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NID789- Transitioning

No Idaho #789


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Transitioning
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, Serena, Jonathan, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Transitioning
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Teacher Gorman, Serena, Jonathan, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris


CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning friends, I am happy to respond to your invitation to join you once again. I am Charles and I’d like to borrow heavily from your conversation and expressions this morning and build a slightly different mosaic from some of the pieces that you have provided. First, I am most attracted to the phrase offered that you as an individual, each one, can begin to see yourselves as transitional beings. No statement can be said to be more true. Of course you are transitional beings. Your eternal journey before you is one of continual and ever present transition and by beginning to see yourselves in this light or from this angle, you may flavor your experience with a different sense of expectation, a different tone to your experience by virtue of the fact that you embrace this aspect of your experience, this opportunity to transition from a lesser experience to a greater experience, from one who has a lesser base to draw from to one who has a greater base to draw from. Each and every experience you have contributes to this base and this sense of continual transition will bode well for you as a flexible reed bends in the wind and is not destroyed.

Now I would like to add another phrase used here this morning and bring it into this new perspective on your journey as a flexible being and that is to add the component of: Where is God in all of this each time? Not only could one envision being flexible and ready to regenerate into a new version of self, but at each and every step, one could also ask themselves: Where is God in all of this experience? What attributes here do I see of our Divine Parents? What components of this situation here can I recognize, demonstrate the love of our Divine Parents unfolding and how so? If you add this questioning filter to your experience, then you can immediately begin to seek out the value contained which is inherent in these experiences and you will immediately begin to be granted the morontia perspective of looking deep within for the true value contained.

So, it is my great pleasure to weave together these two expressions used here this morning into a stance or a position that you might take, a perspective you might use day by day, hour by hour as things come before you, seeing yourself as a transitional being experiencing great opportunity and where is God in all of that? What a fun lens to view experience through. I invite you all to take it up as you so will. Now I would allow room in this forum for others. It is with gratitude that I withdraw, thank you.

GORMAN:  [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Gorman. It is good to be here in the midst of this circle of friendship, this human/spirit trusted connection. It is good to be here this morning and to respond to your query, your observations and in particular to one moment of thought where the question arose, “Well what do we do now?” This is a very good question because when you ask a question such as, what do I do now, it implies that you have already finished something and have not yet begun something else. So you are in a sense in a transition period.
And what would you do now? Well, you would take assessment of the situation. You would first see if you are actually in consciousness, bring your thoughts to bear upon your consciousness, your state in that moment. In that moment you would also, in your awareness, attempt to become aware of spirit. Where are you in relationship to spirit in that moment? Can you actually discern spirit with your senses?

When you assess that, you naturally come down to, Where is God in all of this? Then you become aware of the intimate symbiotic relationship that exists between you and God to assess this notion that the relationship is working. It’s like sharpening your tools before a job, cleaning your tools, assessing what you may need for the job for in every endeavor, especially endeavors which involves other beings. God is the most important tool to call upon in any moment, in any given situation for whatever reason.

So it is always good to assess where you are with God. Are you feeling comfortable with God? Is God working for you? Do you feel that you are getting what you need out of life because of your relationship with God? If you feel that you deserve more because of your relationship with God, then possibly it may be important for you to determine your assumptions and expectations about this because God is not a respecter of you as an individual person. God respects you as His child and in that relationship He will always take care of whatever it is that spirit can bring into reality for you in that moment.

Many times, because traditionally God is such a dramatic figure, people assume dramatic happenings surrounding the notion of God when in all actuality, those with the knowledge and where with all of accepting this personal deity, they know that the relationship keeps them symbiotically connected to God and are thankful for the daily gifts which their life brings them. God is a sustainable concept. There is enough for everyone but there may be problems in trying to fit everyone’s personal individualistic needs into this situation.

God does provide the raw materials. He assumes that you will process them yourselves. There is air, but it is up to the humans to breathe it in. There is water but it is assumed that the human will drink it. There is fire and it is assumed that you will use it to comfort yourself, whether is be a source of heat or whether it be something to prepare a meal. God prepares the raw materials. He will always fill your bucket. I too will step aside and allow others to access this platform. I thank you for allowing me these few words this morning, go in peace.

