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NID796- Expecting the Unexpected

2013-08-25-Expecting the Unexpected
No Idaho #796


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Expecting the Unexpected
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Expecting the Unexpected
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Teacher Gorman, Charles, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z.


GORMAN:   [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my friends, it is I, Gorman, here in this connected circle, circle of light which always signifies this Sunday group. Very interesting discussion this morning, so I ask you what do you think if such scenarios were to impose themselves on the condition of life on this sphere? [How] would you be safe here and in making your decision, how you would be challenged to walk your talk, to actually demonstrate now with the tools you already have, what kind of spiritual life you would lead now that a new hand has been dealt to you and there is not one face card in it, maybe just one?

It certainly would challenge you, would it not? It would be challenging in many ways, personally as well as socially and it would bring out all of the incongruent elements of society, not unlike some of the books of a contemporary nature which deal with the ending result of good versus evil, the progressive and ready to move forward and those that are not trying to hold on to what was, in a vain effort. Still you would be connected with spirit; still within you would indwell the eternal beacon of light and love, of presence; still within the social graces would be Michael, the ministry of angels. Nothing would necessarily change in the sense of spirit stance towards your world.

Perchance we might become more useful, certainly you will become more useful. It is not necessarily important to fret over the time and place for such things. You live with variable-ness that anything can happen at any time. This is part of the signature of the planet you live on in the solar system, that the planet exists in. It is not perfect and you are not perfect. The whole situation was never perfect and will not be perfect for the time being. Part of the spiritual progress is the disruption, whether the disruption is passing through the portal of death or the disruption is [of] some temporary significance to the earth’s physical situation, an abrupt shift on the major species of life on a world such as yours.

So this is a given, this is something that you always live with, like the threat of nuclear war or something ridiculous as a miscommunication which could spark global eruption. This is nothing new, is what I am inferring. You always have to live with this and at times, certain peoples in your society and your world have had to live with tremendous things rocking and shaking their world and suddenly their jobs and their duties and their responsibilities shift. It is in these shifting times in which you are truly defined and honed, that your sharpness is revealed. Though tremendously disruptive and challenging, on one hand they are tremendously enticing and yearned for.

Those times have changed. You feel within your very soul a relationship with this because there is something which cries out to be defined within. You have the sense that you would know what to do in a situation. Your survival instinct is still alive deep within, buried within the bottom of your soul. The surrounding fabric of your soul is all about survival and it is this spirit contained within this fabric of your soul which dominates the element of survival which supplies the necessary information when the time presents itself as a question to receive the answer of this information. Other than this, nothing else changes. You have to eat everyday. Part of your time is always and ever will be dealing with maintaining your physical life, protecting your physical life, protecting the life of those that you love.

These are natural instincts, these are survival instincts. Sometimes the greatest spiritual awareness and accruement is revealed in times of trial and testing, as you say, it is the ‘big kahuna’ of events which results in the largest catch. So my friends, fear not. Fear not to tread where tigers lay. Animals will respond to love just as quickly as humans and just because an event circumvents elements of the social structure does not necessarily mean that mankind has to revert to his worst behavior. Those are the times which ring for centering and the neutral position, the edge of consciousness and awareness.

The gifts of intuition and understanding are of much more value during those times. You will have a gadget-less society, so it is interesting to consider when the possibility is so present and the awareness of its present-ness and its possibility are somewhat alerting your sensation of awareness. Spiritually speaking, it is a good thing. It’s like being a child; better to learn some of the hard lessons early in life that the extending life is free from those hard lessons. I have, for your benefit, observed on this information a bit much this morning. I thank you for allowing me to share these thoughts and to ground you back into the spiritual present. Go in peace, I leave you now my friends.

CHARLES:  [Mark] Greetings friends, I am Charles here to enter into the discussion with you today. After observing another rousing discussion amongst yourselves, I am struck with the observation that time and time again as I observe meetings such as this, there remains a rather constant thread, a theme throughout these discussions and that theme being, what is to happen next? This is a testament to the times in which we are experiencing these needs and the rather pregnant pause that is felt throughout by virtue of the fact that you are all attached to the great circuit, the web that touches you all. You all are feeling the pressure somewhere on the web which makes its way, all the way down to you.

