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NID838- Ball of Light

2014-08-24-Ball of Light
No Idaho #838


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Ball of Light
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, A Voice from the Collective, Inner Voice, Coach, Jonathan, Lester
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Sheila Burgher, Mary Rogers, Ginny Jakubiak
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Ball of Light
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, A Voice from the Collective, Inner Voice, Coach, Jonathan, Lester
TR: Mark Rogers, Sheila Burgher, Mary Rogers, Ginny Jakubiak


MICHAEL:  [Cathy] I was in hopes that this group would be able to come together in a united effort to move forward in the spiritual experiment that is the Teaching Mission. It is still an effort to bring you all into the mindset that I had envisioned. Many are working in their own way with light and energy, the oneness I desire has not been accomplished. It was true of my apostles in my final incarnation. There was miscommunication and individuals who held to their own idea of the Messiah regardless of any message I put forward. Unity is as important at this point as it was in those times. It is my desire, my plan for you, to continue to devote time to the action of this group. It is for you to be my hands. As each of you has unique talents, each is an important component of the action required to bring the planet into alignment with our Father’s original pattern. This is the action that will bring the planet into the time of correction – Light and Life.


MICHAEL:  [Mark] Your very presence has given me the invitation to be here. Once again, I am Michael, your brother, your Father, your friend, desiring once again, continuously, all the time, to be with you, to have such an invitation as you provide in this moment. I would ask of each of you, my faithful stewards, to simply grow more and more accustomed to this sense of togetherness, this invitation that you provide in this moment that you could extend in each moment, that could be chosen at any moment. I invite you to choose this path, to choose this option in your lives, more and more and I see you are accepting my invitation. You are growing each day in your willingness to choose this option, this coming together and being together by invitation and by choice.

These are our supreme gifts, the gifts of our choosing, the gifts of our endorsement, of our society to support this or that. This is the power of our creative potential and the simple act of a choice. Many do not appreciate the significance of this gift of grace, this opportunity to choose, this grand and divine ideal that you should be offered the opportunity to completely explore for yourself what it is to choose, to see for yourselves the results of your choice, to feel for yourself the correctness of your choice, to prove to yourself the effectiveness of your choice. That is what is so glorious about observing those so willing to get out on the field and play the game. Each choice and every choice are so instantly portrayed in the moves that are made, the actions that are taken, the consequences that are the result.

Such it is this big life game you are at play with, one series of opportunities after another, one set of circumstances after another and growth opportunities at all points. Thank you for the opportunity to sit among you and fellowship with you today. I am in gratitude that you take time to remember me, remember my contribution I made in my time. It is my desire, my wish that your recollections of me and my service simply serve to inspire you in yours. You are the ones in your time, you are the ones making the history of tomorrow. You are the ones creating the legends, inspiring the multitudes, demonstrating to them your faith in action. You are the hands and the feet and the voice and the look in the eye and the love portrayed of the Father and the Son and you do me proud.

Thank you for the partnership that you have with me already and the one we are growing together. I appreciate your willingness to more and more invite and include me, us really, in your life experience, your treasured and unique encounter with the reality that has been created on your behalf. I receive from you your gratitude and cherish it. I offer you mine for we are members of the same family. I invite you to feel my presence upon you, even now. It is always my pleasure to come among you and simply share energies, simply be together in the same creative space. I cherish you my family, each one, every one. We may not be whole without any of us. So be it, this experience we share together, this great gift of grace that has been orchestrated from on high and for which we are both so very grateful.

Thank you Father for this gift of experience, this opportunity to be a part of your whole, to be an aspect of your all and to return to you these gifts you have given, multiplied by our conscious efforts to grow them. Let it be so, each one and every one. My peace I leave with you, my presence I make available to you, farewell to you for now.
Voice from the Collective: [Sheila] I represent the collective. At a particular level of consciousness there is total agreement. There is ‘team’ that you have yet to fully experience in your human experience. You will find yourself in a vibrational level that will allow you to see and understand and feel clearly all aspects of any given moment or situation. At this time, most humans have not realized or achieved this particular vibration that will allow the total experience that I speak of. It is one of the many gifts that you are walking towards.

