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NID723- Activation of Spirit

2012-04-15-Activation of Spirit

No Idaho #723


1Topic: Activation of Spirit
2Group: N. Idaho TeaM
1Teacher: Elyon, WAVE, LIGHT
2TR: Mark Rogers
2.4Purpose, Decision

Topic: Activation of Spirit

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, WAVE, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: [Mark] Let us all rally together to bring all the forces at play, all our unseen friends, all of our intentions, and access our portal and with the help of our Divine Assistant, let us bring George [Barnard…who recently had a near fatal heart failure] some of Sheila’s liquid light. Let us concentrate some of this light being able to be poured into George as you would pour a pitcher into a cup and ask all of our unseen friends to join with our intention to fill George with liquid light, liquid love, liquid peace. I see George smiling.

Divine Parents, thank you so much for the opportunity that we co-create in times like this. In times that we come together to be this close we feel as though we can touch. You know our hearts are filled with love and good intentions for all those who are our loved ones. Sometimes we speak to you the names of individuals. It is our desire to see all of those who we know and love to be whole, be healthy, be in peace, and to feel your love even as we feel it now. Help us to be extensions of your desire, that they feel your love. Help us to be your hands, your feet, your mouth, and your smile. Help us to bring that love to them that you would show to them. It is our intention that we help you fulfill your intention. Let it be so as it is even now.



Elyon: [Mark] Greetings my friends, I would take the opportunity to step up to the plate as it were, I am Elyon. The first thing I would offer to your round table of discussion it the profound observation that when you are focused and concentrated in your collective co-creative efforts, and the silence commences on your end, the universe stirs on my end. When you settle yourselves into focused intention to coordinate, to act, to be in spirit, we are all summoned and aroused to join you. It truly is so that when you on your side make a decision to act in spirit, the universe conspires to assist and enable you.

And so I am here as are many others who are summoned by the page, the call from you when you will take the time to activate that aspect of yourselves and come to this place that we share in spirit. I applaud your efforts to use the basic universe principles you have grown familiar with to wield the forces at play in assistance to your comrades. Though they may be afar off from you, they are well connected to you by this mechanism of spirit. These spirit threads tie you all together, the one to the other, and as well they tie the likes of myself to you. So truly these threads which bind, transcend all material limitations of distance and space, of time, of location, even of dimension.


In all your worldly spiritual teachings there is the constant thread of this thread, the mention of this spiritual component which enables you to reach out and be connected to others regardless of any material limitation. This is quite true and worthy of your focus as mortals of the realm. But of course, you all are seasoned travelers when it comes to exploring these threads and going where they lead, even creating the pathways and tying yourselves to that which you have discovered, creating more threads that may be used by virtue of your willingness to experience unknown destinations. Once you show your willingness to explore, the universe brings you many paths, many opportunities and by simply being willing to move forward and make choices, you create pathways, you establish threads and in this way you connect yourself to all that is by virtue of these threads, by virtue of the web that you have made throughout your set of experiences on your ascension career.

I am glad to be a part of your web, part of our web, because just as in your social networking you are observing where one of you becomes tied to another and you enjoy the associations created by the other, each sharing greater exposure by virtue of being attached to the other, likewise it is with you in the mortal realm and we in the spiritual plane. We enjoy great connectivity by virtue of our association with each other as I am connected to a great many on my side and you, a great many on yours. We share each others web of association and this is part of the grace of experience that we are provided, the association of the one to the other and the benefits derived therein.

I am always greatly pleased to join you at times like this and strengthen this bond between us and enjoy these connections that we share. I now will conclude my remarks because this forum is capable of accepting multiple sources of input. I would allow for that potential. Let it be so, be in peace, farewell.

Mark: I would like to make a formal request. I would like to send out through the web, the call, the request to speak and hear from wave to ask him to come into our circle of love and light at this time to be with us and share with us, if it is to be at this time.

