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NID702- Destiny’s Light

2011-11-06-Destiny’s Light

No Idaho #702


1Topic: Destiny’s Light
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Charles, Nebadonia, Michael
2TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris
1.2Correcting Time


Topic: Destiny’s Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Nebadonia, Michael

TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris




Charles: [Henry] Good morning, this is Charles. It is good to see this group expressing their creativity in focusing and directing this light, anchoring [it] into the planet for the benefit of the whole. I would further add [that] as this sphere is radiating this tremendous vibration of love, that the Adjusters indwelt in each of the human beings on the planet begin to adjust the human creature to receive and become conscious of this pervasive love just as the Adjusters among the members of this group intermingle and cohesively support the love within this whole group that each partake of and each share.

Again, it is always good to come into the energy of this group this morning, into your creative and experimental natures which express themselves. The image of the little flame above each head is the pilot light, it is the image of the Thought Adjuster, that aspect of spirit which dwells within. Begin to imagine all of the people on the planet with pilot lights above their heads. Find ways within your consciousness to create whatever you need to see another as beautiful, worthy, and loving as a sister and a brother.

The whole movement of the world you may not change overnight, but by the gradual shift and change within yourself, you create a momentum and a direction for the whole of the planet of which you are a part so that the whole is able to move into this consciousness through the seeding, the thought-like seeding of consciousness. In time, as people awaken, they will become aware of the inner nature, this divine love that each share and have access to its abundance. Allow this Divine Light to continually beam down upon you uninterrupted, that no matter what you are doing, this light is permeating continually and constantly in your consciousness.

It may not have to always be in the foreground, it is just there illuminating, illuminating everything, the way to connect, the way to help facilitate and negotiate problems. Many many times, many things can be averted if people are willing to sit down and talk with each other, the kind talk where one is listening to what the other is saying, not the kind of talk where people are blabbering about their position. Remember that you are the eyes, the hand, of spirit and spirit mind is in your consciousness through the acceleration of light and love; and, like spirit, learn to be in-between everything, not on top of it but in the middle of it and in-between everything.

Henry: Thank you Charles.

Nebadonia: [Henry] Greetings this morning, this is Nebadonia here to acknowledge and embrace each of you as I embrace everyone of my children on this planet. I have such an overpowering love for everyone on this planet and yes, we are, especially with your help, bringing more and more light into your world. Know that it is only possible for this light to become more effective when it is acknowledged within the consciousness of the planet, within human beings who ground this light into their consciousness and creatively place and store it in the planet.

It is not enough for us to hold the light in space. It is important that many more of you begin to utilize this light, to own this light, to anchor this light, into a position that as a beacon it begins to show the way, it begins to expose the deadly shoals of the shore so that you do not unnecessarily crash into it. It is literally true, to anchor and shine this light within your consciousness and your souls, that it will begin to illuminate and ground and anchor into the consciousness of the planet. The consciousness of the planet is part of the whole system of grounding the spiritual energetics, the consciousness, the encoding for the planet, the master program.

Again this morning my children, I bring all of you into this love and light. We are always with you. Legions of my daughters constantly attend to you. All is well. Go in peace my children.

Henry: Thank you Mother.

Correcting Time

Michael: [Cathy] I am your Father/brother Michael here to share with you the action of the healing power of light for the planet of Urantia. Many sources are beaming light energy to the planet in a general uplifting and healing past damage from the rebellion. Your Mother and I are working together with all her helping celestials to infuse the mortals of this world with spirit. This will eventually result in raising the vibration of all on the world to a level of spirit readiness.

My plan is in full motion to remove the blockages that have been inserted into the original plan for Urantia. I hold you in my care always as I bring to you the help you will need to move into the future of Light and Life. I bring you strength whenever you ask. I am with you whenever you request. I am in action with you whenever you bring your intention. Your Mother brings you help whenever you have need. We are all in this together to bring the Father’s pattern back to its original form. The Father’s will be done, good day.


Michael: [Henry] Greetings my children. Like a ship out on the sea moving towards its destiny, all the while the ship is maintaining itself, the crew members are performing their tasks, the captains are analyzing all of the information and securing the integrity of the ship, that it will arrive at its destination. The destination is not compromising the ship. The destination is not changing the way that the ship operates. The ship is well balanced and maintained and harmonious as it moves towards its destination. In your lives it is also important that a sense of integrity is maintained in your life, that you have enough resources to take care of your needs and to facilitate your ideas and plans as you are moving toward your destination.

Just what your destination is, is particular to each individual in its analysis but in general your destination is to become one with spirit. It is to reach the threshold wherein in fact and substance you meld, become one with the spirit which lives within you. And like this ship upon the sea, it may go through a storm and the whole integrity of the ship is under compromise and the crew members do what they do to bring a stable nature to the ship during the storm. Just because you are on a divine course does not excuse you from the reality and consequences of life, the decision you make and the responsibilities which you take on.

All the while you are in motion, moving toward your destination, and you have to go to work, you have to prepare a meal, you have to take care of your family, you have to go shopping, you have to maintain all of your monthly expenses, you have to help direct the economic and political movements of your countries, you have to be a part of the life and reality of the world you are in. You have to be human. You have to be 100% of what you are to become all that you can be because you have to become all that you can be to be one with me. You have to go beyond the boundaries that you have set up sometimes, expand them.

The most important tasks are the tasks at hand and then when you have no more tasks, just look around. There is much to do. Once you begin to discover how much work there actually is to do, you may be so busy that you look forward to a rest but know that the life of love with its invigorating and renewing capabilities is always there to sustain you, to bring you into that calm and warm place where you are one in knowing and understanding with the large group of universe citizens and universe personalities who support you, support this little world.

Henry: Thank you Father.

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