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NID735- Events of Change

2012-07-22-Events of Change

No Idaho #735


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Events of Change
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Midwayer, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Catastrophism
 3.1.2 Light
 3.1.3 Exploration
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Events of Change
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Midwayer, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers



Midwayer: [Cathy] I am confirming your perception that changes are approaching the planet. On our side we are in preparation for the vibrational increase on the planet. The physical structure is in flux, it is a gradual but certain increase in capacity for functioning with the increased light being showered on Urantia. The plan has been put in motion and we are committed to the full execution of God’s will. Your roll is to maximize your potential, your receptivity, your capacity for service. You are a key element of the plan. You are the hands, you are the feet, you are the spirit in action. We are in full support of your actions. Always has spirit surrounded you, always are you provided the guidance of your Inner Guide. Your intention of service will be the key in all circumstances. Together we will be in joy and certainty of the plans success.

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, Charles here to interject a few thoughts into the stream. I notice in observing your conversation, the unique position you all hold as individuals who are mortals of this realm while also being spiritual beings of the vast and eternal universal abode. By this I mean, I observe the challenges presented to you when you try to make sense of all that happens and all that you have been told and all that you know or think that you know and all that you feel and all that is simply observable phenomenon around you. How challenging it must be to you as individuals to straddle this line of, on the one hand, spiritual values and overarching direction and purpose that is interpreted in the spiritual realm and how all of this crosses over and materializes or manifests for you as an effect in the physical realm.

So while you talk about the facts of how things are and how they appear to you in this physical dimension that you occupy, you are also able to trace back, if you will, to the other side of the paradigm for you into what the spiritual values and meanings are behind this observable phenomenon before you. Indeed, you must be open and receptive and have some degree of wisdom to interpret how these two dimensions interact with each other. Many individuals in this earthly incarnation do not cross over this center line as you see it now, and make all their determinations and value judgments based strictly on cause and effect in the physical dimension and what is immediately transpiring before them.

If this is the case, then truly it may be hard to make sense out of any overarching theme or plan because all of these random events are difficult to assemble in any significant order. They seem to be simply a random pattern that one tries to make sense out of. But when you are able to overlay the higher spiritual truths and values over any equation, what appear to be random and disjointed effects can be interpreted to make more sense when seen in the context of a greater reality that one is willing to impose over the lesser.

Yet, as one involved so intricately in the material dimension, it is required of you to not only understand the spiritual values and principles at play, but to understand how these are present as things manifest in your physical dimension. The connection between these two is what you have embraced in your learning experience when you have been willing to venture onto the other side of the line and include a spiritual and larger perspective in your determination of what it is you are observing in your physical realm.

I affirm for you that many changes are unfolding and that these are most interesting and wonderful times to be present as all these points come to intersect and that you are correct in observing some of these changes that you will notice are aimed at some of the most basic and core elements of your foundation and the foundation of all that you perceive to be real. When such a wholesale change is desired, it is required that you go in and build a new foundation, a new platform on which to structure the new reality you wish to see. And so these new platforms are being built and this new foundation is being laid at the very core level of your being.

This change of your very structure is, as you observe, going to bring about a time of unsettled nature and uncertainty about what is transpiring. This is the perfect opportunity for change to happen and for there to be episodes in your current paradigm of sudden shifts that are enabled by the juncture of this wave of energy and the time and space in which you find yourselves. So whenever you perceive these shifts occurring, be prepared to seize those moments and use those events as the opportunities they are to provide yourselves to be used as fulcrums in that moment, in that opportunity. When there is a chance for great shifts and great change, may we all pray to be there at that moment of opportunity, to be present and aware that such is the case so that with a simple nudge of intention we may more divinely direct the energy in flow.

May that be our rally cry during these times of great change, to be blessed and given the gracious opportunity to be in those moments of change, the divine reflection of the Father’s will. May we be ever willing and ready to nudge the circumstance with the intention of love. Let is be so. I offer these words to the pool of understanding and wisdom that is created at each one of these meetings and it is my pleasure to make this contribution. I now step aside to allow this opportunity, thank you.


