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NID788- Belief-Relativity

No Idaho #788


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Belief, Relationship, and Relativity
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Belief
 3.1.2 Relationship
 3.1.3 Relativity
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Belief, Relationship, and Relativity
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


GORMAN:   [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman, this morning here in this circle of love and friendship, this circle of sharing, this spirit energized circle. It is wonderful to watch discernment at work on your level. Usually we see a lot of agenda, not quite the same thing as discernment. It is interesting to note that in the mind beginning to understand belief, that the mind wants to associate so many things with that belief, possibilities. What you can’t assign to those beliefs are assumptions and expectations. Both assumptions and expectations can have a detrimental effect in that if you don’t get what you expect because you assume the wrong thing, it may force you to change and become disparaged with your belief system. Your belief system may need some adjustment or maybe you just need to shift your focus from expectation to possibility and not an assumption but an actual discerning factual quality of truth. Every mind must learn to navigate through the myriads of mental construct boulders in the stream and sometimes [with] the rapid advancement of the current there [is the] possibility of being thrown up against one of these boulders.

So in your beliefs, in human mind beliefs, these have to be augmented with something greater, it has to be augmented with faith and in beginning beliefs, faith strengthens and balances with belief, it gives energy to their possibility and probability. There is an increased level of discernment with the use of faith because the other side of the coin is trust. The combination of faith and trust insures a quality in your discernment of the experience and in a certain sense, people want to have a belief system like another pigeon hole [so] that they can categorize stuff and throw it in and not experience the living quality of truth as in the living of your life and how you believe this should be. So there is a spiritualizing effect of faith and trust in that it does bring one to the awareness of these qualities. All effort to remain in a balanced state of mind translates into a balanced nervous system and therefore a more balanced system within your body, sort of a synergistic quality.

So the level of belief with its expectations and assumptions possibly becomes in a sense morphed, it transforms into something with greater certainty and keener awareness. So it is applying these spiritual tools, faith and trust, and actually experiencing them outworking on a long term basis in your daily lives, that they begin to reveal within your life as an acknowledgement of their presence and it is this acknowledgement of their presence which strengthens your certainty in their reality and this all has to do with your life. This is the graft, grafting the spiritual to the human root stock, the grafting gel is faith and trust, then the spiritual head can take root in the human stock.
Thank you my friends for allowing me these few words today. Go in peace.


CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles here once again to pick up the opportunity and offer a few threads to be followed where they may lead. We have spoken before about the topic of relationship and truly, this topic, phenomenon of relationship, is at the very heart of your discussion this morning. Relationship is a matter of how close you are or how far away from something else, anything else, anyone else. As you go through life you actually define yourself in a context of who you are and are not based upon all those around you, all that exists around you, your environment and all the individuals in it and you pick and choose which ones of these you would move closer to and agree with and attach yourself to as part of your construct of reality and likewise you use all the other mileposts around you to distance yourself from or reject or use as a contrast. In this way your uniqueness, your individualism is determined.

Imagine if there was no one and nothing around you to have a relationship with. You would not be able to form an identity because you would not have anything to be in favor of or opposed to. You would not have anything to be attracted to or repelled from. You would not have the opportunity to position yourself relative to all that is around you. So I invite you to see all these different and other personalities, circumstances, events and frameworks around you as an opportunity to define not who they are, but who you are. It is okay to make an assessment, even a judgement call as to whether these other things around you are this or that, better or worse, positive or negative, good or not so good.

But, having discerned for yourselves the relative truth of these things, it is not required of any individual to make a judgement for those others around you, to cast dispersions as to their intentions or fate or place in the universe, rather, the wiser thing to do is to thank each and every one of these individuals, each and every one of these circumstances as an opportunity to define for yourself, who you are in relationship to them, and if you discern they are not suitable to be part of your construct then so be it. This is your choice, this is your opportunity but it is not necessary to go the step further and condemn or partially judge any other individual for it is impossible for you to know where they come from and what their true motivations are or their true experiences have led them.

You are solely in charge of your own circumstances and destiny and that is enough for any individual to take responsibility for. This speaks to the Master’s statement of: Forbid them not to teach my gospel, even if they are in error. So the important thing is not that they may be perceived as in error but where do you stand as an individual in relationship to what you have perceived about them. What will it elicit in you as an individual and how will you react and what will your position be? Because, if your position is strong and certain, then no one else’s position should alter yours. Rather, it may be used as a reference, it may be used to provide contrast but it need not unduly impact your position, rather, your position now may be used in contrast to theirs. Your position may be used by others to offer the relationship of where you stand and how you are perceived to help define others as they are seeking to do the very same thing you are, determine who they are, what defines them and this only may be done in the presence of other things of contrasting points so that you may be defined.

On your own sphere of dwelling, there are grid points established throughout of longitude and latitude and in reference to these, your position may be determined anywhere on the globe. Think about how difficult it would be to determine your position were there not these grids to use as a reference and therefore your position to be accurately determined. So it is with all that transpires around you. These are points on the grid around you by which your location may be noted in reference to. Since all things that exist around you are part of this enormous framework, your position, just like your location on the earth, is a unique one, is an individual one, is solely yours and yours alone to maintain, but, in the larger sense it is contained within the grid-work that encompasses all. That is how your location in the ascension process is determined in relationship to all that is, the gigantic framework that has been established.