Wave: [Mark] I will greet you and accept your gracious welcome. It has been a while since I have been at this group through this t/r but I am pleased to show up once again and do a little more relationship building between us and establish our connection a little further and deeper. We all of course have our paths, our tasks, our assignments, and I have been engaged in multi-tasking lately, being about several different things in my growth career. So many things have kept me from just barging in and making my presence known although I have certainly made it my intention to keep up with what is going on with this Teaching Mission and Correcting Time.


It is most pleasing to see how it has come along and how many preparations have been made and foundations have been laid for the structures of spirit to be built upon as the time arrives to build the next level. I am privy to accomplishments of all those who are within my web of association and I consider you all to be as such. So it is with great joy I witness all that transpires around the growth and execution of spiritual accomplishments which are observable. I speak even of the accomplishments of the hour in your coming together to pool the energies, to focus and concentrate your intentions, and to lovingly and with faith execute your task of assigning your intentions and energies to the benefit of another through the mechanism that you have created.

You may not realize the magnitude of what you accomplish at a time like this but it is indeed impressive. It is as if you have one foot in the morontial plane and one foot on the earthly sphere. You are engaging in pursuits which are morontial and which require extreme faith from your mortal component which requires the dominance of your spiritual aspect. These things do not readily transpire on a sphere such as Urantia; that is why it is so gratifying and heartwarming to witness these actions, these morontia realities being made present and real while still a Urantia citizen. We need no greater indication to observe the success of our teaching and of our applied students than to witness you in action. Although I speak as one who observes from the spiritual dimension and who can make these observations available to you, I include myself among you as I have had much to learn, much growth to do, and much maturing to attend to in my individual process as well.

So I understand this process of growth, of learning, embracing, and accepting and becoming bit by bit. I understand and feel it in all of you as I have felt it in myself. We have a unique relationship this way. We know of each others beginnings in an eternal career and we assure each others successes and endeavors at this time of beginnings. Those who were with you in the beginning always hold a special part of your consciousness. They have a special place in your memory as those who you went through the unknowing with into the knowing, who you traversed uncertainty with into the certainty, and who you survived growing pains with.

I hold you all dearly in my association and I am privileged to know of a certainty from my vantage point, that this association may endure for an eternity. I pray this conviction comes to you as well, even in advance of your arrival in morontia form. Let it be so because you have earned it and you have explored dimensions beyond known perimeters. It’s been a joy to come and be with you this morning and to engrain in both of us a little bit more, this exchange of energies and this building of ties between us. I assure you I am happy to be with you at your request. I will put off some of my many tasks in order to enjoy this relationship and I recognize that you make certain mortal sacrifices as well to enjoy this relationship. Thank you for your contribution. I will now step aside, but it has been a great pleasure to be with you, thank you.

Purpose, Decision

Light: [Mark] Hello friends, I am Light. I am going to take the opportunity to access a quote in the memory bank of my associate this morning and provide some words for thought for the week ahead. The quote is: The purpose of life is to bring life purpose. I would bring this notion forward in that all that exists around you is in a state of potential, a state of flux, and as individuals of the realm, your acting and choosing causes the potentials around you to become actual and real. Your selecting it and subscribing to it, gives it its very existence and life.

So this is important to keep in mind when one may consider and wonder what their role is in life, what they’re supposed to accomplish from day to day, even hour to hour when truly it is as simple as your next choice and selecting your next option and in that action you make real what was a potential and you turn what could be into what is with a simple act. In this way, you may repeatedly choose and re-choose a better and better version or vision of what should be. In this way, your choices of every hour greatly impact not only your immediate world around you, your environment, but by association, by the great web that you are attached to, your actions also effect all those associated to you by virtue of your web.

So really, it is all quite simple, everything boils down to choosing and selecting and being discerning of what you would choose, of desiring those things which are higher and better and thus attracting them to you so that you may then choose them, so that you may then attract more to you. This is how it works and it is that simple. So again, the purpose of this life is to bring this life purpose. Enjoy your week and be in peace, in joy, and love, and attract those things to you and choose them as they come your way. So be it, make it so in your lives, in your choices, thank you.

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