Light: [Cathy] I am joining you in celebration of the increase of light on the planet, the glorious light that showers to each of you for your strength and sustenance. The waves are indeed a facet of light and the wave action of the light is key to the transformation process that is proceeding. I join you in the absorption of this gift from the Father. The increase of light from sun activity is recharging our spiritual circuits as well as the physical and cellular uplifting. You have noted the plant activity. Plants are in direct reaction to this light increase. It is a joyous bath of love and light that surrounds Urantia at this moment. You need only absorb it, drink it in through every cell and relax into the Father’s love. It is the activation of the love of the Father in the planets consciousness. I am most grateful for your love and support as we move forward together into a new era of Light and Life.


Jonathan: [Mark] I am here, I am Jonathan and I have made my way and come forward because it is my desire to honor your request as it is my request as well and our requests have been granted. I understand the strain this puts on my friend but I lean on him because I know it is his desire as well, to simply reach out together and commune in this way which we grew to pioneer together and which I share fond memories as I’m sure you all do. It certainly was a joyous process for us to embark on, this whole making communication with the other side happen. It certainly is a great testament to our faith that we lean on the forces at play to facilitate these desires, but in the end it is observable that it is as a direct result of our will, intention, and our efforts towards that end that we indeed build these bridges and enjoy these portals of communication.

I understand that there exists paradigms of thinking, even to those who go as far as you my friends here on this call, there are still boundaries that define what seems right, what is normal, what is to be expected, what is abnormal and what probably could never exist. All these conditions and parameters that we draw around our life circumstances truly do confine and contain what we are able to encounter. I understand these forces at play. I myself recall well the divisions my mind would throw up when certain potentials would come to mind.
Immediately there is the reckoning of whether it should or could or how or when or why, and this is as your friend Charles expressed, an aspect of the mortal experience, this great desire of the mind to have things organized and figured out and justified and accounted for.

But you my friends, have enjoyed this venturing beyond those limitations and into the realm where spirit can bring you truth and can provide you a new reality, a different way, a higher level of proceeding so that all that the mind thinks that it knows and has command over is enhanced in one simple encounter with spirit. One successful foray onto the other side, fears become dispelled and truths become enriched all as a result of the opening of the box far enough to accommodate the possibility that it could be and that it could happen.

This is the true road to success my friend, is to keep expanding the possibilities, to keep pressing the mind to release its desire to confine and embrace the path of discovery and finding out what is out there rather than defining and categorizing and interpreting. Indeed, unless you engage in this open mindedness, what new can be added into the paradigm. There must be an opening provided, a portal, a way to import what is beyond the human and the circumstances immediately before you. You all know this way and you have ventured there regularly and you all have gained immensely in your lives as I did.

So you have all found the pathway, the bridge across, the portal through and the very existence of this and your awareness of it provide you with such a broader perspective of all that you see transpiring before you. So I encourage you to engage in the free flow, back and forth across this bridge, through this portal, back and forth to make your interpretations more accurate, to make your understanding deeper, to make your awareness so expanded. It’s fine to toil away with tasks immediately before you but then to provide adequate perspective, it is so greatly needed to allow yourselves access to your other dimension for greater interpretation.


Jonathan: What a joy, what a pleasure, what an extreme gift of grace I honor this opportunity to be. I understand this may push and be one of those issues that is expanding of the box. But that is not a bad thing and, you are all up to the challenge. So, I am permitted, we are permitted to explore this dimension together and to see how we may derive value and meaning from this experience as we do all the others. I join with you in this effort of exploration and I will share with you the truth of the statement you all know: To those who believe, all things are possible. I am here as a testament to the truth of that statement as are you. Once again, we are joined together in a singular pursuit. My pleasure my friends, I bid you all a joyous journey. You know it is to be a safe journey because you are assured of reaching your destination, but I encourage it be a joyful journey as well. Thank you for receiving me, I love you all, farewell.

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