At this time in the human experience there is still a common note of separation and the idea that ones personal opinion is of more value than another because oftentimes at this vibration, there is competition and there is still a strive for individual acknowledgement however, further along the road with personal assessment, will include a clearer understanding and knowledge of the ability as a whole to make decisions and choices. It is through the assistance of guidance, it is through your relationship with Michael that entices you to keep moving forward.

In your humanness you are fully aware of the undoing that is taking the form of violence, yet you my dear ones have been freed from such and are being asked to continue your path towards this oneness, this clearness that you have been [willingly] volunteering and have most certainly earned such a position. It is a desire of us as a collective to invite you, to entice you, to guide you, to remember to become once again a member of this collective. Your gathering lays a foundation to share the desires, the experiences, the fellowship to support one another, to affirm your ability for a moment create in your collective-ness, a bright light, a refueling, a memo packed.

We encircle you, we surround you in this gathering to support you, to speak personally to each and every one of you, to embrace you, to connect with you in an effort to pull you in. Michael would not celebrate this day without you. Your gift is to gather to send your love. This equally is our opportunity to gather and send it right back, thank you.
Inner Voice: [Mark] I greet you all, grateful for this opportunity, I am this one’s Inner Voice. I am here because I can be. I have been allowed to be here. I accept this grace, the opportunity this represents. I come asking your participation. I would involve you in an exercise. I would request that you stimulate your body, sit up straight, take some deep breaths.

I would make suggestion that we work together on an exercise of en-circuiting all of the Voices Within, all of the Fragments from the Father. All of these gifts of grace operate on a frequency or an energy level. I have in league with me, I bring friends, I have Light, I have Wave, I have Serena, all of which desire to work with Me on such an exercise to stimulate and reinforce the circuitry between and among all of your Inner Voices.

I would Invite you all to entertain this question: When will you choose, when will you allow the unity that is your destiny to occur? When will you commit such a gift of grace to happen? In the end it is all represented by your choice, your acknowledgement, your acceptance, your willingness. And so I invite you to ask yourself this question:

Is it okay to do this even now? Is is right, is it proper, is it God’s will? Ask yourself these questions, because you know the answer, this is your destiny, this is your purpose, this is your mission, to unite, to become one, to choose to do so. And so I ask you to sincerely to consult with yourself, the simple question when is it right, when is it proper, when is now appropriate? I invite you to consider that it is always appropriate, it is always now, it is always right, always proper, always good, always true and always beautiful.

When you make such a choice you are reaching Godward, you are turning to the Divine, you are not turning yourself over as much as you are renewing yourself with the addition of more. That is what this union represents. That is your destiny. It exists in the future but may be adopted now even as this attitude of Light and Life we experience here together now exists now. We know that it will come some time in the future but you have brought it here now, you have borrowed from a future reality and brought it to the present because it is this desire to do so and you have done it.The same holds true with this future reality of your connection with your Divine Guide, your Inner Spirit. It exists already, it is just simply for your consciousness to bring it into this moment.

So, I invite you to keep asking yourself this question, when is the right time? How long should I wait? Is it okay even in this hour? You will receive the affirmation, it is okay, it is proper, right and good always. I invite you to actively give your Inner Guide permission, even to the point of request, to make internal petition that this represents your desire. Request of your Inner Guide who is so protective of you that they be given greater latitude and greater expression in your combined life. Invite them as you invite the spiritual realm to discourse with. Invite your Inner Guide to come out and play, to be active with you, to help you in these choices, maybe even to choose in your stead.

These are the actions that you would grant a friend and associate, certainly you could extend them to your Divine Friend. And, above all, see all this as exactly the way it’s supposed to be, exactly who you are in the process, exactly where you should be with longings and intentions and desires that propel you to reach out and to reach in. Take advantage of this reaching in. You have a partner onboard that wants nothing more than to be asked and to be included, to be part of the choosing and the experience and all this is as it will be as it is, it’s merely this experience of time that has you feeling this separation.

