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NID812- Expanding Awareness

2014-01-05-Expanding Awareness
No Idaho #812


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Expanding Awareness
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Jonathan, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Expanding Awareness
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Jonathan, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


JONATHAN:   [Mark] Good morning to all my friends, it warms my heart so deeply that I am considered and remembered in your discussions. Like you, I enjoy the thrust of the conversation this morning in that it demonstrates yet again the ever constant and present phenomenon of the expansion of awareness that occurs when the spiritual seekers are doing what they do best and seeking for spiritual truths. By this I mean to support the idea that one must be in motion as was said before, and when in motion, if sincerity is present then there is the observable interaction of spirit as it guides in the process of expanding and growing awareness of the seeker.

This is the true measure, the yardstick that can be used when attempting to discern ones relative position as relating to their former self or in relation to others or as a projection of where one might see themselves down the road. This expanding awareness is notable as you reach certain plateaus and have certain aha moments that let you know that a breakthrough has just occurred and that there may be a subsequent expansion of awareness and likewise of capacity. These expansions of awareness are in fact the new tools that are referred to in your toolbox.

They are the next understanding you have of how to apply principles and use basic structures because your awareness now allows you to do so. The structures are in place, the universe principles exist, the energy flows, the light does permeate. These are conditions that if allowed, will exist naturally and normally but because so many filters are applied in the human process, these natural forces and factors are restrained and constricted if not eliminated.

As your awareness increases, you remove more and more of these filters and allow more of this natural flow to occur, creating the circuit for the natural elements which already are in existence. So, it is not about discovering new principles and new basics, it is about harnessing and developing new methods of application, new levels of awareness of how these principles are applied and a new level of faith which allows you the peace of mind to remove existing pretenses and conditions and filters to allow the natural flow because your level of trust and faith have been so elevated that you are willing to let these energies be expressed unrestricted. The more you can do this, the greater at wielding these natural forces, the more in harmony you will seem to flow.

It is an interesting challenge that the mortal of the realm faces to become clearer and clearer so that the light may pass through you and at the same time bringing to the vessel all that human experience may bring. In this way we color and alter the vessel by what we would choose to bring to it in the human experience. All the while we are attempting to become the pure vessel, the vessel that is settled and clear and focused. These two aspects may be in conflict much of the time but there are opportunities always present to bring these aspects into unification.

I encourage you all to pursue where your hearts may lead you as you explore the use of these natural forces. You can feel that you are on the edge of something quite spectacular and you are sensing another one of these expansions of awareness that, when happen, make things clear, settle things into place and allow you the vessel to accept more. I applaud you all for your efforts at expanding your vessel. I will be happy to join you as we look into what this entails and follow where we may be led.

It’s easy if you consider it’s only one step at a time and after so many steps you realize you’ve reached a plateau. Not having been aware that there was a plateau in particular to reach, you have arrived simply by placing one foot in front of the next so to speak.
It is a great joy to be considered and thought of in your group this morning. I thank you for this gift. I now step aside and allow this forum an exchange arena for others. I will return, thank you all. [Group thanks]

JONATHAN: I graciously accept your well wishes. Call me anytime.

LIGHT:  [Cathy] I wish to enhance your perception of the ability to manipulate light. As you discussed today, you have the capacity to send and amplify light in your daily interactions. You have the skills developed that can be used for these activities. Together we can enhance the power of the light present to be more effective when applied. Your physical vehicles are fully equipped to work with light as it is flowing through and is being applied and is not a fanciful thought of possibility but a real tool that you have the power to use for good. We have prepared you for useful activity with energy and light. You are in a proper frequency for this to be possible. You need only to accept that you have grown in capability and potential. I encourage you to accept this capacity and experiment with its use. I volunteer to help at your request.


Question: I wonder, need that be a verbal request when calling upon Light or Dr. Mendoza or the various agencies to help us in our ministry.

LIGHT:  It need not be voiced aloud, it need only to be a firm intention. I have the connection with all in this group.

JONATHAN:   [Mark] I can’t resist. There was discussion earlier about the use of yourselves as vessels, as tools in the process and this is where you are really hitting upon something valuable. As you have discussed before in this group, there is some special combination, that when applied is a key to success and that is easily expressed in the biblical reference of thought, word and deed. The first two aspects of this magical equation may be contingent upon each other, that is, first you must have the thought, then you must organize the thought into a formula. What is it you would do with that thought? How would you express that thought?

How would you use the aspects of that thought? And, in so doing, in formulating even in your mind, into words of expression, you are taking words of inspiration and transforming it into an intelligible thought pattern. Even in the sentences in your mind it is causing you to interpret and express and tap into what it is that that thought brought you and when you formulate this into words of expression, internal or exterior, you are channeling what was pure energy into expression. Then you are able to move to the final step in the process, a physical expression, the deed, the act that corresponds with the words which were meant to express the thought. In this way you take divinity, the thought, the feeling of the soul and you express those into terms that are transferable. Then you are poised to act out that sentiment in life, to make it so and express it. This is the chain of command, if you will, of how this principle works.

So I encourage you to activate it on any level, the interior formation of these word symbols into intelligible sentences which adequately express the intention behind them or whether it is spoken aloud as a prayer at the same intention, it matters not. The fact is, you have taken what were feelings and thoughts and transcribed them into the human realm, the material mortal construct. Now they may be taken up, they may be manipulated, they may be transforming, they may be inspirational to another. In closing today and in an attempt to help you with your questions of what are the next and greater tools to be used in the process, I would leave you with a question. This question is an attempt to define what may be constricting you in the process that you seek and your desire to work with the energies.

When you consider the application of yourselves in this process, I invite you to ask the question of yourself: What is it that you first encounter that would be an obstacle to you? What is your first filter that you encounter in the process of allowing energy to flow from on high through you and out from you? See if there is a visceral internal response to this question. What triggers a fear in the process, a doubt, an uncertainty, a negative conviction?

What is it that you stumble across when you wish to run down this path of spirit? What is the first obstacle you come to? That is your next step, that is your next opportunity for growth, to find out what it is that would slow the flow of your energy when you encounter it. This is a process which recurs over and over again as you discover all the aspects of yourself and what it is that’s contained within your vessel that may need to have the light purify it or perhaps have your greater self come to a point of reconciliation with it or perhaps simply find forgiveness.


JONATHAN:  There are many many factors which represent these filters and these obstacles to the free flow of the energy which is being directed for you, at you, towards you for your use and for you to enjoy applying in service to others. All this is yours, is now and will be as your hearts desire it. It is simply a matter of unfolding the expression, of clearing the obstacles so that you may bloom and flower where you are planted. It is a joy to behold and I stand in gratitude to witness the joy and feel the love in motion. Thank you all once again for indulging me.

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