SERENA:  [Cathy] I wish to discuss the concept of relationship. In our mission, this is the key component needed to move forward. We are in constant action to bring opportunities for relationships to develop and act in contrast. As we move toward a new relationship for humanity on this planet, it will be necessary to refine ourselves and our framework of reference. As you are aware, the current framework in use on the planet is a residual effect of the original rebellion. It is not the pattern that was intended. As we move to a new relationship with the Father and other mortals of this realm there will be many adjustments of frame of reference, beliefs and possibilities. It will be most necessary to re-calibrate at each new point of reference. You will need to be most actively involved in the evaluation of truth and the creation of new possibilities. This group has been in the process for some time now. It will be needed for you to reach out to others that wish to embrace the possibilities you present. Together we will bring forth the will of the Father, the original plan and pattern for this world. We are eager to aid this process. We encourage your active participation with us.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hello friends, I as well accept the invitation you provide, I am Jonathan, humbled by your request to visit with me. I would like to move forward with the thought that what continues to happen here, that is in this group, is that one by one, chapters are being added to a great text. Keep in mind that from the beginning there is a continuum, and these pieces, these chapters that have been added week by week, all are part of a great manuscript that is being compiled, is being gathered together and stored in various locations, thankfully, and that the contribution that continues to be made is and remains a meaningful one.

I feel empowered to speak directly with you about this as I feel some ownership myself. I too have contributed chapters to this great testimonial of spiritual faith. I too have ventured out with you all, out on these limbs that we stand [on] in this life and look over and trust that we will be supported and I, like you, can witness personally and directly the power of this faith in action. So I am here to say, as part of the team that advances this particular project, that I applaud the effort and the internal compass heading to stay the course, to keep functioning in service and with the highest devotion and affection to those who make this all possible for us.

Service is never wrong, never falls short in the eyes of our Divine Parents. It is not possible to fail when one is trying. I remind you all that the temporal demonstrations of other individuals reactions to your contributions are far more about the defining of the other individual than about defining who you are and what you do. That is to say, their reactions to your work is a reflection of them, it is not a definition of you. In this way, they are your counterpart, your reference points. That is the usefulness of them in your experience, the positive aspect that they are to you. Make every attempt not to take anyone’s reaction personally and individually, as I say, it is more a reflection of who they are than any indictment of who you are.

I state my pledge to stay the course, to be with you as well, to advance this project to its ultimate conclusion for all of us involved. Perhaps there is no conclusion, perhaps it is merely more transformation from one form to another, from one realm to another. While the goal may remain constant, the goal of service and attempt to do the Father’s will, certainly the opportunities and circumstances around that will transform dramatically, nevertheless it is still possible for us to stay the course throughout all.

So be it, I invite you to all share with me this common desire to advance forward together in unanimous appreciation for this mission we are on. I pray you all enjoy the journey while encountering the occasional uncomfortable nature, still maintaining the attitude, the heading and the course which provides you so much stability. I am here to assist whenever possible and grateful to be included and be given the opportunity. I can say that I have a deep and abiding affection for each and every one of you that transcends time and space parameters and in gratitude I stand for these relationships with you all. I bid you all a good week and a safe journey. Until next time we meet, thank you and good day.

LIGHT:   [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Light, here to be a part of this joyous occasion, the occasion of connecting with life, spirit, connecting with the relationship with each other and I am here today to tell you that life is not always black and white with shades of grey. I am here to tell you that there is color in light. The variations in light are not grey. The relationship between black and white might be grey tones but my friends, light is full of color so that when you find yourselves in the grey area, you can always adjust the tones to allow for light to shed color in its appropriateness in relationship to whatever you need in that moment for color to be.

I can be green as in emeralds, as warm tropical water that hovers between the frequency of blue and green. I can be orange like a fire right in the middle of yellow and red and I can be violet, right in the middle of blue and indigo. I can be all of the aspects of color; color enhances. Just stand on the edge of a field full of brilliant poppies and suddenly you can feel enhanced by the color, or come out of the earthy desert into the beautiful vibrant rain forest and you can feel the exhilaration of the color as light streaks through the trees, in your own mind, colored by light, highlighting memories, emotions, relationships, which all bear reference to color.


LIGHT:    Light can be all of these things, so when you find yourself up against the grey-ness of life, turn on the light my friends. Enjoy all of the aspects of color which light brings. Thank you for allowing me to share these few thoughts. Have a pleasant week, go in peace.

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