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NID830- Preparation

No Idaho #830


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Preparation and Progress for Magisterial Mission
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Serena, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Preparation and Progress for Magisterial Mission
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Serena, Charles, LIGHT, Jonathan, Michael
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


SERENA:[Cathy] I am pleased to join the discussion today. We are indeed moving forward with the plans for a Magisterial Mission. The preparations have been fruitful and are proceeding at an accelerated pace. We have found results that have exceeded our expectations. Mortals have reached an expanded position with spirit. Many mortals are moving into a position of communication and acceptance of brotherhood. The ideal of love on this world is universally presented and has become acceptable to many groups. We are indeed in waiting for you to embrace the concept of love and spirit. The plan was carefully crafted by Michael, our Creator. Together we have the capability to begin now. You are the key to the next step. Each mortal needs to turn to spirit and the Creator. The numbers of such mortals are increasing in multiples. Each one is reaching out to others and the embrace of truth is flowing throughout humanity. The moment we await is truly approaching. Connections are being formed and activated. Be prepared for great things. We are all in motion.

LIGHT:   [Cathy] I am bursting with enthusiasm for the progress of the Magisterial Mission. I have been working from this side to promote skills with light and those connections with spirit that are needed for the plan to progress. I embrace each of you as you work with me and increase the light and the contact on this world.

CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning my dear friends and companions on this journey. I am Charles here to fellowship with you again. While this is indeed a spiritual journey for both of us, to meet and greet each other and associate in this way, more-so, this is a journey of faith. This is a journey that we embark on together, leaning on our awareness that this spiritual pursuit, while unseen and unknown by others, is indeed real and viable, significant and important in our lives, significant and important enough for us to make a place for it to happen, for us to create the scenario wherein these events may play out for us, may support us in our endeavors.

You see, all of mankind will come to a place of discovery that they are composed of an aspect of themselves which can refer to spirit and dwell in spirit and have meaningful exchanges in that dimension. But in order to go there, in order to access it, it is required of you that you bolster your faith and gather it to you so that you may use it as the solid foundation and footing that you need to access it, to experience it fully. This is the unique challenge you face as mortals of the realm, to first have the awareness that there is a part of you which is composed of this spiritual nature, this inheritance of spirit that you may access and dwell in and be part of, and that the key to doing so is your, as you would refer to, belief, more accurately perhaps defined as your faith which literally is the key to your success. It literally enables you to open the door to see with the eyes of spirit, to hear with the ears of spirit because – you believe you can.

It is an inherent trait you possess but until you believe that you possess it, until you have faith that it is yours to utilize, it is merely an inherent trait. The difference between an inherent trait, something you are capable of and something that you do, is an action. The movement in that direction is a purposeful action and choice on your part. What motivates that action and choice? – Your faith that it can be done, that it is yours to do, that it is part of your birthright, it is part of who you are, it is okay to access, it is even desirable to pursue. These orientations are only granted you when your faith is of sufficient caliber to enable you to proceed apace in the direction of spirit.

This boldness that allows you forward momentum is your faith. This desire to approach spirit is your inherent capacity beckoning you. The combination of these two enable you to activate the process, to move forward in dimensions of your own being because you will so allow, because you will so choose. It is one of the greatest ironies of the universal ascent that the keys to your kingdom are with you the whole time. The magic to your success is with you as you search for it. It simply must be brought forward and allowed to exist, to be fostered and supported until it is strong enough to be leaned upon in your time of questioning, in your time of doubt.

In these times it is only your muscles of faith which will be strong enough to pull you through. This shroud of darkness, of misunderstanding, of doubt and fear that you feel so oppressed by at times may only be lifted with these faith muscles. All the inherent capacity in a universe will lie dormant in its absence. Consider this truth because you are very correct in that as a child of God, you are endowed with the grace that you desire to be more spiritually connected, more spiritually in tune, even more spiritually conversant.

