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NID801- Body Ideology Transmitting

2013-09-29-Body Ideology Transmitting
No Idaho #801


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Body, Ideology, and Transmitting
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Unknown, Teacher Gorman, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z., Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Body
 3.1.2 Ideology
 3.1.3 Transmitting
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Body, Ideology, and Transmitting
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Unknown, Teacher Gorman, LIGHT
TR: Cathy Morris, Henry Z., Mark Rogers


Unknown: [Cathy] I am pleased to add to this discussion of the relation of body to spirit. The vehicle you have been provided is indeed complex and capable of many chemical reactions and variations in bio-chemical reactions and cellular activities. In your attempt to enhance function at cellular levels by providing the components needed for physical activity, the combination of all elements in the diet is likely to provide a good result. Your physical bodies have developed to function on many levels and using many fuels in combination. Your scientists have experimented with mixed results in the area of food development. The original design for food on the planet has changed as can be expected on an experimental world.

Your task is to maintain your vehicle in a way that you can perform spiritual activities. Any component that separates you from the action of spirit is to be evaluated and considered as in need of elimination. You are the one with the awareness to accomplish this assessment. In the earlier discussion of physiology in the body, the mention was made of body cells creating compounds that can be detrimental to the whole organism. It would be to your benefit to eliminate all negative actions within your body. Spirit can function at all physical levels but it functions best in a clean, clear body.

[The tone of this was from a scientist preceded by a chinese symbol.]


GORMAN:   [Henry] Greetings this morning, it is I, Gorman here to honor this platform you have presented. Thank you for the discussion this morning. There is a tremendous amount of material, which to digest, would maybe bring us a little closer to understanding. It is always good to have a base reference for the will of God. What I mean by this is that when you come to an ideological dilemma, a conflict in ideation, it is often best to refer to the will of God for this is the nudge in the appropriate direction, this is what will sway the decision.

There is not always a black and white resolution in issues in this time and space universe and even on your world. What may be in vogue and proper, legislation in one generation may be heinous to another generation and incorrect politically, all the while you are having a sense that something really matters here, something is really important because you get to decide the fate of someone who does not act in your stead. It is interesting to note that when a situation arises and you need guidance and inspiration, it is always good to have a working understanding of the Father’s will in your tool-bag.

As it is and as it works itself out, there is no singular decision or explanation to explain the Father’s will. The Father’s will is like love and truth, it depends upon the individual to express it. Just [as] in your mental conflict of ideology, this is an individual thing and questions of ideology may arise as one face in one generation and may arise as another face in a different generation. Aren’t there egregious and wise men who in your own generation said that laws should only be enacted for several generations, that the principles by which you live by may not be the principles that someone else is to live by? In the ideology, differentiation of your political boundaries on the planet, this makes it much more difficult to come to some global ideology about how everyone should live. So what you start doing is, you start out on the outer edge curtailing activities which are globally detrimental.

The other part of this argument is the part and the whole of which we have had numerous transmissions reflecting the nature of the part and the whole and how much sway the whole has in breaking down a part to become consistent with the whole; then, how certain parts impart flavor, impart character and impart decision to the whole. So, at every turn there are always at least two ways to look at something. Herein is the conflict of ideology and the conflict of indecision. In your ability to love everything you love what is not good. You love what is not good because on some level you have a sense, a spiritual sense of the value and necessity of each soul in their own right no matter how they live their lives as humans.

But in the human social arena, your ideology yearns for a consistency, an easement in which everyone is allowed full and complete expression of themselves as long as this expression does not inflict upon the rights of another individual. The spiritual universe is not here to tell you what you can and cannot do for it is not necessarily the choice of the spiritual universe to even instruct on such information. This is purely a social planetary issue upon which intelligence has been rendered the fore-bearer of your personality for the whole of the planet. The universe will live with whatever choice, in what every generation decides upon, as a guiding principle, as a working model of the Father’s will. This is the best I can offer you this morning.

There is no correct ideology, there is only the one that works for everyone. You live in a society where some people are flexible and some people are not flexible. Whatever proportion of society come to any understanding, you have an equal and opposite portion of society that is going to take you to task. This is just the way it is on your world. To weld these two separate metals is the challenge. What do you use to weld or meld two completely different substances? Well, look at what spirit does to meld the human personality and consciousness into some divine presentation; the human must undergo a transformation of substance. You must become less animal substance and more spiritual substance.

As you are now restraining some on the planet that have taken a negative path, you may be called upon to determine if all will allowed to continue in the case of increasingly limited resources. The planet itself may be a deciding factor in this deliberation. Your task is to remain in love and connection with your Inner Guide and act with compassion. It will indeed be a great challenge in the times ahead.

CHARLES:   [Cathy] I would enter the discussion of interacting on this planet with persons exhibiting aberrant behavior. This is indeed a decimal planet, a broader range of development both on the physical level and in social and spiritual action. The reason we include this experimentation is to develop new action of spirit. Included in this process is the possibility of freewill action of a not so spiritual nature. The Father has allowed for this in His plan. You are presented with a seeming contradiction between love and proper social action. It is only your limited perspective that creates this great tension. All growth works for the good and God is the Ultimate Source. You may be called upon to assess if good is being brought forth by individuals and if it is beneficial to the one for them to remain in capability of free action.