It is indeed true that throughout history there are times of activity and relative times of calm. You all are sensing that we are approaching another time of great activity, you might say a series of hurdles for us, but as we have come to discuss throughout this process, these hurdles are no more than impending milestones that you will traverse, each one in turn, you will navigate over, around, through or otherwise avoid each one of these as they come in turn for you. While there is great emphasis given to preparation and what one might do to survive, I hope that each and every one of you are gathering to yourselves a whole new definition of survival, that it is eminent, that of course you will survive, that naturally you are going to survive.

This definition of survival may be broadened to the realization that no matter what happens, you are survivors. You are ones who are seeking to return to the Source from which you were issued. This journey is sacred. This journey is smiled upon by the Creators and is so favored that there is nothing that can bump you outside of this journey which has been designed for you. There may in fact be, rough spots in the road, missing spots in the road, uncertain curves and turns in the road and certainly challenging hills to rise and ascend. But all of these may be navigated with a new sense that you have achieved in this process, a new set of bearings which provide for you the way through, around or across. They provide for you the constant thread that you are traveling this road, you are destined to progress down this avenue and it is only time which will unfold and provide for you what is around the next corner and over the next hill.

There are so many many variables which are all programmed in if you will, to the options available in your life’s video game that you are playing, so many options which are possible that it will only be left to see which ones end up applying to you in your journey, which ones find their way into the journey that you select and embrace. Some changes that happen over time are of such a magnitude that they will certainly find their way into your life, but even having done so, there is the factor of your individual choice and attitude and awareness, all which bring so much to bear on the equation.

So even if some of these worst case scenarios which can be imagined by the human psyche are experienced, they will not be experienced by any two of you identically by virtue of the framework of your awareness, your willingness to embrace what comes your way, your resistance to what comes your way, your basic approach to whether changes before you are positioned as good or bad, all these factors are under your jurisdiction, your control. And so while others may take this opportunity to ‘freak out’ and abandon faith and reside in fear, worry and doubt, it is not required that you do so. It is an option for you to express a different set of ideals, values and awarenesses that change and modify for you what could have been a very similar experience.

While others fear for their existence and their survival, you shall not. You shall know beyond a certainty, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are saved, that your survival is insured, that come what may in the larger picture, you are secure, your destiny is determined by your compass setting, by the heading that you have achieved with your training. So I remind you all that while there are many many external factors at play and while some of them may present themselves as obstacles in your own individual lives, then comes the opportunity for you to rise above each one of these, for you to simply make them milestones.

I invite you all to look at your life’s challenges and opportunities in this way and to not be thrown into abandoning faith and retreating from the awareness that you have of your destiny. In this way your experience will be entirely different and conditioned by a set of divine perspectives. This is what you can do, each and every one as an individual. While you do not have control over the sun and the stars and the poles and the weather, you do have control over how you react to these things and whether you see them as obstacles or challenges.

Of course it is easy to talk the talk. In these times of comfort and security it is easy to toss back and forth such simple and plain statements about how one should act or how one could act when confronted with life’s challenges. The test of course only comes in the moment in which you are confronted and like most of life, the test is given first and then the lessons are derived. You who have followed spirit have been preparing for the test, have been training for such an opportunity and so you are more prepared when the test arrives than others who have not had such consideration. You should do better on the test than others as a result but you cannot fail as long as you keep trying. Even to those who are unprepared, if they are willing to stay the course, take the challenge and rise to it, then this is all that is required.

I thank you all for the opportunity to address you again today. It is always my distinct pleasure and privilege to do so. I bid you all have a good day and a good week and I look forward to our next meeting, thank you.

