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NID813- Integrity

No Idaho #813


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Integrity
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Serena, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Integrity
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Serena, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] Good morning my friends, I would accept your offer to join the discussion this morning, I am Charles. I would be delighted to talk more on this topic of integrity because there are so many different aspects of it, so many different facts of this word that may be used to explore the different components involved. Lets take the thread offered here this morning of an individuals integrity and when we refer to this, once again, we find ourselves bringing in words like trust, confidence, even having faith in an individual. All these things are in no small part conditioned by your perspective of whatever it is you are considering to have integrity.


CHARLES:   If it is another individual and you consider them highly regarded, then your degree of trust and faith in this individual is bolstered and you declare that they have integrity because as far as you can tell, they are in alignment with principles and ideals that you agree with and support. This alignment that you observe is somewhat of a compass heading for this individual, a direction that they are pursuing that puts then in alignment with goals that you as well pursue and approve of. So this level and degree of integrity for you is largely observed and measured and determined by whether or not this individual aligns themselves with the same principles and values that you do.

What is so interesting about this is, all this alignment that you are observing and judging and using word symbols like integrity to describe are all varying levels and degrees of alignment with the First Source and Center, the true North of everyone’s compass heading. There are only so slight and varying degrees of fluctuation and yet because there are these differences and there are notable distinctions, there are these judgments to be arrived at as to who has integrity, who demonstrates steadfast adherence to an alignment with truth, beauty and goodness. This becomes observable by the fruits of the spirit in their lives and when so observed, you rightfully deem these individuals to have integrity, to hold integrity, to demonstrate integrity in the process, to adhere to principles of truth, to align themselves with causes of justice, to identify with aspects such as peace and love.

This constitutes the game in play at this point in your ascension career, to work on aligning your compass heading, to paralleling yourselves to the current of truth, beauty and goodness and in so doing, strengthen your integrity throughout the process. The one who has integrity may strengthen it, questioning their own level of sincerity, their own degree of conviction and in this way observe what obstacles they may have in expanding their alignment. Having applied these energies to self improvement and personal growth, then another can observe this and declare that one operates with integrity, they are true if they are genuine, that they are sincere in their search, then they are operating with integrity.

This does not mean that individuals will not err in the process, will not explore other dimensions to ensure that their trail is indeed the right one, will not stray from the compass heading by following distractions, may not fall short of their own desire to uphold their own standards. These are all aspects of honing your direction, of maintaining your course throughout all of these that will happen as a part of the game that you play at this time.

Nevertheless, the one with integrity is the one that maintains throughout being buffeted about, being distracted, being knocked off course, falling down in your attempts. All of these are simply steps in the process and provide you the opportunity to once again, rally and demonstrate your integrity. I hope I have been able to expand the many aspects of this term a little bit more, it is worthy of discussion as are many other fine topics. I will now step down to create space for another contribution, thank you.

SERENA:  [Cathy] I am pleased to join the group today and comment on the idea of integrity. In interactions between mortals on this world there has been a tendency for some to act with integrity in all their dealings with other persons. In the history of the planet, these persons have stood out as role models and examples of a person who are trustworthy. In a broader sense, integrity refers to the ability to be true to the higher aspects of truth, beauty and love. It is most difficult to live a full life when conflict is existing within the person in relation to these basic principles.

While you are building your soul through experience in this life, your actions are needed to be in agreement with your vision of higher truth. Your Inner Guide is the pattern that leads you to the higher truth and the way of action in all situations. What is sometimes referred to as integrity is in reality, ethics. Ethics, while useful, are not at the same spiritual level as the true guidance from your Adjuster. The guidance of Divinity Within is your true example of a path to follow and by adhering to this guidance, you exhibit the external aspects that others would label as your integrity. In these turbulent times, we would encourage your steadfast following, inner guidance. We of course will assist as requested.

LIGHT:   [Mark] Hello to my friends, I am Light here this morning and would offer something a little different. There is a famous quote that is resident as part of the human mind structure and is resident in the human mind of my partner in this process that I have access to. The quote I refer to is the definition of good people. It goes: Good people are those who do the best they can, with the sense they’ve got. I think this quote is most serviceable and useful in this discussion of integrity because it demonstrates that everyone is at their own level of having the sense they have, and if they do the very best with what they are given to work with, then they have integrity in the process.

All people have some level of integrity, all people are true and faithful to something, even religious about things and so it is very true, as the statement says, that good people are the ones simply doing the best they can. However, I would substitute one word in this phrase for you and you will understand. Good people are the ones doing the best that they can with the awareness that they now have. This is where, as you know, your ascension career is constantly in flux and you are constantly observing from new levels of awareness, able to choose from new plateaus of awareness, able to respond to life from ever increasing levels of awareness. Therefore do you constantly have the opportunity to strengthen and demonstrate what you would refer to as a persons integrity in this process, your commitment to truth, your alignment with goodness, your observance of beauty.


LIGHT:    So, as I mention, it is not a matter whether or not individuals have some integrity. They most certainly all do, it is their level of integrity as judged by you, as the results of their efforts in their lives to show fruits of the spirit. And so it is that others will observe you and determine in their minds whether you demonstrate aspects of integrity and if so, at what level. So this idea of integrity is a constantly moving target, ever providing opportunities for growth. Thank you all for the opportunity to play around with some wording about integrity. We have but scratched the surface with this word. I bid you all have a good week, farewell.

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