LIGHT:  [Cathy] I have participated with many members of the group recently in playing with light. It is encouraging that you have all made small attempts in this project. Your very awareness that there is the possibility for manipulating light is a huge step in the process. We have just begun this journey and each step leads to new possibilities. I encourage you to continue to take a step as it presents itself to your mind. We are surrounded with opportunities. I love you all in your openness to the possibility.


CHARLES:  [Mark] Hello friends, I arrive today in response to a heartfelt question and concern that was put on the table and I would not turn away from an opportunity such as this, leaving such a petition unaddressed. I will restate the question for the record and that was: How is it that one groups transmissions and messages are not mirrored so distinctly by another group? I would attempt to make an analogy to demonstrate some of the principles involved.
You all have some vague knowledge of how atoms react and form in your chemical world and that some particles may have a certain charge to them which then attracts to them certain other particles which are inextricably combined and bound by virtue of the charge held by the individual particle.

If you expand this concept, it applies individually and directly to each one of you, to each group, to each religion, to each culture and sect and various individual distinctions you may apply. Each one of you are as your own individual particle, again, a part of the whole and each one of you maintains a certain charge which attracts to itself those items which are responsive to that charge. You literally clothe yourselves, each and everyone, from all the potential aspects out there, those which are cohesive and will readily bond with your idealism, your awareness, your perceptions. Each one of you draws to yourself that which is compatible and in this way you assemble to yourself the uniqueness of your particle, your individual self by how all these different other attributes are drawn to you and attached to you and in the end become part of you.

So in this way, each individual, each group, each nation draw to themselves those things which they would identify with, relate to and somehow combine with in the process. This is the normal and natural state of evolution, things growing, attaching themselves to other things, combining to make unique individual structures throughout. When considering why it is that one group may be delving in one direction while another group is delving in another, consider that there are these interactive particles. I submit to you that the curriculum for the group is largely driven by the group. Those individuals therein are charged with a certain charge which attracts to them certain corresponding frequencies.

I submit to you all that you are the ones in the drivers seat largely when it comes to the lesson plans, the interests that are pursued, the questions that are tendered. The direction of the learning has always been allowed to be guided by those individuals willing to do the learning. You are the ones with the charge attracting to yourselves those elements which will come and bind with you. However, I submit to you as further proof of this, that even though lessons may be delivered to different arenas through different sources, by different means, over different time periods, nevertheless I call you to witness that those of you who are inclined to be attracted to such teachings have found them, that there is no real distinction in the lessons being delivered, rather the distinction is in the student.

The lessons are all out there for your pleasure, all out there for you to consider, for you to decide whether or not you will bring them in and make them part of your individual particle of the whole. It is not that they are kept from you or directed in any way so that some may have and some may have not; all who desire may have to the limit of their capacities. It is not that we on our side are structuring that this group shall be holders of this information and that group shall be custodians of that. Our information is provided free to all who may come, is willing to be poured into any cup that is offered. Therefore it is up to you as the individual students to pursue that which you will, to attract to yourselves that which you will and understand that it is all provided for you, it is all there for you as an individual to choose, or not. None of it is required absolutely 100% as a result of your freewill volunteer effort.

And so, consider that it is not about lines and divisions as your mind is apt to see of Teaching Mission, Magisterial Mission, this group or that group and other distinctions that you would delight in making. The only real distinctions valid are to be made on an individual basis by those individuals and what they are ready to embrace, what they are willing to embrace, what energy they have to devote to the process and what capacities they have developed in the process. These individual factors are the deciding factors in who gets what and where this information may go. You see certain groups who come together who are charged similarly and who bond together for this very purpose, that they are in a similar place with similar capacities, with similar interests and similar awarenesses.

All this is good and well and there is much support to be garnered from support groups that you join along the way but in the end, mistake not, no group, no larger portion of the whole will decide for you what you embrace, what you learn, what you deny, what you perceive and what you are willing to embrace in the process throughout. They may only offer you some structure that has worked for others within the group but it will be up to you to adopt and embrace such a structure and to utilize it for your own individual purposes. In the end, you largely do get out in proportion to what you put into the process and anything that your heart desires has been made available for you, if not through this forum then through others but it exists and if the charge on your being is so strong, you will no doubt attract that aspect to yourself because you are ready to assimilate it and bring it in and take it on.

So fear not that there appear to be these distinctions between messengers, between messages, between geographic zones, between times and places. All that has transpired has all been presented for your benefit in whatever time you may happen to experience it, in whatever capacity you may be at that time. When you are ready, all that you have want of will flow to you as easily and effortlessly as you have witnessed many things flow to you.

I believe that concludes my remarks today. It is always a pleasure to see the charge worked up in this group as discussion fosters curiosity and the desire to know and to learn and even to be. It is always a great pleasure to work with individuals who are charged because in a very real sense you are in motion and easily directed. All this is as a result of your desire and your freewill choice to make it so which is the sacred thing you bring to the equation and I offer you my gratitude for the offering of your sacred choice to be here now. I wish you all a good day and will join you again, thank you.


NEBADONIA:  [Cathy] My children I embrace you in love as you ponder these possibilities. You are aware that we have a plan for bringing the planet back into proper relation with our Universe.You have been given the challenge of bringing yourselves into alignment with the Father’s Will. Your Father and I uphold you and encourage you in this activity. It all begins with you, bringing yourself into alignment and lighting a path back to the original intention for a world of love and light. We will hold your hand as you take these first steps. We will be with you as you begin to run, it is a parent’s joy.

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