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MZV218- You Are His Kids

2017-03-05-You Are His Kids
Mezza Verde #218

Session nr 2 of 5 March 2017 – English translation – received in French by Wivine.
Lieu : Mezza Verde en Belgique.
Visitor: Malavatia Melchizedek. (A Melchizedek who is a direct representative of Father Melchizedek and The Most High Observer- Vorondadek – see session nr 30 of 2013).

{Note Wivine: Saturday, January 14, 2017 my husband stood up with signs of a heart attack. I called a cab to bring him from Placencia to Belize City to see a cardiologist (3h30min drive). The cardiologist found he had a heart problem but could not see inside the arteries. He nevertheless managed to stabilize the condition of my husband a few days later with the instruction to return as soon as possible in our country for more advanced medical care. We arrived in Brussels on Saturday, January 22, 2017.
We brought him immediately to a hospital and after 4 days the cardiologists solved the problem. But we had to make decisions. We had to rent a house, furnish it, buy warm clothes because we came from + 30°C (86F) and in Belgium it was minus 5°C (23F). We had to do so many things to settle again in Belgium. Finally, after two weeks we found housing and had everything needed to live normally. When everything seemed to stabilize, I caught a “huge cold” and found myself with a flu and pneumonia. Well, something like that, I’m exaggerating a little bit here.

In fact, I refused to go further and take a new obstacle. It was too much, just too much. The situation was familiar to me. 20 years ago, my first husband died of incurable cancer. I fought with God in those days: He drew my husband to the heavens by his head and arms and I pulled him towards me by his legs and feet. Obviously, God won. I’ve learned my lesson and I told God: “God let your will be done. It is your child and of course I will not hide that I’d rather keep him a little longer with me. It will be as you like. Your decisions are always the best and the good ones.

The disease helped me to take a step back, to make clear to my environment that I had my limits. It allowed me to retreat and tap into my inner life power. I took my time. I am 64, things aren’t as fast as before. I managed to regain my physical strength and spiritual activities one by one without medical help. Next week we will continue to work on African countries that have not yet been helped. Meanwhile Madagascar is bathing again in ‘Divine Light’ and in the ‘Light of their famous ancestors’; we had a new ‘activation’ in Rwanda and Madagascar. We also thank all those who kept us in their prayers during these anxious moments.}

MALAVATIA:   Hello my girl, I am back at your side to reach out to you so that you can get up and resume your activities.
You understand now that as soon as you accept that your Thought adjuster controls your thoughts, this indwelling God Fragment will eventually control your life. Especially if you start to devote that life to a living and active service to humanity according to the precepts and instructions of God and His Son Jesus. This God that you love so much, above all and everything.

Your work on the American continents is finished. You have to come closer to the Eurasian and African continents because it is from these continents that will come the majority of requests for the “activation of the spirit receptive mind glands”. These people wish to work with Jesus to transform your planet in a place where it will be nice to live for everyone. Where the air will be clean and breathable, water will be clear and drinkable, where the soil will feed plants, shrubs and trees in a natural way, of which the seas and rivers will have abundant healthy fish.

These people have one thing in common with you: they love and have faith in God and Jesus just as you do. They all feel the need to be passionately active to help their brethren to climb the ladder towards a spirituality that will lead everyone straight to God through his Son Jesus, while respecting the beliefs and traditions of each and every one. They all want to develop their country economically and spiritually by maintaining a lasting peace as well as having affordable medical care for all.
These people will help us in various functions and tasks that they will accomplish through their daily life, during their meditations and bilocation exercises to help their country and continent.
First, they will learn to work with the Energy of the Trinity to then learn to work with the Pure Energy of their Thought adjuster or indwelling God Fragment.

The fact that people are able to work with the Pure Energy of their Thought Adjuster and manage to do this consciously is very important for us. As soon as they approach their God Fragment in such a way that He has the opportunity to work through them, they can be taken by us to some dangerous and inaccessible places to stem or prevent environmental disasters of human origin in industrial, technological, oil or nuclear domain.
It will be activities done during your sleep and meditations of which you will have no remembrance. It must be so to keep your mental and psychological balance. Maybe sometimes there will be some details that will go through the cracks, but it won’t be much.

