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NID736- Task of Spiritualization

2012-07-29-Task of Spiritualization

No Idaho #736


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Task of Spiritualization
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Responsibility
 3.1.2 Spirituality
 3.1.3 Fear
 3.1.4 Joy
 3.1.5 Magisterial Mission, Light and Life
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: The Task of Spiritualization
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, LIGHT, Monjoronson
TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris



Charles: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Charles. It is good to be here in this circle of love and this circle of friendship this morning to hear of your monologues and discussions. As always there is usually something to work on in your discussions, as it is on the planet there is a tremendous amount to work on in the social context. As individual sons and daughters of God, you do carry the responsibility to bring yourselves to honor spirit and to honor spirit as it is in your life, and to honor spirit as it is in all life no matter how that life chooses to represent itself.

Therein lies the spiritualizing task, the task to make sure you, yourself, are in a compassionate and loving state of existence to further promote these actions and feelings to others in your world, to those who are suffering from the injustices heaped upon them as individuals and groups in society. The human act of bringing these spiritual practices into reality is what is going to change the world because there is no spiritual presence that will come to your world and change it for you. This will not happen, this is a task meant for humans, albeit you are inspired by spirit and supported at your task at hand for in the long run, it would solve no problems to have spirit come and automatically change the way things are operating on the planet. And, yet as we speak now, there are tremendous spiritualizing forces within many on this planet which are working towards the negotiating for peace.

We hold your tasks in high esteem and we are hampered in our effort in that we cannot come down personally and, in your place, make things happen. So, all of these lessons, all of the practices, myriads of lessons we have given you come down to the line. Are you practicing these lessons in your daily lives? Are you actually able to bring in more love and compassion and consciousness in your own personal lives and the lives of those whom you touch? The whole is always larger than the part. In this sense the greater the part – eventually the transformation of the whole.


Charles: There are so many spiritual influences affecting individuals on your planet, that you will begin noticing spiritual tendencies working in areas that previously registered no spirituality at all. You will begin to see things happening in the most unlikely of places for it is truly the intention of spirit to reign supreme upon this world and all of our ideals and practices will one day become second nature to the inhabitants of this planet. You are living in the dawn age of Light and Life. You are facing the last great struggle to secure peace with love and compassion. Peace cannot be secured with war. Peace cannot be secured through conflict. And, because in these times many on your world are having to sacrifice a whole new era of sacrifice is being put into motion.

You have to empty your hand of what you are doing and holding onto to grasp something greater for yourself and mankind. This is the task which sacrifice will render a heartless society into one with more heart, more courage, and a greater fearless quality. It is amazing how the animal fear which was hard wired into your animal genetics has become alive and well in your greater and intellectual societies. It is as if you can gather all this fear, put it in a bottle and cork it. It controls so much of the negative human behavior on the planet and it has little spiritualizing qualities. The dispelling of fear is a conscious act. You begin to notice that as you grow in love and compassion the necessity for fear begins to recede in your life. You don’t use fear as a motivator as much.

It has been an honor to address you this morning. Continue to re-read the lessons and to redefine the spiritual practices in a personal manner. Learn how to make them your own. Learn how to stand on your own two feet and begin to practice in your life how you would see the whole world living in peaceful harmony. Again, thank you for allowing this forum. I will step aside and make this forum available for others. Thank you.

Light [Cathy]: I am so pleased with the conversation of love and joy. It is really the essence of our path to the future. As the forces on your world shift it will become evident that peace and joy are the path ahead, peace as the result of love and brotherhood, joy as the byproduct of love and sharing in spiritual living. Always are there choices to be made in the activities of daily living. Always are you able to choose the loving path. This way enhances every aspect of joy. Truth, beauty and goodness will come to the forefront, become the norm, expand into the total of reality. Along with the harmony of truth, beauty and goodness comes overflowing joy. Joy! Joy everywhere will be perceived, everywhere it will be shared. This is the real light and life we seek. This is the world we will create with our intentions and actions. We will become joy in all its aspects. I am blessed to be here to share this journey with you. My love for you overflows. I am always with you.

Magisterial Mission, Light and Life

Monjoronson [Henry]: Greetings to you all, this is Monjoronson. It is good to be summoned here this morning and to share a few thoughts with this group. Recently there has been activity in my name on the planet. A lot of people are under the notion I am to materialize in their life times. Many people are also under the notion I am to come here and somehow create a shift in ideology and in motivation. It is true, in a spiritual sense, that my mission does comprise of mercy and compassion. My mercy and compassion extends to you even now. As a son of Paradise all I have to do is to hold this concept for your world for this to become effective. At some point when I do materialize, my more immediate presence will become a mere motivation for many to begin to act.

But, first there are some things on the planet which need to shift. The original message and teaching of my brother Michael is, as of yet, to become a reality on your word, and yet this simple and basic teaching is foundational to any advancement in society. It would be honest to say that you cannot have a spiritual society without it, without this basic foundation of respect and love of each other – the God within and the Father of us all. True, your society has shot off on a tangent in many areas and has created a greater conflict because there is a negligently low spiritual foundation on this planet even as we speak.

There are the beginnings of these spiritual foundations which are found within the heart and minds of a few of you. So have this grow into a bio-dynamic function on your world in which all life will respond to the greater good of man. You must understand that not only are all of the animal responses hardwired into your genetics, but all of the spiritual practices are also hardwired into your minds by the action of the spiritual presence which exists there. It is therefore necessary to unlock and begin to tap into these greater spiritual resources; they too will become as second nature as your animal genetics are to you today.

I do intend to come to your world at some point and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the spiritual universe within my capacity and my nature as a Paradise Son. Until that time I ask all of you to hold Light and Life within the greatest capacities of all of your actions and all of your thoughts. I look forward to being a motivational aspect of Light and Life upon this great world on which you live. May the peace and love of Michael truly become known and felt – lived and acted upon.


We hold all of you in peace. Thank you for allowing me these few words this morning.

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