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NID840- Exploring Frontiers

2014-09-14-Exploring Frontiers
No Idaho #840


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Exploring Frontiers
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Michael, LIGHT, Charles, Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue

Topic: Exploring Frontiers
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Michael, LIGHT, Charles, Monjoronson
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


MICHAEL:  [Mark] I have assured you that I hear your calls and I do. I am here now at your request because we both will make it so. I wish once again to bring you my sense of peace to overlay on your human angst. This angst that you feel is absolutely normal and routine and natural to all those who are restless of spirit, desiring to grow more, be more and subsequently do more. This burning desire that true seekers experience is a motivational force, a stimulant, part of the equation designed to propel you forward, not so much propel you of its own accord but stimulate you so that you will reach out for you know not what.

This is just part of the routine mix of what it is to be granted this gift of grace, of experience we refer to as being a human. You are endowed with this internal stimulant which you may ride and use as a propellant to move you forward in the process of your growth, to have you seek and find and seek and find. So, the very fact that you repeatedly will ask this question of what you can do more or what you can do better or how you can do it better is proof positive that the entire program underway is working well. You are motivated by these internal forces as it was designed, you are reaching out as a natural effect to the cause as it was designed. The whole system is in fact working even though one may be dismayed at all the aspects of it which appear to be in dysfunction or disharmony. Such a life on such a planet is filled with such a variety that it can become easily overwhelming.

All aspects of truth, beauty and goodness exist side by side here in this unique time space environment, but you are on the chosen path. You have plotted your course and checked your heading. The surest way to make sure that one does not go too far astray from their heading is to keep coming back to check it repeatedly. Don’t take for granted that it was right yesterday so it will be right today for this is not the case. Your repeated efforts to come back and check your heading is another grand indication that you are on the right path. You do not take the path for granted but will check again to be sure it is the right path or perhaps there is a slightly more correct path.

This you are propelled to seek and in this act of seeking you will find. These continual confirmations are your assurance that you maintain the proper footing on the dedicated path. It is easy to stray from the path, it is normal and natural for the experiencing mortal to stray many times while on the path. All of these side trips and scenic diversions serve only to broaden your base of experience. They all come back to the main road, the superhighway of your access that you continually want to verify is the right route. This is all so perfectly as it should be, and I am in deep gratitude that you will demonstrate this success with the very act of asking your questions, how you can be more serviceable, more fruitful in your service. This in turn reflects the degree of spiritual growth that you have attained to even ask such questions.

Thank you Father for this gift of grace, this demonstration of the fruits of the plan, for the fruits of the spirit that we behold in this graceful demonstration. Let us bring our peace to these who labor in spirit, who are always seeking to do more and do it better. Let this inspiration serve them to reach and explore even further but let our peace descend upon them so that they may be in comfort about their position, their place, their actions. Let us bring them this peace Father, as part of their journey to go along with their stimulation and motivation for they are the ones in whom we are so pleased. We would certainly bring this gift of grace.

It is as always my great pleasure to come among you and join you as per your invitation. As I have stated many times, I take my leave now but I never really leave you. Look for me in every move and gesture that is made and when I am not present, bring me there. This is my request. So if one wishes for more to do, I have just laid out more of the banquet for you to indulge in. This notion of personalizing your Father Fragment by actively engaging in a sense of inclusion is a grand notion. This idea of focusing the skills of the mind into producing fruits of the spirit is indeed a key for you to consider in this application of functioning in unity that you would pursue.

You have come great distances with your exercises in energy building, energy creation and the application of such energies in your pursuit. But we are not finished, we have just begun. There are many many things that we may do with our processes. I invite you to give some creative energy to thinking about potentials in this process and I assure you I will be there with you and we shall have a great more to do in this process together because we have acted as partners. We have forged this relationship, we can now use it to expand on our experiences. Let it be so. My peace I leave with you my dear ones, my presence I leave with you my dear ones. It is only my words which will go away for a while. Once again, let it be so.

LIGHT:   [Cathy] Light should be spread and intensified. I am with you in this labor. You have unique tools and experiences to bring to the project. Together we can form the light and direct it to greater effect. We can send it anywhere that darkness is in need of illumination. Let’s spend some time together and bring the light. It is a real blessing and a challenge.