And so it is that you require all these other individuals, all these other viewpoints, all these different circumstances around you else you would not have a place that you could say was different and yours alone because it’s not these other individuals, it’s not these other places, it’s not these other circumstances, it is in reference to these and there you chart your own position. There you are standing alone inhabiting your location in the enormous grid. So fear not that there will be others who occupy all the other locations and who espouse this or that, who believe this or that, who act in this way or that way because all these are simply part of the total and your position is to determine your relationship to these things.

You also have the added benefit if you will, of spirit contact. This adds even greater points on your grid of reference. This provides you with an expanded scope from which you can draw your conclusions about who you are and stake your claim and this is the process that is underway. Individuals are discovering a greater and greater awareness of the whole of which they are a part and are constantly redefining themselves in relationship to this increased awareness, this perception of a larger framework to which they belong.

So no matter who you think you are, no matter how you see yourself, you will undergo many changes as your awareness increases and you redefine your relationship to all these points that are around you and I invite you just to see all these things around you as navigational points. They are not about you, they do not try to define you, they are simply trying to define themselves. It is you who defines your relationship to them, your proximity to each one of these things and therefore the point you maintain in the overall paradigm.

I am very honored and pleased to have been brought closer to you by your act of will to be associated with me, to have a relationship with me and as such we have become closer to each other in this process and I have been changed as a result as have you. Our position has been shifted slightly as a result of our relationship with each other. We have both grown and expanded in our awareness as a result of this relationship and this is true with all relationships. They become colored and flavored because of the exchange, the intercourse between them and I am grateful for this opportunity because relationships are so foundational and fundamental to the building and increasing of awareness.

It is true that no man is an island to themselves. Even an island forsaken by all is in fact charted on the great grid, it is known, it does have a position. There is no such thing truly as an uncharted destination. Everything has reference to everything else because there is nothing that exists that is not part of God’s plan. I am grateful to be associated with you and enjoy this relationship. Thank you for another enjoyable sharing. I now step aside to allow this forum for others.


LIGHT:  [Mark] Good morning, I am Light and I would like to talk about spectrums in continuation of this theme of relativity. Hot or cold may not be defined without each other. It takes the spectrum throughout to determine whether something is to be judged hot or cold. Likewise sound requires an entire spectrum from low to high before it may be determined where in this spectrum a sound resides. Color may be seen as the same way, a spectrum of color and you must pick and decide where in this spectrum this color resides in relationship to the spectrum. Light as well is another spectrum, from darkness to brilliance and everything in between, to what degree of light is there and the individuals must make the call in reference to the scale or the spectrum.

Faith is another spectrum, from no faith at all to absolute and complete faith conviction and one must make the assessment as to where they are within this spectrum. Just about every phenomenon you can encounter has a range of existence, good to bad, up to down, positive and negative. All these are ranges of perception that you develop and you develop these because there is some context of understanding, there is some awareness of darkness and there is an awareness of light and then it is to be judged by the individual where in this spectrum you are at any one point of perception. The fact that there are spectrums which are easily observed is indicative of the enormous plan which has been created and implemented for all evolving mortals. The spectrums exist and it is up to the individuals to determine the relativity of their perception at any one time within the spectrum.

I just offer these words today to follow up on how relationships and relativity have so very much to do with where individuals are at any given time, whether they see themselves as mostly in the light or mostly in the dark, mostly good or mostly bad. These are discernments that individuals make based upon their experience both with the totality of the spectrum and with their relative position they perceive themselves to be in relationship to it. It is a sliding scale and these spectrums increase and change as your awareness does. Now you are limited to your five senses but soon you will not be limited strictly to these senses and your scale of awareness will dramatically increase and what you thought was so clearly defined in one life will be so greatly enhanced that you will find a whole new spectrum replacing your old one.

This happens as your capacity increases and your awareness unfolds and what you thought were so clearly defined and immutable facts, find a new place in the new spectrum of awareness. Your position then may be altered as a result, your definition of truth for example, may be shifted when more information is provided and the spectrum is increased. You may see what you feel now as an absolute truth and conviction may become a partial awareness and a relative understanding.

So while you seek to define yourselves and would like to believe that you may be contained within these definitions, your future holds for you many shifts in your perception which will invariably change the definition you now hold. I invite you to be ever flexible in building these walls of definition around yourselves because you do not have all the information. You are not aware of the greater and greater spectrums before you. Even now you sense these limitations when animals may hear sounds you do not and light may be perceived in different manners by different beings and certainly awareness is strictly limited to what you have come in contact with in your short existence on this sphere. All these things are limiting factors at this time and you go about defining yourselves in terms of these limitations and where your position is in relationship to them. But they are ever expanding just as the spectrum of light found and faith are ever expanding.


LIGHT:  Thank you for the chance to offer another slant on relationship and perspective as these things are constantly undergoing change. I bid you all have a good day, farewell.

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