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2017-03-26-I AM GOD
Mezza Verde #219

Session nr. 3 of 26 March 2017 –English translation – Original French.
Place: Mezza Verde in Europe.
Received by Wivine.
Visitor : Monsanloran Melchizedek.

I’m here to talk about your faith, your experiences, the purpose of this practical education for the development of your soul. I came to talk about you. You, who as a result of your state of mind, proposed to help your planet this way.
You came to us, not because you are blind, followers, curious people, scholars or lunatics. You are not great academicians and far from idiots. You are from all social strata and different continents. You don’t even know each other, you don’t meet and yet you start to feel a connection between you.

It wasn’t like this in the beginning, no. But now, yes. Almost one year ago, you were just a lot of small lights scattered on different continents. Now, during your group meditations, you start to form a unit, a force, a great Light that continues to grow.
There is something that unites you and it’s the fact that you acknowledge the presence of your indwelling God Fragment, your Thought adjuster. The fact that you look constantly for this inner contact with Him; that you yearn to hear His Voice that is so soft, barely perceptible.

Whether you achieved it or not, has no impact on your growing faith and your communion with God. In this case, He will communicate indirectly with you, He will give you evidence of His existence through His Angels, Midwayers, other Celestial personalities and mortals; through a combination of circumstances so surprising that you will know for certain they didn’t happen by chance.

You achieved such a level of “religious faith” that you don’t speak any more about “believing”, but rather of “KNOWING”.
You know that God exists, that He communicates with you and that He is pure Goodness and Love. You know this with certainty. It is this knowing and communication with Him that awakened in you such a desire to help your fellow man that you came to us, in our Department and our service.

You are part of a project which is under the Orders and direct Command of Christ Michael – Jesus.
You are the for-runners of a “new quality of Humans”. You will achieve such spiritual heights that are now incomprehensible because they never existed on your planet, nor on others. You will discover them step by step. There are many ways to help your fellowmen on the material level as for example engage in humanitarian assistance through religious, private or commercial organizations.

However, there are not much ways to help on that higher spiritual level which has an important influence on the moral, ethical, social and religious awareness of all humanity. This is why Christ Michael developed this ingenious plan to work with humans who know that God dwells in them. Raising them by incessant work to such heights of belief and faith that will allow their indwelling God Fragment which is God, to work one day through them to solve many problems on your planet. Problems whose existence is unknown to you.

You are not lazy people. You are not satisfied with a few religious dogmas. No, you want the real experience because you possess that Living Faith. The one that moves mountains. The one that allows to grow in selfless love for others. The one who wants to serve. The one who seeks ACTION because it is this path that allows the soul to become every day a little more like this Great Creator of Love and Wisdom.

You’re not afraid to affirm your faith in God, because you know that which is unclear to the other. The other who has questions and looks left and right for truths without doing too much effort. The other who prefers to comply with the requirements of an organized belief system directed by an individual or a larger religious organization out of facility. The one who refuses to believe in God and only accepts the existence of the “Energies” with all the mysteries that it entails and which he or she calls ‘spirituality’.

You are people who have suffered; you all faced many challenges that you managed to overcome with courage, some even with heroic bravery. You have all been prepared and continue to be, to reach the goal that Jesus has in mind for you. You are active people, which we encourage. We don’t want you to become Mystics who withdraw from society because they don’t want to deal with the vicissitudes of life.

On the contrary! Real ‘religious faith’ is action and more action. Keep your profession, your business, your social and family life. Be a human among others, laugh, have fun and help. Accept the difficulties of material life without fighting them, reject them or fall into despair. God lives in you, you have your Angels, your Midwayers and us and so many others who will show you how to come through them. Solutions to your problems are always at hand. Ask and you will be instructed how to act and above all have the patience to let the difficulties dissolve.

Challenges that arise suddenly are a way to test the barometer of your faith. You often say to God in your prayers you want to become like Him, you want to submit your will to His Will: “Let your will be done, Father.” Don’t think he’ll take your word for it! God is not a fool. Oh, no! He will test you to see if you really think what you say. He will challenge you and at the same time keep the solution to get you out of it in the palm of His hand. Of course, it will be His solution not yours!

Accept those situations that suddenly change your life. Embrace the wonders that He puts on your path instead of rejecting them under false pretenses, or because it is not the solution you preferred for your problems. It is quite possible that God’s nice solution is not what you expected, but don’t require yours as a condition to move forward. Don’t stay passive before events that are happening to you, don’t hide under your bed. Take courage, keep your head up high before your challenges because you know that nothing happens in your life without a reason or just bad luck; certainly, not at your stage of evolution and understanding.

Don’t look for a culprit to blame. It’s so commonplace: ‘Oh, my God, it’s not my fault, it’s the other’. Rather, ask yourself which lesson you need to learn about your situation. The lesson that will bring you closer to God, help you to become a little more like God. Ask Him what He would do in your situation, how He would react. And if you’re listening instead of complaining, He will show you. Then you are still free to follow or not His counsel to elevate your soul a little more to His Height.

When you have gone through all these trials with brilliance, your soul will become close, very close to God. So close that you will feel the pre-fusion with your Thought adjuster in your heart. You’ll be so close to your God Fragment that one day you will wake up with a feeling and a strange certainty. This feeling and understanding will make you understand and even declare: “I am God”.
When that day comes, you will feel it in the depths of your soul and your heart and you will know why you say of yourself ‘I am God’, because you experienced it.

This is the stage of pre-fusion where the soul starts to blend with her indwelling God Fragment. Every step forward of the soul is always experienced, it’s a feeling even within the heart. Human intelligence plays no role in this and cannot influence it. It serves only to understand, to explain, because men need facts and bases to move forward to avoid getting lost in superstition and imposed dogmas. However soul progress is always felt, experienced, never intellectually understood and that is why so many Great Wise Men of the past were often illiterate.

Before I say goodbye, I salute Inirah of Madagascar that I visited not long ago to explain her certain things of which some are picked up in this session. You progress, my child. Patience, it takes time to receive and transcribe reliably a message that comes from us. You have to find a system by which you can receive and record or transcribe at the same time. We will help you in this. Now you do it out of memory and memory fades quickly. You are helping others a lot with your gifts. Keep on with your good work!

I ask you to draw as perfect as possible “the Cross” that was once revealed to your father which contains certain symbolic knowledge spoken of in the Urantia Book. The one you made a wooden copy of at Jesus request and which you call therefore “the Cross of Jesus”. It will allow others to reproduce it because its symbols are important and will speak directly to the hungry souls who look at it. Goodbye, my friends and keep going. There is still a lot of work waiting for us. We are with you.


{Note Wivine: Inirah speaks only the language of Madagascar which is not translated in the Urantia Book. She is Christian and kept also her traditional wisdom. She came in contact with certain concepts of this book through compatriots who are able to read it in other languages and of which some translate once in a while one of our sessions for her. She receives her spiritual truths through meditation and ancestral gifts just like her ancestors did and her husband does.}.

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