MICHAEL:  [Cathy] I had a vision of this group as an energy center, to bring the Father’s energy into the planet. At this moment of planetary transformation, all of the energy is being brought to Urantia. Intense energy is being focused to uplift the vibration of all the existing life on the planet. There have been other times of up-liftment in the past. These have been written in the Urantia Book as suddenly. The Father has made His will known that the planet rise to a new level of spirit. What the Father wills, is. We all know this is the truth. This does not mean that you, inhabitants of this world, do not play a part. It is indeed your choices that will bring about the changes desired. This is your assignment, to choose well, to choose truth, beauty and goodness and brotherhood.

Mark: I resonate with that idea that comes to mind that the portal was initially, at least in my mind, created to facilitate the access of spirit presence into our realm and mortal presence into the spirit realm and we probably need a whole lot of that right now. So I make the vocal petition to all spirit presences, to utilize our portal at their pleasure, to accept from us this gift of creation, this gift that we have helped construct in the process. Accept this as our bridge for a means of approach.

CHARLES:  [Mark] Hey guys, Charles here. I haven’t been around in a while and am filled with desire to reconnect. I have certainly observed the entire dialog this morning and wish to paint a slightly different image for you. Let me begin by endorsing the statement that this time we are entering, this phase of Urantia experience, will certainly be remembered as the stage of spiritual growth and evolution, and as such, such a stage will require much devotion and dedication to making it so. I hear all of your genuine pleas from your heart centers as to what is the most effective use of your energies at times. I will offer that exercises such as this portal building I have just participated in with you are indeed the waves of the future. What the energy field needs now more than anything are such contributions, are such offerings, really such openings provided, doors being slightly opened so that they may be further opened.

This is the value of what you do, which I grant you, must seem like it is very small in its significance. It will not be for some time that you will observe how effective and significant these contributions really have been. For those who are willing to go out in spirit and forge these new connections, make these new openings, ground these new energies, anchor these new fields of energy, those truly are the pioneers which are blazing the trail, installing the road signs and making the paths to the various areas that need to be settled in human consciousness.

Throughout all of history as you may recall it, the first pioneers, the first ones to strike out and create the ongoing experience of exploration, were always alone and apart, were always wondering in the back of their mind whether anyone would know or anyone would care. They were following their inspiration, their desire to seek. They were reaching out beyond the known because of this innate desire, but they were wholly uncertain that there would be those after them or that anyone anywhere would ever benefit from such a personal action as they had taken. An active exploring a region ends up subsequently opening the gateway and within a short period of time, many have traveled the trail that once was blazed by the few.

This is the way history works and repeats itself. This is the position that you hold as spiritual explorers. You are benefitting from the experiences you have gathered to date and these provide for you the strength and the desire to move forward. And so you blaze these trails, you create these pathways, even these portals. You do this of your own choosing. This represents your internal desire, where you choose to go on these paths. And so it is that you are destined to be the explorers of the wild frontier of spirit. There will be a new nation rise up around your territories of exploration. There will be a common awareness that is available to all as a result of this enhanced spiritual pressure.

So do not be dismayed that there are not many where you go to explore, for you are the ones saying we should have a settlement here of spirit and there will be many behind you who will share your vision. But we need those forerunners, those unconcerned with where the crowd is going and what common aspects are being experienced. Rather, we need those to go forward with the inspiration of the seeker and strike out into the very unknown land of spiritual creativity, awareness. I honor your process in all of this. It is a great pleasure to be assigned to be with you at this time. This becomes our joint experience for which I will forever remain grateful. I will bid you all a good week and invite you to spend a little more time each day in practice, for practice makes perfect. Let it be so.

MONJORONSON:  [Cathy] I am in this circuit of communication also. You are indeed a part of this project we are implementing. Messages have been recorded concerning this mission. It is indeed progressing as planned and as the energy of the planet is lifted it is nearing the point where our contact will be facilitated. I am eager to move forward with the plan of up-liftment. The work proceeds and we are all encouraged. It is for you to reach up. It is for each of you to increase your understanding and capacity to love. It is for each of you to recognize that we are all a part of the whole. It is for you to be open to the [compassion] and forgiveness for past transgressions. The plans for this world leaves no room for the strife that now tears at the fabric of humanity. The plan leaves only love and light. It is for you to bring with you the energy and light that can change this planet. I await your action and commitment to peace.

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