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NID787- Societal Change

2013-06-30  Societal Change
No Idaho #787


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Societal Change
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Serena
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Moment
 3.1.2 Society, Tradition
 3.1.3 Change, Learning
 3.1.4 Opportunity, Life
 3.1.5 War, Peace
o 3.2 Closing
 3.2.1 Receptivity, Magisterial Mission

Topic: Societal Change
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Serena
TR: Henry Z., Cathy Morris


GORMAN:  [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I, Gorman, here in your midst in this circle of friendship, this circle of love here today to continue the ongoing discussion of being in the moment. As your discussions exemplify today, the peculiar nature of men who want to relive moments, that the moment they are in is not dynamic enough; it doesn’t hold the meaning that a previous moment in a previous time held for the people in that moment in that time. This is a very sad state of affairs my friends, the inability to grasp the moment that is here for you now.
The series of ongoing moments that is called life is designed to bring you into an awareness of consciousness in which you relish change, you relish the thought that to get to where you are wanting to go, something needs to be sacrificed or let go of, something needs to shift, something needs to change. Holding onto a moment does not allow you to grasp the moment you are in because your mind and your hands are full, holding on to something and not allowing what is to actually impress its awareness upon you. This is all part of maturing as a society.

Society, Tradition

Society is built upon its traditions and you ask the question, when do the traditions become detrimental to the society? Well, traditions become detrimental when society has a need to change and become something different, to allow itself to express a time in which we perceive in the mind what is not here yet in reality. And what is this time we perceive? What is this reality that society is trying to bring in? Society is a tremendously complex organization. There are all kinds of things going on simultaneously. There are people suffering, there are people who have become victims of other peoples aggression, there are people that are trying to teach love and live in peace, there are people trying to take advantage of one another because it’s a free for all.

You put all this into one place and you call it life, you call it modern society but yet, part of the population is living in the past, part of the population is looking forward to the future and part of the population are just trying to make ends meet in the present. It is interesting when you observe all of these things going on because you are only responsible for one part of this. You are responsible for your part. Where are you in society, where do you want society to move towards? Of course, this is where you place your emphasis, this is where you gather your resource.

Change, Learning

In time, all will have to accept change. It may not be the type of change that you desire, nonetheless it will be a change. In this moment it is like a lesson. A lesson is something that teaches you something about itself and life is the lesson that is teaching you about life because life is designed to produce a pattern of harmony, a pattern of peace if you will, and an outworking of beauty. This is hard wired into life. So as a human consciousness, a human animal living on the planet with other groups of humans, life is going to attempt to harmonize the outworking of these humans. It is a natural thing because life is dominant in the sense that it can show you things that your mind cannot show you. Life will give you lessons and it is these lessons in life that show you things that you were not aware of and you all know of what I speak because if you were aware of it you would not have had to go through the lesson you see.

The interesting thing about lessons is that in a moment of awareness, a lesson will crystalize into an awareness and for all practical purposes, this awareness becomes a truth, a personal truth, you have learned something. So this life lesson transmutes, at best it transmutes. The human sometimes may have to repeat the lesson because the human missed the moment of truth, missed the moment of awareness, was too busy indulging in something else and was not aware of what was happening. Some humans may have to repeat the same lessons indefinitely. This is unfortunate, but what you have to understand is, life and spirit are designed as one thing. Everything works towards the same thing. Spirit and your mind is working towards Light and Life just as life is working towards becoming one with spirit. That’s what Light and Life is, life and spirit become closer together, they are starting to become synonymous, they are becoming one.

Opportunity, Life

Human nature will have to completely express itself in all of the nuances in which it does express itself till it comes to the point where it becomes aware that it really needs to change and it finally agrees to allow itself to change. You know, life is very subtle. For example, take some fruit and vegetables and place them in your refrigerator or on a counter or wherever you put them and after a number of days they start to deteriorate. They start to lose their potency and eventually they come to a point where you cannot eat them or use them anymore. All of life has a shelf life. It is like, in a spiritual sense, opportunity has a shelf life. If you don’t take advantage of them when they appear, well you may have missed the opportunity. Oh, there may be others but refusing to act upon opportunity at a certain point in your life when they become available, you notice that opportunities diminish and decrease, especially when you do not take advantage of these opportunities.