So what stands in ones way? Certainly there are numerous physical obstacles and challenges, but, I refer back to the keys which hang around your neck, so to speak. The keys to your freedom from these things are in your choosing your key of faith to unlock those doors before you, to overcome those challenges immediately present as obstacles in your path. To one who will use this key, no obstacle is too great, no challenge too overwhelming because faith removes doubt and replaces it with trust.

The irony in many cases is that the only way to show yourselves that faith is present, that you possess it and that you can use it is to be challenged sufficiently so that you have to find it, you have to resort to it, you have to make an active and conscious choice to pull that tool out of your toolbox and apply it. This is why this life is such a rich opportunity for you all. You have the basic endowment of divinity resident within you. You have powerful and potent tools in your Indwelling Guide, your Spirit of Truth and your faith. This Indwelling Guide and the Spirit of Truth may only function in so far as your awareness allows and your faith provides. This faith is what enables these grand tools to come into play. It is what enables you to access that part of yourselves that you have been graced with from on high.

There is another tool you possess, you refer to it as your ego. Really it is your drive, your enthusiasm, your willingness to pursue and go the extra mile. This tool, as with most tools, may be harnessed in more or less effective ways. To the degree that this ego leads you to purely self gratification and accomplishment of short sighted narrow minded self centered goals, then the ego is used as a curse word, if you will. To the degree that this tool is used to motivate you to pursue the divine, to activate the parts of yourself which are granted you by grace, to move you in the direction beyond what your current capacities may be, then this may be a golden tool for you to use in this process.

Not all applications of ego are created equal and it is up to you to use such a powerful and potent motivational factor as a tool for the good, as a tool for the greatest, highest, most noble application one can discern. But having an eye on this motivational force, having awareness of your tool you possess in your faith, there quickly erode all limitations. You have in your discussions, examples of individuals who accomplish amazing things by reason of their beliefs and their faith and their propulsion to act on it. When in league for the highest purposes, these forces may be unstoppable.

So I invite you, each one, to take account and take inventory of these different components of the self. You have this magnificent independence, uniqueness in all of the universe. You have these magnificent similarities in that you all are graced with a fragment of the whole and therefore are all a part of each other and a part of the Supreme. You have this endowment as well of this Spirit of Truth that you may turn to at any time for verification and for instruction and for leadership. You have this force which may be put to use on your account you refer to as your ego, that part of you which would propel you and drive you and motivate you and you have this gift of grace – faith, which is not simply gifted but must be nurtured, must be grown, must be expanded by your own action until it is big enough to accommodate your desires to use it.

Many individuals have not had sufficient life experience to grow a sufficiently large faith and therefore when confronted with life’s obstacles and challenges, will not think to pull this tool out of their toolbox, but rather will consider these obstacles insurmountable or be overcome rather than have the faith to proceed on over or around them as one who has faith and trusts in the ability to overcome, the promise that all will be right and therefore demonstrate the willingness to step forward into the unknown, through the darkness in pursuit of the light that they are confident is there on the other side.

This combination of components, of attributes of the self, is what makes it so special to join your conversation and your group on these mornings. You all possess various degrees of these components but they are sufficiently grown to the point where you will readily choose them and use them. So it is always a joy to be a part of this process with you. You see, all beings share some of these similar characteristics, have some of these same endowments, must utilize their faith in the process, must access their spiritual component, must consult with the Spirit of Truth and must feel confident in doing so, thereby combining all these components of the self into the next choice, the next act, the next striking out in a given direction.

That is what this game is about, to discover all these parts of yourself, to grow them and nurture them, to combine them and use them. To access these gifts of grace to become who you are sounds simple and yet it will take you an eternity. So I pray that we all have faith enough to take on this eternal journey with joy and in peace and bring to it as much love as you are capable for love lubricates the skids of all that we try to do. It is indeed a joy to be accompanying you in this journey we share and to have this opportunity that you provide. I would conclude my remarks there. Thank you again for the opportunity. I bid you all a peaceful week. Until we meet again, I am Charles.

