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MZV217- Sowing Seeds

2017-01-09-Sowing Seeds
Mezza Verde #217

Session nr. 1 of 9 January 2017 –English translation- original Dutch.
Place: Mezza Verde in Placencia, Belize.
Received by Wivine.
Visitor : Jesus – Christ Michael –Creator Son of our local universe Nebadon.

JESUS:   My dear children, I came to clarify something.
When I walked on your planet 2,000 years ago, I trained a lot of people to proclaim the “Glad Tidings” in the existing civilizations of the past. My teachings were different when I was with my “Apostles”, the “evangelists” or the masses. My Apostles formed a small group whose members were thirsty for higher truths and they followed me with deep conviction. They had given up a lot to follow me, like their families and possessions. They were my ambassadors and faithful followers They were introduced in higher truths and received capabilities to help physical diseases as well as mental illnesses to help people. It is also of them that the most was expected.

The evangelists were trained by my Apostles to proclaim ‘My Message’. However, they remained free to speak about ‘My truth’ in their own personal ways, and I encouraged them in this. They taught all people of the Roman Empire, as well as other existing civilizations in Africa, Asia and India.

There were no phones in those days or modern printing press, not to mention the internet. People traveled a lot at the time, and were also transporting goods from one continent to another; it just took more time than now. After a while, I started to be very well known and people came in large numbers to hear my “Message” or to be cured, sometimes by the thousands. Masses of people came from different backgrounds, with different degrees of thirst for spiritual truth and intellectual abilities. There was of course also a large number of curious people who wanted just to participate and not to forget my enemies who wanted to destroy ‘My Teachings’.

That’s why I taught my Apostles and evangelists what follows. When you speak to a small homogeneous group, you can always adapt ‘the Message’ to the intellectual abilities and thirst for spiritual truth of the people. You can also bring variations in your teachings, which is desirable. This avoids falling into the trap of transmitting a dogmatic and sterile doctrine.

However, you cannot do this in front of a large mass of people with different capacities of understanding, degrees of motivation and spiritual aspirations. You can’t use different words and concepts to reach all these types of people who standing in front of you. This is why I started, and so did my Apostles, to tell stories to the masses, parables and comparisons so that everyone could understand and interpret them at his level. You, on the contrary, possess all these modern communication facilities, which I, as well as the Celestials, are very eager to use.

I compared myself once to “a sower of seeds” and I still sow seeds, but in a different way than before. Some develop slow and others grow spontaneously. Sometimes they get lost and sometimes a new germ doesn’t survive. This is what happens when you sow on a wide range. It can bring disappointments, especially if you have made a lot of efforts to germinate the seeds. I know all about it. These are the rules of the game. The sower has not always everything in hand and the transformation of a seed in a large plant depends on many circumstances.

When I transmit a message here or to someone else, to answer questions which lie in the heart of many people, it is not to put it in a closet. It is to turn on a lamp so that people can see from afar its ‘light’ to reach out to it if they wish.
It is to communicate through your modern means.

If one reads this message and is so enthusiastic about it that one feels the need to spread it in its environment through its own means of communication, we welcome this. This will allow more people to see the ‘light’ emitted by the lamp; it will be seen by those people who need it and to whom their Thought Adjuster or Angel will lead them.
Books and the internet are means for us to give answers to questions to those who don’t have the ability to receive directly spiritual messages inside themselves. Answers that will allow their Thought Adjuster to guide them in their quest of spiritual insight and these people still represent the mass on your world.

The day all mankind will be aware of the existence of their indwelling God Fragment, of their inner spiritual guidance, of the existence of the Celestial Orders and be able to communicate directly with them, there will be no need to sow seeds this way.
We are still not there and that is why I made a call in the previous session (nr26) to those who want to receive a significant, individual training to get there and much further.

Not to receive and transmit our messages as is done currently; for something completely different that you can’t imagine because it’s an unknown thing which has never existed in your world. Something you will discover during your training.
That’s it for today, my dear children. Until next time.

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