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NID800- Portals of Light

2013-09-22-Portals of Light
No Idaho #800


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Portals of Light
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LIGHT, Teacher Gorman, Nebadonia, Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Portals of Light
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: LIGHT, Teacher Gorman, Nebadonia, Charles
TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris


LIGHT:  [Mark] Yes indeed, I am here with you. I feel like a student at the back of the classroom sometimes. I enjoy so much your witnessing and sharing back and forth. I would like to make a proposal that we move forward in the direction of maintaining our energy field and grid that we refer to as the portal. I invite you all now to join me in an exercise to charge this portal, to feed it with our very intention that it prosper and grow and be healthy, to subscribe to the purpose of this grid to the very core of our being, exercising the maximum amount of faith to receive it and see it as it is in your minds eye. I invite you to install each of you portal builders around the perimeter and see this column of light in the middle of all of you as being fed by the great flames of faith. This exists because you all make it so. This exists as a result of your faith and in response to your freewill choice. I invite you to all receive the strength, the steady foundation that you perceive in such a pillar of light, to actually feel the energy present in this field that you provide.

And now, after perceiving the glow of this great energy field, I invite you each one, even now with me, to proceed inside, to step in if you would, to the column, to the light, to feel the energy as it pulses through you and around you, to perceive the flow as a pervasive nature of this field. I invite each of us to drink deeply of this sense, of this feeling, to take in as nourishment this energy, to ask with your own Inner Being that such energy be used to infuse you, to enlighten you, to correct you, to expand you and to direct you as you are willing to follow.

You see, the purpose of such portals as this are not only so that they may be used by those on high but they may be directed out in service towards others but as well that they may be used by those who are associated with them, who are creators and maintainers of such a place, such a conduit for this energy. I invite you all to take freely from this fountain. You will never be able to deplete the supply, it is there not only for the benefit of the greater good, it is there for the benefit of all, it is there for the fragment as it is there for the whole. So please, indulge and in so doing, demonstrate your faith that such is intended for you as well.

That which the Father intends and the Son desires, is, and that can be said for the sons and the daughters of the sons. If they are all in alignment it simply is, simply exists. It is with such great pleasure that I see myself in position with you in such an exercise. I feel as though we are truly working together on such projects and as such we truly are comrades. I adore being a comrade of yours and look forward to all the opportunities that might be available. I invite you to take a snapshot of this experience and put it in your consciousness and refer to it, feel it once again, rekindle the awareness once again and again and in this way we all serve to uphold this ideal that we subscribe to. Thank you all dearly and now I gladly make room for others for this cherished platform, thank you.

GORMAN:  [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, let us look at life this morning, life on your planet, the design of life, how water evaporates from your oceans. It collects in your atmosphere as clouds and is charged at a certain point and falls back to the ground providing water for the animals, the plants, providing a brief source to sustain all life on the world. Look at the plant life on your world. Many of the plants provide sustenance, food, medicine, building materials, products which have evolved into everyday commodities.

What you have been given on this world is a complete cycle of life, a cycle of life which was designed with an intent and a purpose to sustain and maintain life as it evolved on this world, like the evolution of consciousness within the animal kingdom evolved into a race of cognizant beings as yourselves, able to be equipped with Divine Monitors. This was also part of the plan, the intention. The slow evolutionary growth, its movement and its transformation is an aspect of life that grows into moments that exist as you are experiencing now, moments in which a great panorama unfolds upon the stage of human life. All aspects of human life are being experienced to its fullest, whether good or bad, correct or incorrect; they complete a whole cycle, the good part learning from the bad part, the bad part learning from the good part.

There is a synchronous nature to life, how one aspect of life affects other aspects of life. And all of this life is created through the genius of God, made manifest so that worlds such as your own could exist, worlds upon which the potential of greatness could be achieved, could actually attempt to mimic some divine aspect of itself. This greatness is where you are today, you who are on the edge, the cutting edge of the human spirit adventure. A once in a lifetime adventure of epic proportion is taking place right now as a majority of the world begins to yearn for greater social equality, greater economic viability, greater commercial interests.

The inner life of individuals is constantly being challenged to come to accept and be responsible. It is interesting that humans have brought the world to the brink of destruction to achieve a greater awareness in learning how to correctly make decisions and how to move forward in a social sense to allow for a greater expression of the total population of the planet. You are certainly on the brink, on the eve of a great transformation, the transformation that takes place when a part of society realizes the value of the wholeness of itself, the importance of every individual and what is great about this impending awareness is that it is the base note for a great spiritual awakening, a great spiritual harmonic which begs to be heard on your world. And to this awareness I take my leave. I thank you for your discussion, go in peace. This is Gorman.

NEBADONIA:  [Cathy] My children it is I your Mother, to enter this exercise of light and enfold you in my love. Together we are able to hold the light and expand its capacity. Together we are able to bring even each cell to the light that can transform and enhance you. The goal is to maximize your capacities and bring more light for you to play with. I revel in the exercise of using the light as you find new applications in your own experimentation. Today we spoke of genius, it is also a factor of genius to step out of the known path and dare to re-frame our expectations into a new concept. Each of you has the capacity and capability to refine and amplify the use of light. It is this light that will eliminate the shadows of darkness on your world. Step out in joy, step out in anticipation, step out with intention and use this tool that has been provided by your participation in portal building. All are welcome to reach out and bring in this powerful tool. Your Father and I encourage you to take a step. We will enable you in all possible ways. Together we will bring the light to shine out throughout our universe as an example of God’s power of light and love.

CHARLES:  [Mark] Hello friends, Charles here to offer some more threads for the fabric that we weave together here. You have a phrase on this world that goes something like: If you like where you are you have to love where you have been. Such a phrase is profound in its awareness that every stair in the staircase you have traversed has been important, has been there in a needed place for you to use, has been part of your ascension, that each step has been a component of what has gotten you to this place and therefore to one who is aware, there is no disdain or regrets over any step that had to be taken for you to be where you are to look back down over the staircase. In this way, God truly does wring out the good out of every experience in that it is made into a step on your staircase. It is made there for you to use to pass by, to use as a foundation that will support you as you make your way up.


CHARLES:  I thought I would introduce this analogy so that you can begin to see the silver linings in every episode are turned into stairs, steps for you to be utilized to raise you up and move you forward in your ascension career and in this way, all steps are good, all steps were needed. That is all that I have this morning. I appreciate the opportunity to offer the imagery and enjoy dropping by from time to time. Thank you all, have a good day.

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