MICHAEL:  [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my friends, it is I, Michael here amongst you as part of your circle of light. Indeed it has been confirming to listen to you today and also to offer a few thoughts over the whole notion that you have discussed. To consider that there are very good reasons on your level of existence, not to know what the future holds and in saying this I’m talking about the element of surprise which the future always has in store. Of course this element of surprise works in many ways. Sometimes the surprise is benefiting and good and sometimes the surprise presents a challenge of a most notorious kind.

In a certain sense, you respond with a surprise, in either case. This element of surprise serves to loosen those elements within yourself that will become most useful in the immediateness of the present situation. This is part of your advancing awareness of living in imperfection on a grand scale so you already have some evidence of this with the Lucifer Rebellion, that even on a spiritual level, all things are not yet perfect at this level in which we exist and operate in this present universe time. Yes, we are but a cosmic example, cosmic experiment and we contain all of the elements which will eventually insure its perfectness just as you yourself contain all of the elements which will ensure your effectiveness, it always has.

Life is tenacious, it holds on to everything, it is touched in every way that which it touches. It is all symbiotic, one part of life feeding off of another. This is the way it is designed and it is not such a negative thing to, at times, be reduced to some the raw elements of the nature of life because in your spiritual journey you will have to have an experience of it all, just like as your Creator, I had to have an experience of it all to be able to become sovereign as far as the end voice over my creation. It is also true, the spiritual connection, the spiritual presence, the spiritual relationship which you enjoy now will not change except that you may come to rely on the nature of this relationship a little more seriously during testing times. Of course we do rejoice in that respect, we are thankful for your attention, your worthiness, as directed towards us.

Referring back to the element of surprise, when I incarnated on your world and was somewhat forced to leave it, the enactment of my leaving was a tremendous surprise to most of the universe, to the spiritual presences and personalities which reside in it, to the very nature of God itself. The element of surprise is part of the variable-ness of life itself. Just like the old scenario, just when everything is going fine, all of a sudden something happens to disrupt the expected flow. So continue to use your time responsibly. Using your time responsibly is the best way to prepare for any onslaught of change which may or may not occur. It is good to have a sense of preparedness at hand to ponder, especially in the times you live in now which are fraught with variable-ness and uncertainty just in their very existence. This is not some merciless universal act, the imperfection part, it is just the way things are and you happen to be living in the way things are, part. As I experienced on your world, this is the way things are here.

So use these thoughts to strengthen faith and trust rather than succumb to some fear based thought form. Always remember to approach potentially negative things with a positive outlook. Know who you are, become who you are. You are struggling humans with a growing spiritual presence. Always rely upon the spiritual presence to both guide you and to be there in those times which you may need such a presence and an anchoring, a neutral position or a neutral buoy in which to anchor your vessel. Know that as your Father, your brother, your God, know that I am not fraught with much flowery speech about these times which are upon you for I know all too well what these times do spiritually. They separate the chaff from the wheat. Seed which has fallen on fertile ground will sprout. The autumn of change becomes observable.

So as you go forward in your present lives with your present practices, stay grounded and focused in the presence of spirit, in the presence of light, the presence of love, forward with faith and trust, equipped with the spiritual tools which these times call for, much the tools which my apostles needed when my presence was removed from the planet and they were to go forth in spirit as my emissaries of light and truth to the world. Nothing has changed, the work of establishing the kingdom of heaven in the hearts of men is still valid work on a planet such as yours. Never lose sight of this even in your greatest moment of doubt.

Know that what I will, always prevails. Time is of no importance in completing such a project for inherent in its confusion is the pattern for its completion. It is like a puzzle which is unmade and you are just beginning to turn over all of the pieces. It still needs to be put together, and my friends, this is where you are at. Putting the pieces of the big puzzle together and each of your lives will become a piece of the supreme puzzle of time. You live in times which help to define your piece of the puzzle.


MICHAEL:  So I thank you for allowing me this moment of presence, of awareness with you this morning. I extend to you the warmth and friendship of love and presence which is all mine to offer, all of ours which we share. Go in peace, thank you.

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