All those veils will fall away but this experience of time itself is transient but this experience of combining and union with your Divine Fragment is your eternal journey and destiny. So when is the right time? How much enlightenment is required? How much service does it take? These are the issues to consider when allowing yourself this freedom, allowing yourself this divine destiny. So ask these questions of yourself and feel the answers that are offered within. There is a universe of support behind each and every one of you and I invite you to feel it, experience it and go with it. I appreciate the gift of grace this opportunity has provided all of us. Thank you, I now allow for others.

Coach and Jonathan: [Mary] I have been given an exercise now, for now having answered the questions that having assumed the posture, sitting up straight, typically attentive, palms up, to feel the energy the chi, the light force that flows through the palms of your hands, to sit relaxed, calm upward and feel the ball of energy, the light force. Visualize it forming right in front of you in your solar plexus zone. You could put your hands around this energy and just sit there with it for a moment, your personal ball of light. Now this moment, many of you hearing these words, at this time each of you visualize each of you as a group with your own personal ball of light, that you are sustaining and generating.

Just sit with the enjoyment of all your brothers and sisters, your comrades and all of us sustaining our ball of light. Steadily breathing, just enjoy. This energy is of course all one, there is a unity, a commonality the essence of light. Venture forward onto the playing field of life conscious of your and each and every one of the people you contact, light and play, interact, see what you can do. See how you can help, see how you can be helped and yes your human self and your Thought Adjuster are combining to generate this light entity and all is well. You are sustained, there is no end to the life force, the energy, the connection. There is just this light force energy at play on the field.

LESTER:   [Ginny] Well, as long as we have a ball in our hand we are going to play, this is Lester the Jester. I heard the word play so I am going to encourage you to make your ball again. Make your ball of light, feel it, surround it, surround it, surround it, move it, move it, move it. Make it larger, bring it down, make it soft and pliable. Slow down the energy. Now I want you to pass your ball to the person to your right. Play with that ball for a little bit and pass it to the person to your right. Bounce the ball in the air, in the air, in the air. Throw the ball up, up. Now spread your arms and lets make a great big ball from this circle, a large one, large and imagine the colors as in a soap bubble, just like a soap bubble with all the colors of the rainbow. It’s flexible like you are, it’s soft, it’s fun, it’s beautiful. Bring the ball in, closer to the center of the circle, take a little bit of it, pull it into your solar plexus and lets say together – I choose joy now, [group[ I choose joy now. Thank you.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hey guys, that was fun, Jonathan here. It’s such a treat to come and be in the light circle with all of you. What a joy, I love the light circles, I love the exercise with the Adjuster, I love to come together in spirit. I cherish these things, they are part of the constitution of who I am. This is part of who you are. This we share just as we share the main objective and goal of one day being fully united and combined with our Fragment of Divinity, just as we share the common destiny, our eternal career bound to return back to the First Source and Center, to complete the Supreme experience. We share all of this together, you there now in your form and I, there now, in mine. We share this with the spiritual part of ourselves, the enduring aspect, the long term component.

So we are fellows, we are teammates, we are friends and I choose you all as my friends, I choose to come and spend time with you. I delight to do so. I’m grateful for the opportunity you provide which allows this to occur, your choosing to allow, your choosing to accept which permits the whole thing, the whole miracle to unfold. I know how very lucky I am to be associated with such a group of powerful cosmic citizens, those who are aware, who have some glimpse of the magnitude of their being, of who you are in relationship to your divine family so that we can acknowledge this and share this together, between us, to enjoy this relationship we have with our divine family, fellowship about it and share each others experiences.


JONATHAN:  It certainly has been a joy for me to observe and to share experiences with you at this, my favorite time of year. I have such a fond affiliation for this gathering that you certainly cannot hold this function without my arrival. Thanks for the chance to say hi, for the opportunity just to be one of you, as you, like you. Thank you for being my friends. I bid you all a wonderful week, a wonderful experience of processing the Light and Life feeling of coming together in such peace and love. I too share the glow with you, of just being together. So, as we have heard, I guess it’s game on and we’re the players, we make it happen. Let’s play a good game just as we would do a good days work, good day to you all.

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