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NID716- Truth Faith Growth

2012-02-26-Truth Faith Growth

No Idaho #716


1Topic: Truth
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Charles, Elyon, Unknown, LIGHT
2TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
2.1Truth, Understanding
2.2Urantia Book
2.3Experience, Faith


Topic: Truth

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Elyon, Unknown, LIGHT

TR: Henry Z., Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Charles: [Henry] Greetings this morning my friends, it is I, Charles. It is good to be here this morning and address this lovely circle of friendship connected to spirit.


Truth, Understanding

Well, this morning there is a tremendous awakening of awareness in what we have been trying to show you for these number of years, that is the spiritualizing of your human mind through lessons, through contacting the Inner Guide, through your connection with spirit for you to begin to live and become truth in your own lives with your own mind and in your own words. In a few words, we have been trying to get you to own the truth, to own your own truth and you are beginning to see the potential of this. You are beginning tap into this arena, into this deep well of understanding which does reside within each and every one of you.

In a certain sense, though it may seem like it empowers you to speak with a sense of knowing-ness, a sense of authority, conversely it does not put you in a position of authority but it respects the truth contained within your own personal experience, how you have taken the seeds of knowledge and how you have nurtured these planted seeds and how you are beginning to share the fruit which is a result of this process of growing and nurturing these seed thoughts. You are beginning to have an inner sense of who you really are, what options are available and where to proceed from there.

So yes, it is good that this awareness is surfacing. It will help to give a tremendous amount of credence to others who feel this very same thing but for whatever reason do not feel courageous enough to come forward and express these thoughts and feelings. This is always good that you break new ground, that others may begin to also plant in this area. Your minds truly are like fertile soil, taking the seed truths and equipped with life’s experiences, begin to process and understand these truths in relationship to ones own life and how one lives, how one lives a human spiritual life which on one level is not the same for everyone but there are tremendous similarities and the similarities express themselves in a social manner and context through your love and respect for each other, the way that you operate with your brothers and sisters. This gives evidence to what you are actually holding within and how you are seeing the world and what you give back to the world.

Urantia Book

In a spiritual sense these are tremendously valuable jewels, these personal understandings, these truths, these human spirit co-creative ventures which all of you have opted for whether you know it or not. As was discussed, it seems that the Urantia Book has been tremendously important and successful in bringing into your consciousness these possibilities. The awareness of spirit portrayed in this text dedicated to your human species has been a tremendous help in bringing individual personal and social consciousness to bear on the family of man and the Fatherhood of God.

What is also good about the Urantia Book is that it has helped you to base your consciousness in a sense of realness, in a sense of personal reality which corresponds to a sense of universal urgency and universal reality, that you are not enthralled in some fantasy about life and death but that you have been brought into a consciousness of the realities of life and death, the vigorous nature of life and the potentially transforming nature and quality of death; not that you are instantly transformed when you walk through that vernal door but that you are given a greater opportunity for the advancement in your consciousness at that point.

So yes, the Urantia Book has been a grounding rod, a lightning rod if you may, that has helped you understand who you are in a personal and more universal sense and what it truly means to actually be a son and daughter of God, what those qualities really are and how they are expressed, not only in your lives but in the situation you are creating in the world because of your consciousness and your lives, this unflinching dedication to understand spirit, to be a part of spirit and to grow in a spiritual sense, to transform your animal legacy of what is called the seven deadly sins into this glorious poetic prose which displays itself in your very being.

So thank you very much for this great and tremendous discussion this morning about these thoughts. We as spirit continue to hold you in peace and in love. Have a wonderful week, thank you.

Experience, Faith

Elyon: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I am Elyon here to accept this gift of grace that you offer in the form of this forum, that we may meet and discuss together. I would offer the use of an analogy and work within the construct of understanding of this t/r to bring forward the following thoughts. As you know, much of your world is covered in water and yet there are great populations of the world which are unfamiliar with how to exist in water, that is how to swim, and so to them, they have a great fear of encountering this water because they feel insecure and unable to deal with this frightening prospect. So they limit their exposure to water and control their environment so that they are not threatened by this external environment.