My girl, you started in Belize with a small group of people of different ages, different ethnic backgrounds and all of them spoke different languages.
Now you’ll start with more people, living on different continents, of different ages and ethnic backgrounds, speaking different languages and living in different time zones.
They have one thing in common: they know Jesus and believe in God. They are aware of the existence of a Thought adjuster who lives in every human being. They all want to work actively with us and Jesus to help their families and receive the ‘Big Means’ to help more people and better under our guidelines.

You all live in a period of great upheaval because two negative forces will meet in a great battle.

(Wivine: don’t be so naïve to think it is the Russian people against the Americans or the Chinese people against the Americans or the Russians people against the Europeans.)

Jesus could only win the ‘battle of Light’, he could never have lost it and what you’ll see soon will be negative forces that will fight and exterminate each other.

When you send this ‘Great Power of Love and Mercy’ which is the Pure energy of your God Fragment, to people who feel much hate and are without love they will not be able to accept it and their hate will turn against them and those who are like-minded; then comes the time when the wolves will devour each other.
On the other hand, if you send this ‘Great Power of Love and Mercy’ to bad people who still possess a bit of selfless love, the Pure energy of the Thought Adjuster will transform them into good poeple.

Let’s talk now about the Avonal or Paradise Son, born on Earth January, 12th, 2015 who received the earthly name of Aaron of his mom. This kid just turned two years old and has since several months his God Fragment or Thought Adjuster. He already works with you in the “borderland” between your material world and the beginning of the Morontia worlds.
His soul is developing a special Morontia body that will serve him well later in his earthly duties. Just as you are developing yours.

Normally you receive a Morontia body when your soul is resurrected in the resurrection halls of the 1rst Mansion World after the death of your terrestrial body; your physical body that will disintegrate in time or be cremated.
On the other hand, those who will manage to work with the Pure Energy of their indwelling God Fragment, by approaching God in such a way that it becomes possible for Him to do so, you will not know physical death or resurrection on the 1st Mansion World like other mortals.

Those ones are creating little by little a ‘special Morontia body’ to be able to do more and better work during their bilocation exercises and other tasks, even after a possible accidental death of their physical body.
In case you didn’t complete it when such a thing would happen, you will receive from Jesus the necessary life force and support of morontia helpers, to finish that morontia body that will allow you to continue your tasks on Earth the time required for their completion. You will thus continue to work in a semi-material body with those Melchizedeks already present on earth and those who have yet to come.

These « special morontia bodies » have many advantages:

  • – They don’t have any blood circulation.
  • – They don’t need material food.
  • – They can be raised in spiritual energy in order to be able to move through walls and physical mountains with no impact; or to get in touch with higher spiritual worlds.
  • – They can be densified in such a way that mortals can see them with their physical eyes, and hear their voice.

What does that mean concretely for you? For you who work or will work directly for Jesus of Nazareth or Christ Michael, our Creator Son of Nebadon?

In case you lose your physical body after an accident, you will immediately receive such a “type” of morontia body if you didn’t yet achieve to create you one during your meditations, the use of the Energies of Paradise and your Thought adjuster’s as well as during your bilocation exercises.
This will allow soul evolution while helping your planet, the other rebel planets and later by performing tasks on Morontia worlds still under the leadership of Christ Michael.
You will always work directly under Jesus because you are “His Kids”, his faithful army of kids who will grow in number.

You have a privileged relationship with Jesus, because you accepted His Teachings about the Fatherhood of God and as a result the Brotherhood of men; because you are practicing His Teachings through a living, active and totally selfless service to your fellow men; because you are ready to communicate His Teachings by integrating it in your lives.
Jesus will always be at your side to help you. He will always work with you, even later on the morontia and semi-spiritual worlds of Nebadon and you will always be filled with His inspiring “Spirit of Truth”.
Go on, my children, move on and don’t give up. You are never alone. Sometimes you are separated and then brought back together or with others. You are all on the “path”. See you soon.

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