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NID584- Energy Levels & Vibratory Frequencies 1

2009-05-24.  Energy Levels & Vibratory Frequencies 1

No Idaho #584

Topic: Energy Levels & Vibratory Frequencies

Group: N. Idaho TeaM

Teacher: Elyon, Monjoronson, Serena

TR: Mark RogersCathy Morris


Prayer: I would offer a few words of appreciation for the Father’s greatest gift to us of the many many gifts that we encounter every day. Perhaps one of the greatest is the gift of the one for the other, the gift of each other. It brings such augmentation to life to have such beautiful fragments, gifts from the Father around us in each other. I cherish this gift from the Father and appreciate all that comes through by way of my association with all these beautiful gifts. Thank you all so much and thank you Father.

Elyon: Greetings, this is Elyon. I welcome this opportunity to be with you once again and I desire to echo the sentiment expressed and offer my gratitude as well for my association with all of you, with each of you. In picking up a thread of discussion I would take the tack of asking you to think back on your life before your association with me, before this advent of what you refer to as the “Teaching Mission” and recall that there was a time where we did not know each other. It’s not that either of us did not exist but rather we were unknown to each other. We each had our full and complete lives and our experiential base was quite satisfactory and then we met in this process and at first I’m sure you will recall, neither of us knew exactly what to make of this entirely new arena that we both willingly entered.


But we both had faith in following the leading of spirit to this place. We both had trust that spirit would guide us and the will of our Divine Parents would lead us and would watch over us in this process and so we ventured forward with the strength that this faith brought us. We created this arena that we have come to be familiar with in this process. Now, I think we would all agree that our individual ascensions, our individual journeys have all been enhanced because we have shared this together in association. I know I have benefitted a great deal from being with you in this process. You have in very real terms taught me many things and I am aware of your gratitude for me, for my services in teaching you a great many things as well.

So we have all grown and prospered as a result of choosing to be with one another. So it is very true that these gifts of association bring so very much to the equation of experience. I honor this group for your dedicated devotion to your association and you will all witness it has meant a great deal in your life experiences. The more we learn of the value and significance of embracing such relationship, the more we appreciate forming and embracing the relationship with the First Source and Center. There are the avenues of approach we have discussed and you do have your Indwelling Fragment to forever assist you in this process but this extending of yourself to “hang out” with your Divine Parents just as you extend of yourself to be here right now creates the very connection and utilizes the motion that you have offered and brings you certain success.

Truly this opportunity for relationship on all different levels is our grandest expression of grace and we should all look to accept these gifts, say thank you and embrace the opportunities they present. Thank you once again for this opportunity to be with you. I now withdraw to open up this platform, farewell.

Monjoronson: Greetings, I am Monjoronson here to participate with you again this morning at my delight. I would pick a thread of discussion and dive in with a few more words in an attempt to bring further illumination to a subject of [prior] discussion. You refer to different energy levels or different wave lengths or perhaps even visualizing these as higher vibrations and lower vibrations. This is the very process we have been engaged in all this while, the raising of your vibration level, the increasing of awareness, the expansion of understanding. All these factors support this expansion of self in which you are in a sense growing more and more receptive to the different levels of vibration, able to tune in back and forth as you would say, you become more versatile as energy receivers and transmitters but as this more versatile unit you are enhanced in your capacity, able to perform with greater latitude because you have access to the many different frequencies.

You notice yourselves from time to time shifting in frequency level, the one moment involved in a mundane task, the next moment called to conversation with a friend and you literally realize there is a shift in focus and a distinctive altering of the available energies because now you are accessing a greater dimension of yourself when you are in association and relationship with another. This phenomenon may be witness with a new mother who can intuitively understand the cries of the young child. They have meaning and significance to her that is not observed necessarily by others. This is tuning in to the different frequency where words are not part of the equation.

Your encounter with music also is a demonstration of your ability to encounter these different vibrations as carrier waves for their own messages. Likewise, when you are in devoted moments of stillness you realize that words once again may become secondary in the experience to feelings and knowing and awareness. These are all different vibration levels or energy bands that you traverse regularly and you are simply in the process of spiritual exploration, increasing your capacity to tune in to higher and higher frequencies.

The more time you choose to spend in these higher frequencies the less of yourself exists in the lower or more undesirable frequencies. You simply are not there in those areas because you are somewhere else in other chosen higher areas. In this way you literally are choosing your sphere of experience which of necessity cannot include all frequencies but is limited to the one you are tuning into at any time. Though all others may exist and may be in motion and happening, you are simply tuned into a different frequency and unaware of disease or fear or doubts and concerns. You are just not tuned into them, your receiver is set on another frequency and you are enjoying the tones of surety and certainty in spiritual connection, of peace that comes with such awareness, of love that transcends all. These are so filling and occupying your bandwidth that there is no room for another signal to be experienced.

I hope this illustration helps to bring some perspective to this shifting of energy that you are becoming well versed in observing and even manipulating through your awareness of your capacities to do so. It is such a joy as Elyon stated, to have this association with ones who so willingly embrace the services offered by those on my side of the veil. I withdraw in humble appreciation and gratitude.


Serena: [Cathy] An effort to live your lives on a higher vibrational level will be rewarded with increased connection with others around you. As you attempt to live in love and grace you begin to draw others to you as love has an attracting force as well as a binding force. It is your gift to the mortals around you, the ability to help them connect with the force of love, to recognize this force when it is encountered. As was stated earlier, you are not really aware of the love and light that is surrounding your actions. Others perceive this love energy and are uplifted by being in your vicinity. It is a great gift that you extend to the others in your physical space. As always, we encourage you to spread light and love freely as you pass by in your daily activities. This in turn will be reflected back to you.

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