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NSH194- Live Lives of Fearless Love

2004-05-16-Live Lives of Fearless Love
Nashville #194


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Live Lives of Fearless Love
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ham
o 2.2 TR: Rebecca
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Personal Counsel
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Live Lives of Fearless Love
Group: Nashville TeaM
Teacher: Ham
TR: Rebecca


HAM:   Greetings, children, I am Ham and I thank you each for coming this evening. My friends, you are all doing well. It is wonderful to see you growing and each one developing individual talents, the gifts God has given you. It is not enough to hide away your gift, to keep it safely hidden. No, each person must work on his own specific endowment. You must multiply the talents, so to speak and you must also allow these gifts to be part of the lives of others and to impact other people. In short, to help make your own way in the world, each of you here has gifts you have not discovered the extent of these gifts yet. But you are beginning to reveal them and to be responsible in your handling of your gifts.


HAM:    Each of you is like a flower beginning to bloom. Your work in the world is like a blossoming and this blossoming also helps others to blossom within themselves. It is wonderful to see all of you blooming, growing, changing, and impacting the world. My joy at being part of your lives, my gratitude for being allowed to aid this blossoming, humbles my heart and I must give thanks to our Father for allowing such wonder on such a lowly planet.

The Father’s perfection is boundless. The beauty and symmetry of his creation is likewise limitless. The smallest particle, the beauty of the material structure of life never ceases to draw awe and wonder from my soul. That beauty and harmony exists throughout the vast limits of material creation on all levels. The spheres of space align in the same harmony and beauty as the beauteous symmetry of a molecule. But, the most beautiful thing in existence is the human soul. Beautiful and perfect from God and yet individual and human at once. The real work of this life you are living is all concerned with the growth of your soul. Accomplishments and rewards are worth nothing unless they contribute to the growth of your souls.

My friends, each day truly do you stand on the brink of your destiny. For each day you add to the growth of your souls. Think on this and contemplate the great wonder of life. Feel your souls develop and feel your souls become beautiful. Feel your hearts blooming and opening and receiving the warm love of the Father as a flower receives the warmth of the sun. Do not be afraid to bloom in this world. Do not hide your light under a basket. Gradually, you are coming through a long journey which began with fear and distrust of the world and is now coming full circle to the day you were born when life was love and love was life. The discovery of love is also rediscovery of yourselves. As you discover God within you, so do you discover him all around you.

Live lives of fearless love. Find love in the world – in other people, in nature’s creation – and give your love to love so that all love is one and you are part of everything that is. Sometimes human beings are like frightened animals. You might put your hand out to them and they might snap or scratch back at you. But you do not blame them for their fears. You must simply look beyond them to see the frightened child within. You are all coming to understand that you need not be afraid of anyone and that you can be a representative of love to those who are frightened.

Have love in your hearts my children and be representatives of the Master and his love. When you are in doubt, try to see the world through the Master’s eyes. When you are frightened, cling to him and allow his love to assuage your fears and comfort your souls. Do not make the mistake of trying to live according to his will without his involvement. Many people don’t understand the difference. Make him personally part of your lives and at every step turn to him. Do not try to create something apart which you can then present to the Master. Create everything with him. Allow him his say at every small opportunity for his spirit grows stronger as you grow within that spirit and his spirit is personal, and his spirit deals with each person personally.

Love him as a father, brother, best friend. Bring him into your thoughts and into your lives in ever greater measure. In this way, your souls will become gradually a bit more perfect each day and your lives gradually a bit more harmonious with others each day. You will be as living representatives of his love and this is the most any human being can aspire to. Feel his blessing upon you, his loving arms around you, and be secure in knowing him as you know yourselves, as you know any person. And know of a certainty he will not fail you, he will not abandon you but will be with you through your lives and into the next world. For this is the Master’s promise. All you must do is believe. What are your questions?

Personal Counsel

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

HAM:   : Certainly, daughter, you do well. Slowly but certainly you are moving forward with courage. Continue in your work my dear. Put one foot before the other and allow the Master to steady you, to comfort you, and to guide you in this effort. Yes, take no step back, push forward and continue in your work. Allow his love to illuminate your path for truly you are serving him. Take comfort in this thought and continue.

Q: Jarad?

HAM:   : Yes, my son, of course. You also must steady yourself with the Master’s hand. Hold fast to his guidance and continue to bring him into all levels of your life. As this relationship develops, embrace him ever more. Feel his spirit as the way shower for he is truly the one helping to illumine your path. Continue to open your heart to him. Allow him to enter and to be with you through all things. Embrace his love and reveal his love for this my son is your destiny.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Jim?

HAM:   : Certainly. My son, your faith is growing even in the face of this physical hardship. Understand that your spiritual growth, the well being of your soul, is of the utmost importance to all the beings surrounding you. The Master’s light grows stronger within you day by day. Hold onto this and talk to him, ask of him, show him your faith by reaching out to him. In all things you are finding a way toward the spirit. Continue this, for you do very well.

Q: Ham, I would like to know if I have a message please?

HAM:   : Of course my son. You are doing very well and you are continuing to grow in the spirit. For many years you have needed desperately the warmth of the Master’s love and the constancy of his support, his upholding spirit. The reality of this is now breaking upon your mind as you come to understand who your real Father and Mother are in the universe. Your real father is never disappointed or upbraiding. He does not act like a creditor or judge. No, your real father values you, your soul and your unique personality above all things. You are his son and he has claimed you. The rest of your life will be spent claiming your sonship and realizing. Be at peace my child, all is well.

Q: A message for me please Ham?

HAM:   : Yes, of course. My son, you do very well. You are indeed growing into your greater self and part of that process is the releasing of the lesser self. The butterfly must forsake the cocoon. My son, you life continues to unfold even as your soul unfolds its petals. Gradually you are completing a reorientation in the world and are moving from uncertainty, doubt, and fear increasingly toward certain faith, complete love, and total security. And though you see where you are going, the false security of the cocoon can beckon. But my son, that life is passing away and you are drying your wings in the warmth of the Father’s love. Live fully, live completely with unbounded faith. It is time to look forward rather than backward and to be open to love, to expansion, and growth. Do not stumble or tire for at each step you will have what you need.

Q: For Catherine please?

HAM:   : Yes, my daughter, be at ease in your heart and do not fear the future. Cling closely to this man for he will provide all that you need if you will let him. Do not be distrustful of love and allow yourself to be happy. Step forward, my dear, and go gently along the path of truth. It is not a path to be walked alone. Trust love and you will find an increased trust of yourself.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

HAM:   : Certainly. My son, have faith. You too must continue to grow in self-discovery and in the wonder of that discovery. Peace and happiness are yours, but often you choose to reject these gifts of God out of certain preoccupations. But my son, the Master seeks entrance into every detail. He seeks admittance into every corner of your heart. Take your time and allow his love ever greater entrance.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

HAM:   : Yes of course. My son, your star continues to rise. You are finding happiness and increased satisfaction in your life as you move closer to the Master and his guidance. Feel his arm about your shoulder and his gentle whisper within your ear. Rest in the joy of his love and do not step back into doubtful unknowing but continue ever forward in certainty and faith as you have. Gradually you are leaving behind the old shell as well and are growing into expanded awareness and function in the world. This is exactly where you should be and I am very pleased with your progress personally as well. Ask of the Master and it shall be given.


Yes, remember this, ask and ye shall receive for now you know what to ask. Go in peace my son, all is well. And until next week, my love and prayers are with all. Farewell.

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