a greater resource to solve these problems, mans resources are limited. Man must seek through faith and trust, and man must look within to begin to discover the greater way to live. As people on one of the most notorious evolutionary worlds within Nebadon, the whole universe knows of the problems of Urantia so there really is nothing to hide; everything is in clear view for observation, for understanding. No the universe has not neglected you, the universe uses Urantia to study problems as an example and Urantia has supplied the Universe of Nebadon with an excellent example of human nature at its worst.

Because of this, throughout the Universe of Nebadon there is an overwhelming desire and compassion of love for the peoples of Urantia, for the plight of your situation and the struggle of those spiritually minded individuals who beyond all doubt believe in what they are doing and are moving forward in establishing a better way to live in peace and harmony on your world. Again thank you for this question.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson and thanks to Henry our T/R. This concludes our series of questions for this evening, farewell.

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