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NID831- Spiritual Growth

2014-06-15-Spiritual Growth
No Idaho #831


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spiritual Growth
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Serena, Jonathan, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Spiritual Growth
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Serena, Jonathan, LIGHT
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


Prayer: [Father’s Day] I am in gratitude for knowing our Father Michael and through him our greater Father. I am in gratitude for this relationship, this sense of belonging to a Divine Parent. Truly that is a wellspring of faith for me. I feel as though I belong to this divine family, that I am welcome in this family and loved by this family, represented in part by this Father figure who I have come to learn and call by the name Michael. Truly we are blessed to have one who is so devoted to our welfare and well being. Truly he is blessed to have one so devoted to his welfare and well being in the great Father of all. Thank you for this relationship, this partnership, this companionship and this love.


CHARLES:  Good morning again friends, Charles here once again to entertain your invitation that you extend to me so graciously in your process. I too share your heartfelt petition of gratitude for belonging and being part of such a glorious enterprise which we are both involved in. Truly it is miraculous and yet to those who have grown in awareness, simply observed as a normal state of being. This profound love which dictates the premise of this experience for us is indeed a natural and normal state of being and yet to those of us who are developing and on our ascension career, we have been demonstrated levels of awareness and thus contrasts that we may use to demonstrate to ourselves that we have come to an awareness and an understanding that love is a normal pattern, a natural way of being.

Curious that it has been designed that we are in pursuit of finding this reality for ourselves, that we have been given the opportunity to demonstrate the unawareness being balanced by coming into awareness. The doubts and uncertainties of a mortal beginning which have become transformed by the certainties and conviction of encountering these spiritual truths through our faith which we then possess and may use in all of our future undertakings.

This mode of transformation where one goes from uncertainty to certainty, from unawareness to awareness is in itself one of the greatest gifts of grace we may come to know that has been bestowed upon us because in this process of 9>transformation we have been given the opportunity to grow our faith, to use our faith and to be rewarded by our efforts in so doing. Otherwise, we would not know the true value of what it is to have faith, to hold faith and to rely on faith. The angels and other beings that you have become aware of, crave this gift of grace that has been bestowed upon mortals. For having been through this transformation process, faith becomes known as this sacred endowment from on high which has been recognized, accepted and utilized in the process. Truly, to those orders of beings who are born above the station of mortal life, they wonder and desire what it is like to have to find faith and build it and grow it and come to it for they have never known this challenge.

They are created having the benefit of their faith strongly intact for they have never had cause to have it challenged or have never been without it. You as mortals of the realm, literally begin with a clean slate and have to include on your slate all the things that eventually compose your being and so it is up to you what is added to your slate and at what rate. So when you decide to pursue faith, when you decide to use faith, when you are rewarded for your having used faith, these are elements which only you may add to your slate. Therefore is it all that more cherished by those of a higher station for you have painstakingly added these things to your repertoire one by one, event by event, experience by experience.

No one has granted you these things, no one has transferred these traits from their slate to yours. You have had to go through the experiences, have had to be confronted by the doubts which were only overcome with the application of your faith. In taking these steps and going through these transformative experiences you have earned these aspects of self and they are as medals of honor which you take with you as you move forward. Having received these medals of honor as a result of your direct action, they are indeed respected and admired by all those in the spirit realm where they represent true accomplishments, stripes on the uniform which are only earned through your valiant efforts.

So therefore, I offer you on this day a note of both encouragement and admiration for all of these experiences that you accumulate to yourselves, all these opportunities wherein you will choose to operate with faith as your instrument and in so doing, you will demonstrate to your Creator that this gift of endowment which has been bestowed upon you is cherished, is a significant aid to you in your process and that you will take up this tool and use this instrument in your process. This brings such joy to those who have supplied you with these tools and the opportunities for you to use them. So many will shy away from the opportunities and forsake the tools, perhaps to be taken up again at some later time, but to those who are in enough awareness and recognize that the opportunities are there so that you may utilize the tools, so that you may grow from working with the tools and indeed benefit from having done so.

Thus the grand design comes to its fulfillment. Some of the many promises that you represent come to fulfillment and it brings great joy to the Parents, to the Father, who smiles down upon you in great satisfaction, that you will play with the tools provided, that you will join in this process of discovery, that you will bring to it your attitude of gratitude and awareness and in this way the desires of the Parent are fulfilled, the gratitude of the Father reaches its expression in you. In all of us who pick up the gauntlet of this spiritual transition and who accept this eternal career with gratitude and with joy, such actions as these are all that any parent could desire, a full and rich life for their offspring, one in which they may grow and learn and unfold into who their potential claims they may be.

Let it be so as we move forward in this process together. Let us demonstrate to our Parents our joy in this process, our contentment, even our gratitude at belonging to this family, at fulfilling the lives that we have been given and that striving to bring home to our parents the goodness, the beauty and the love that we have found along the way. On this Father’s day, let us bring home our song of joy, our experience of love, our version of the grace that we know and let us bring them and lay them at the feet of our Divine Parent, the gratitude and expression of our affection for this is what we have to give. Let us give it with all of our being.

It has been my pleasure to join you in this exercise this morning as we are together in this pursuit. I assure you, our gifts have been accepted in gratitude as well. Let us cherish this miracle as we do. Thank you all, thank you Divine Parents, thanks and glory be to God.

SERENA:  [Cathy] I am pleased to add my support to your efforts to bring new connections in this transmission process. This special connection has been valuable and has great potential for future use in the Magisterial Mission. I am most enthusiastic about the group decision to provide a platform, a safe place for investigation and connection for interested parties. We will embrace the connection from our side also. It is always a pleasure to interact with this group.

JONATHAN:  [Cathy] I am with you in this new project to bring the t/r process to a larger group. This special connection was a source of up-liftment in my own spiritual quest. I encourage the exploration of this process for all that are being led to experiment. I can more clearly see the value from my present position. It is a unique contact point between the various levels of spirit. Spirit is able to move within you through the use of this contact. As you open yourself to the possibility of communication, spirit has an increased access to your mind circuit. In a way, spirit moves closer to your physical circuit and you reach a higher spirit level to make the contact. It is truly a miracle that we have come to see as commonplace.


LIGHT:  [Cathy] I see an opportunity to use your light skills on a dark area of the planet, Iraq. Please spend some time sending light against the darkness that is flexing itself in this area. So much of the planet is resonating in love and light. It is my hope that you will be able to reflect some light into this area of conflict. We are continuing to bring compassion, forgiveness and mercy to the areas in conflict to bring them into alignment with the Father’s love and light. Experiment this week with light and love.

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