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NID795- Spiritualty

No Idaho #795


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spirituality
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman
o 2.2 TR: Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Spirituality
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman
TR: Henry Z.


Prayer: Mother/Father God, we thank you for this connection, we thank you for your presence here this evening, your presence co-mingled with our circle of love and friendship on this call. We thank you for this opportunity.


GORMAN:   Greetings this evening, it is I, Gorman, delighted to be here in this circle, this circle of trust, this circle of faith, this circle which has been en-circuited with the presence of spirit. [I am] getting a growing sense of the relationship you have with the Urantia Papers, [with] spirit and with your individual personal lives, keeping abreast of the current situations in your lives as well as attempting to grow spiritually and to connect with the presence of spirit. When you are grounded in this presence of spirit you it grounds you with an overwhelming sensation of peace, of correctness, of love, of humbleness. It shifts the focus out of the frontal lobes of your brain, out of the right brain and into a more integrated and mutually balanced energy presence.

This connected-ness with spirit is made possible through not only the adjutant but the indwelt presence of the Adjuster and the relationship between spirit and humans. You are surrounded by the presence of seraphim and those orders of beings who may not directly have access to your mind. They are not as personal as the Adjuster which has access your mind and is personal. But all spirit acts as one so that however you view or imagine spirit, spirit can connect in that sense. However you can visualize it, it is not unlike a binary system which is a system which uses two symbols and sequencing of those symbols to indicate elements of the system. In that sense you either are opening up to spirit or you are not, it is either/or. So in this sense spirit is tremendously approachable and spirit is ever present.

There are many ways in which you can use spirit. You can ask questions of spirit, personal questions. You can allow spirit to help you with parts of your life, problems you may be dealing with, things that you have to negotiate and manage. In time it can help you with a greater understanding of things. Spirit is a tremendous resource for love. Spirit is tremendously conscious. When mankind and human consciousness focus, the presence of spirit is more discernible. To access spiritual qualities you are using qualified access. Discernment is a quality much as intuition and understanding and these aspects of spirit are qualities. Through the accessing of these qualities you can’t help but become more qualified in your own spirituality.

The most important aspect of spirituality is the quality of life that it lends to you. It puts you in a position to pay attention, to discern things with greater depth, to begin to discern the fruits of the spirit and all of those qualities such as patience. You can live a life led by your ego. The insatiable yearnings of the ego mind can pass for a quality of life for a while but it does not have the sustainability that a spiritual life renders to the human personality. Part of the yearning of the mind is to have a sustaining substantial relationship which yields all of the qualities in your life.

It is true, your lives could be more spontaneous, more intuitively led, more intuitively lived. Sometimes life forces you into spontaneity where the human aspect of the mind wants to order things in a certain way, that things never change; but the fact is that it is really important that your mind changes. It is not healthy to stay locked into one particular frame of thought, one particular way of acting because life demands that you respond to whatever it gives you and it doesn’t give everyone the same thing. You are all challenged in your lives.

Spirituality does not necessarily make your lives easier. What is does is it makes living your life easier because you are living your life with a greater understanding, a greater knowledge of who you are and who you are becoming. You don’t have to freak out at every little thing that comes up in your life. Spirituality allows you to take things in stride. It allows you to see greater ramifications of consequences of your decisions in action so that you learn best how to do things which serve you in the end and all the way through. You never get a sense that spirit is forcing you. Spirit may be trying to show you something and to that end you may have to repeat things several times until you see what it is that you are supposed to look at. Many times things can be happening and you’re not paying attention, you are focused on something else but these things happened.

I think in all of the aspects of spirit, probably the most important would be to ground with the presence of spirit. This way, no matter what you are doing you are generally more conscious of spiritual presence once you are spiritually grounded. It is a lot easier to maintain a spiritual poise to your life. It is a constant situation which must be accessed. It is not something you access once and it’s permanent. As you are well aware, spirit is very subtle. There are times where its presence and meaning can be quite strong but nonetheless it comes on subtly. It is like the wind, you are constantly adjusting your sails to accommodate the wind. The wind is not always in the same place, in the same direction at the same intensity, as is spirit. You are constantly adjusting to accommodate its presence.

It’s like the old rabbit ear antennas. Sometimes you have to play with them to pull in a channel, you have to adjust them, sometimes you have to move the location and readjust. So whatever it takes, your awareness and your sensibility is always being challenged. Probably one of the greatest detriments in a spiritual sense is doubt. Human minds are doubtful and it is challenging to grow beyond the sense of doubt and begin to have a certainty and begin to trust and have more faith. Doubt is one step removed from faith and one step removed from fear. Faith and trust go hand in hand.


GORMAN:  So in your meditations and in your thoughts, bring in the presence of spirit. Ground in its presence until you get a sense. Continue on your paths my friends and continue to know that you are loved and cared for, watched and being led by the great benevolent presence of spirit. My friends, go in peace and I thank you for the opportunity we have had, again to come together on this call and experience the human spiritual presence, thank you.

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