Then there are those who would join the swim team. I liken this to accepting the opportunities provided in experiencing the spiritual ascension. Those who would join the swim team arrive at poolside, having initially conquered their fear of water and mastered some degree of security when encountering such an environment. They show up at poolside having prepared for the incident, having donned the proper swim gear so that they are both mentally and physically prepared to accept this challenge, even eager at some point to jump in to practice what they have learned. After the swim team has been assembled they are practiced and trained over and over again in the proper technique so as to maximize the tools they are given and most successfully navigate the realm that they are involved in.

Now imagine that it is time to train for the diving exercise. Even though one may have mastered the swimming exercise, there is subsequent to that the exercise of rising out above and walking out on the plank of faith and looking down at this environment which you have mastered and one finds themselves confronted with the prospect of conquering another fear, another obstacle before them. They may be comfortable swimming but they may have never have jumped off into space and executed a dive. There may be coaches on all sides offering words of encouragement, words of advisement and tips and techniques. All these may be taken in by the divers mind and be floated in their consciousness but until they actually execute the task there is no personal experience with which to assemble all this data and interpret it.

At some point when the diver has been satisfied that they are indeed prepared to do the unknown, they may take this leap of faith and once having done it for themselves, they now own the experience of having been a diver. Immediately upon executing this task they are rewarded with the satisfaction that they did in fact conquer this obstacle of fear and they did in fact execute this task and they become enthusiastic to perfect this technique to make the next dive even more successful. In so doing they have just climbed a rung of the ladder of ascension. They have garnered the experience for themselves and now they may seek as one who has not just been trained to dive, but who is a diver.

Now, likening this experience to yours and the Teaching Mission, we have been graduated to higher and higher diving platforms and while each platform contains some of the same techniques involved in executing the tasks, the greater the heights, the more natural instinctual fear there is to overcome and the greater courage it takes to leap from that point of safety and traverse the unknown even to execute a safe and successful landing.

I think this imagery helps bring forward the concept that one may talk the talk and be presented the lesson and be informed of the circumstances and possibilities, but until one is actually able to use their will and execute leaving their safe environment for an unknown environment, then it is all theory but it instantly becomes practiced, but it instantly becomes your own individual experience when you take the leap and you become not only a member of the swimming team, but a member of the diving team as well.

It is always my pleasure to bring to you another analogy to be useful as it may in your interpretation of the many lessons on how to dive, why to dive, and how to be successful in your technique that you so unfailingly try to assemble in your field of awareness. Thank you for this opportunity, I bid you all have a good week, farewell.


Unknown: [Cathy] Pursue the connection with your Inner Guide in all possible aspects. You are indeed growing more in synchronicity and becoming more the singular being you are destined to produce. Speak out in certainty in the spiritual support that upholds your action. You have built a spiritual foundation to anchor your exploration into new ways of spirit expression. We encourage you to step forward into the opportunities that you find. We encourage you to let go of your firm anchor of experience and move outward in love to new experience on an enhanced level. Each of you have a guide from the Father with a pattern to guide your development. Trust the guide to lead you in a fruitful direction. It is your destiny to journey together through these growth enhancing experiences. Embrace this destiny in every moment and hold fast to the connection you have forged.


Light: [Henry] Greetings, it is Light. It is so wonderful to observe you sharing your many experiences of light, how through your portal project, through the conscious grounding of your natures in light, [you are] beginning to find expression in your communication, to see the joy and confirmation of your fledgling teacher mind come to life, how a simple thing such as light can reveal so much that is hidden in the darkness. You begin to discover that you possess all of the tools you need to experience what it takes to become a complete and whole human spiritual being, eventually to become one fused with the Indwelling Spirit, that this light is not a singular focus but expresses itself in all of the myriad colors and modes which light possesses. The two most important parts in the growth of any seed is water and light because all living things possess water and light affects the growth of all living things.


So continue to walk around this planet full of light, beaming it into every soul that you meet, that one day you will be part of the light brotherhood of Urantia, the family of men and women dedicated to bringing the light from above into the light within and to create a new world full of light with all of its colorful, even musical expression. Go in peace, we continue to hold all of you in love. Thank you, have a good week.

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