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NID704- Harmony of Light

2011-11-27-Harmony of Light

No Idaho #704


1Topic: Harmony of Light
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Student Visitor, Michael, LIGHT, I AM
2TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z.
1.3Light and Life


Topic: Harmony of Light

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Student Visitor, Michael, LIGHT, I AM

TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z.




Student Visitor: [Cathy] I am pleased to join in your conversations about the work of peace groups like the ‘Indigenous Grandmothers.’ There are indeed many interconnected circles working towards the same vision. As this world becomes increasingly uplifted in spirit there will be synchronous actions as individuals are brought to the same inspired action of intention. As the remaining echoes of the rebellion continue to fade and lose energy the love and light will draw more individuals toward the ideal of a new way of being in connection and action with each other.

This shift within the individual leads naturally to a new way of acting together in love. Truly the kingdom of God within will lead to Light and Life in the collective. We are pleased to be in action with you toward that goal. Although you are still in time, we sense that you are beginning to have a more morontia perspective of the existence of the final results of our intentions. As always, in harmony and correct orientation from our view, we would encourage your efforts to expand and use the portal.


Unknown: [Henry] Greetings this morning, fill this circle with light. Allow this light to empty your hearts, warm your hearts, and synchronize your thoughts. The space in relationship to the Father is a motivational space, it is devoid of stimulus. Stimulus is an external response, motivation is an internal direction, is an internal activation. It is something that is not as subjective as a stimulus, it is something that is direct. Look at it as something dissolving in your mind that begins to saturate your mind. This is what the Adjuster does, saturate the mind. Once the mind is tuned to spirit it is saturated with love and light like this morning. Saturate your hearts and your minds with light.

Light and Life

Michael: [Henry] Greetings all, this is Michael here to check in, offer a loving response, a loving embrace to the circle of friends gathered here today, those that are present and those that are in their necessary activities. We greet you as brothers and sisters, we greet you in happiness and love, we greet you in expectation, the knowing-ness that the full connection to spirit and the living in Light and Life will eventually be an achievement by this human family on this earth. And yes, fill your hearts with light and open your hearts and minds to love.

Learn to replace fear with love, with loving action, loving purpose. Learn to identify what it is you fear. A lot of times, fear is of the unknown, fear is working from the perspective of assumption. Learn to know what it truly is you fear. Learn not to fear the confused, the confusing situations which exist on the planet. Learn not to fear death, know that it is a mere transition. Yes, there are particular things that can be done only on one side like in the life you live now but know that if something happens to you that you will be taken care of. You will not be left frying on some grid for part of eternity. You will be lovingly embraced into the Family of God.

So many times fear immobilizes ones ability to think rationally and to make decisions to be motivated or to entertain certain activities. So send the light of love into that place where fear resides and let it go through the extremities of your body, through your hands, through your feet, release it. A certain amount of fear does stimulate you to act but an overbearing burden, an oppression of fear does not really serve. Continue to love your brothers and sisters, continue to support one another, continue to create the web of love and warmth which spreads over the human family.

You must also love the unruly ones, the ones who see and feel differently than you do. Learn to trust the knowing-ness which the light and love within you reveals. Continue to create the spiritual counterpart to this earth life you live, continue to trust and have faith, continue to act. Learn to love yourselves, learn to feel yourself whole and potent, see yourselves as serviceable.

Thank you for allowing me this voice to send my love and light into this circle of friendship.

Light: [Cathy] I also am beaming a blanket of light around the group. I love you each so much that it is overflowing. Our connection is strong and eternal. Together we will accomplish much on this world and beyond.

Cathy: I got an inexplicable type transmission. Visual circles connecting, very confirming and loving.

I AM: [Cathy] Forever you will be connected with me.

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