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NID724- Accountability & Sustainability

2012-04-22-Accountability & Sustainability

No Idaho #723


1Topic: Accountability and Sustainability
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Charles, LIGHT
2TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris
1.2Resources, Accountability
1.4Love, Sustainability

Topic: Accountability and Sustainability

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, LIGHT

TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris




Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I Charles this morning. Since I am the culprit of these discussions you are having this morning I would like to first clarify that I am using a different T/R, a T/R that does not have a tremendous amount of consciousness of social sustainability or Daniel Raphael’s thoughts. So with that clarified, I would say that society, in order to grow into the humanitarian consciousness of the brotherhood of man, which was originally intended for this planet, that we have now come to a place where the resources of the planet have been compromised. It is necessary to protect the resource of the planet for the present and future generation which is of great concern if you are to continue to live here.

Resources, Accountability

Time has a way of moving and it is peculiar that in men’s minds, men think that they can stop time, that they can live in an age that was once glorious, resisting to live in the present age that is not so glorious. But time does move on no matter who thinks differently or how they think it differently. Time is not of a relationship to men’s minds but men’s minds are in relationship to time. The time is upon us where the consciousness of personal growth has gained momentum on this planet and the time has come upon this planet where the structuring of resource needs to be brought into an atmosphere of accountability.


For even though you are a race of people designed to be individuals, the time is upon you as a society to put down your individual assumptions, needs, and wants, to focus on the greater accountability of society at large and how the society will move forward in an effort to accommodate all of its constituents. Quite challenging I say, and yet you still look to us for answers that are within you as individuals and answers that need to be collectively decided upon. You cannot have a small faction of society willing to harbor concepts of greater results for society if the whole of society is not willing to support such an effort.

It does not matter what spirit says, humans will do what humans do, they always will. Spirit cannot change what humans do or what humans think, though there are some that come to a greater understanding in an introspective manner of how they must deal with their own personal lives which help them to move forward in a greater social context. It is the classic “Catch 22;” you cannot have one thing without the other and you cannot have the other without the one thing. One of the interesting things to observe in your society is that there is much waste and much erroneous and needless endeavor, too much neurosis.

Love, Sustainability

It is great to dream, it is great to have personal ambition, to have plans, but the time is upon your world where personal greatness and personal ambition is not necessarily the area to focus. Begin to focus upon the means which exemplify the will of God, the will of God being that you are to become like God and you are love, and respect each other along the way. You are not to become God in the “Creator prerogative,” you are to become like God in the spiritual sense, a being that has the continuity of love and this is the element that sustainability seeks: The continuity of love, how to sustain such an elusive phenomenon.

Love does not grow from a nervous endeavor, a nervous condition or an agitated nervous system. Love grows from the calmness of the heart and the rightness of the mind. Mankind will greatly excel in any sustainability endeavor when he reaches the point where he can sustain the phenomenon of love, personally and socially. It is through this endeavor to sustain love that you come to us, the teachers, that you come to our understanding of how to attain a greater sense of love in your hearts and in your minds. For this reason we focus on the source of love, the source of love which resides within.

Unfortunately, love is not hard wired as is some of your more aggressive animal instincts. Love is a purely spiritual phenomenon, a gift the Creators share with the created. Love truly is the pathway, it is the pathway to great achievement, great achievement as an individual and great achievement as a society. This planet and its people are in great need of love. Love will sustain you greater than any material, any mental process. Love brings you to a greater sense of understanding and wisdom.

I thank you my friends this morning, may you go in peace.


Light: [Cathy] I wish to join the conversation of the modification of cellular structure and atomic structure through the use of waves of light. Your physical forms are linked to the hydrogen atom in the water in each cell. Much will be discovered about the molecular structure inside the human cell. As light is focused on the planet, there will be a shift in the relation of these components with the resulting change in the capacity and constitution of the physical form. This is a true evolution to a higher capacity and a higher functioning in the new light atmosphere.

All systems are dynamic and assist in motion. In the effort to renew the declining, the degrading motion on this world, an infusion of light at fluctuating wave lengths will have effects upon the cellular function of all species upon the planet. This is a time of renewal and up-liftment, not a time to be feared as shown by destruction. All life systems are continually degrading and being renewed, it is a natural and continuing process. I am pleased by your interest in the process. Always will I be involved in these efforts at renewal and up-liftment. It is my pleasure.

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