All of life has this delicacy, this delicate subtle nature. Your own bodies without life, simply begin to deteriorate in a few days, it’s dead, good for nothing once the spirit, the life has gone out of the body. The ability of man to be conscious, to be conscious of life and what life is offering is the ability of man to be able to change life and to live in accordance with a greater principle in life. All of life’s lessons are designed to teach you what you need to know. All of this takes place in consciousness, in the awareness part of the mind, not the indulgent part. The indulgence part is tied too close to the ego part of the mind, the ‘me’ mind. That is not what we are talking about, we are talking about the awareness of the greater aspect of the mind that sees the ‘me’ as the small part of the whole, not the larger part of the whole.

War, Peace

It has been said over and over, you live in interesting times. You live in times where technology and the productivity of human consciousness has exceeded the ability of the human nature part of man to come into a greater social context in which what you have created and who you are is working for the benefit of everyone. Right now, only some benefit, many struggle and some are flatly denied. Living on a world that has prided itself on conquests of war is not a tremendous time to be proud of. It may be a fact but is not necessarily a truth. The truth is that is may have served you in the past but it will not serve you tomorrow because you may be the one who loses the battle. Peace is not a battle, but getting to peace is a worthwhile struggle and sometimes it becomes a mental battle which is played out in treacherous and devastating ways in the name of peace but yet, peace is not brought into existence, and if it is, it is just isolated to a few countries, a few cities, a few towns, a few clans, a few families.

So life continues with its lessons. As long as man lives on this planet there will be life’s lessons. At some point you will have to trust and I guess you will have to trust the spirit because you do not truly know, you have no reference for greatness of spirit, the greatness of spirit in peace and harmony. It is just an ideal, it is an unknown, it is just words in your mind. It has not yet become a social experience for your world. Peace is negotiated, it is the ability to come to the table and have discussions and make decisions. You cannot have peace if you are gnashing your teeth and foaming at the mouth.

You are moving into times where the opportunity for peace exist. Will you support the leadership that is capable of bringing you into peace because you may be doing things in your life which bring peace to you and your families but it may not be supported by the majority? So there are times in which you live and there is a time to create how you want to live and still, it will not take a tremendous adjustment to bring these times into a greater resemblance of peace. All countries want life, all people want life, everyone wants the benefit of life and will be willing to do what it takes to have what others have and the only way that all can have what others have is peace is brought into existence. There are greater commodities on the planet other than weapons and machines of destruction. My friends, grow great in your awareness and in your consciousness. Help bring in a time in which all will be honored and respected and there will become a time when society will have learned from life and the lessons will not be so hard, the lessons may even be joyful. On this note I bid you peace. Farewell my friends, it good to have the opportunity to share a few words with you, thank you.

Receptivity, Magisterial Mission

SERENA:  [Cathy] I wish to comment on the discussion of tradition and change. Of course, we are in the business of bringing change with the Magisterial Mission. Part of the progress we have made is in the subtle shift of perspective on the planet. In the past, groups held to their view of progress and tradition. The people were not really open to change on large parts of the planet. We have seen an opening of expectation. We have seen an increase of communication and sharing of culture between populations. It is a most positive movement to loosen the grip of tradition and creation of space for other options. We are waiting for readiness, we are waiting for new ideas to emerge as possibilities, we are waiting for an increase of love and the sense of brotherhood. This is how our project will begin to move forward. From our perspective, there is a beginning of receptivity. We will build upon any activity that will move towards the Father’s will. It is difficult to begin until enough of the population recognizes that life as it is, can be modified. Until that point, we encourage growth of individuals in the spiritual realm and we wait for individuals to connect into groups to support new action. Continue to grow in connection to the Father and right action will follow, love will follow. We will come together with one purpose, one mind attuned to the Father’s will and universe pattern. We are with you throughout this process.

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