JONATHAN:  [Cathy] Friends, I reach out to you to join our circle of love. I have been busily increasing my capacity for understanding and action. I was unsure in the beginning about my role in this Correcting Time. When I was with you I studied and expanded my understanding of things spiritual. I was greatly involved in the inner spiritual journey. I was so grateful to be connected with each of you in our group meetings. I am continuing to use the many sources available here to broaden my understanding.

Your faith in the possibility of spiritual growth and expansion will lead to the desired results. You will grow in capacity and capability. Embrace this activity and the rewards will be enormous. Embrace your possibilities and proceed with an open spirit. It is literally true, when you believe it you can become it. When you intend growth it will become who you are. If you step out like we have so many times in the past you will find your footing on the new path. You will continue to blaze the new trail for others to follow. I will be with you every step of the way, it is my great joy.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] I would continue on, I am Jonathan here again and I would simply play with words for a few moments. One can believe in something such as two and two equals four. One may have faith that math is important. One may believe that they may build a house and proceed onward with this belief. Their choices then move them in this direction and their mortal experience proves to them that if you believe it enough your house may be built. One may have faith that they will have a house one day and it will all turn out just fine. One may believe that Jesus lived, that the accounts of his life are true and real and accurate but when one encounters the presence of Jesus in their spiritual experience, one suddenly has unbounded faith that this truth that they believed in is real.

No amount of believing will get you over the line when faith is required for you to take the final step. The one is a compliment to the other but they are not the same. Belief is something that someone holds onto because it has been proven to them, to their mortal minds and they accept it. It becomes their reality, they model it in their lives. Faith is attained by personal experience, by the results of this personal spiritual experience on an individuals life and they are forever changed and altered with the addition of this experience thus granting them greater faith.

Faith is the overarching awareness that there is a plan, that you are part of the plan and that all is overseen and cared for and will be well in the end. Belief is an idea that things may be known, understood and accepted. So while they are often used interchangeably, these terms are indeed significantly different. And while both are valid and necessary aspects of mortal life, it is important to understand that to others who do not possess faith which is based in personal experience, they will not embrace the same spiritual truths and realities that one who has encountered these truths and realities for themselves would readily accept and endorse.

Therefore even these texts of authority will not be lodged in their consciousness for they have not had a personal context of spiritual awareness with which to embrace them. Therefore words on a page or stories told to them will simply be that, words on a page or stories told. It is only when one invests themselves individually and deeply and spiritually that such may be transformed from belief into faith.

Thank you, I am simply trying to address the question asked earlier and the idea that different people at different times in their ascension career will embrace different things. It is not that they are not smart or that they are not eager to learn but there is a personal investment which must be made before any truth may be embraced and certainly matters of spirit must be encountered to be embraced. This can only happen with those willing to exercise their faith muscle and to grow it and build it in the process. Be patient with all of your brothers and sisters around you who simply are unaware of this component of self.

It’s not as though they are not endowed with it just as you, it is rather they have not exercised it. They don’t know that if they were to exercise they could lift that weight. They will come to such an understanding as they are forced to by their life circumstance or perhaps on the mansion worlds, it matters little. Grant them the benefit of all the time it takes for them to come to this awareness and understanding of their own accord. That is the only way it will be meaningful and have value to them just as it does to you. I bid you all have a wonderful day. It is a treat to speak with you, thank you.


MICHAEL:  Cathy] My children, I embrace you in your efforts to expand your use of light and healing. The Father provides most abundantly for the prosperity and health of your physical vehicles. The original design may be experimental but the principles of function in creating health are universal. The Father is indeed throughout all creation and upholds the pattern of His intentions. By giving of His essence through the Adjuster He participates with each of His children. God is indeed omnipresent. You are held in His consciousness in all your growth and activity. Feel free to access the skills you have been given and make connection with all the physician assistants that are around you. Your Mother and I are so proud to assist you in all your efforts to grow and produce wellness in yourself and others.

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