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NID842- Breathing Light Energy

2014-09-28-Breathing Light Energy
No Idaho #842


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Breathing Light Energy Into Motion
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Jonathan, Serena, Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Light
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Barriers
 3.2.2 Mind, Distraction
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Breathing Light Energy Into Motion
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Jonathan, Serena, Charles
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


JONATHAN:  [Mark] Greetings dear friends, I am Jonathan availing myself of this opportunity to commune with you this morning. I seize this grand opportunity because a gem has just been placed before you. I would like to take it and examine it and explore some of its beauty. The gem I refer to is the simple statement made of breathing light energy into motion.


JONATHAN:   This statement is profound. It almost defined in a few short words what your role is to play in this plane. Just as the solar panels gather the suns rays and collect them and turn them into a form which may be monitored and measured, so do you serve a similar purpose. You are there, receivers of this divine energy. You collect these waves and focus them in your being and the very fact that you are alive, enables you to add motion and direction to this collection of energies. Therefore, this statement of purpose would be well to bear in mind. You are the collectors, the receivers, but you also are the directors, the channelers, the ones who can focus these collected divine energies.

What a joy it is to consider that this is the interface that you have, this is the place that you exist between the divine rays emanating from on high to the very ball of dirt that you walk upon. You are this interface between these two dimensions. While you are living, you focus energies even as you breathe, as simply as you breathe, as directly as you breathe. Many breaths while you are human are taken without any consideration, they are simply routine, normal and natural parts of being alive.

But when one comes into consciousness, they realize that every act of mortal life may be infused with spirit intention, may be directed with spiritual causes and become charged with this spirit presence and altered in this state. This is what you do, sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously. You have effects on your environment because of your intentions directed and focused and you are learning of this truth and becoming comfortable with your relationship to it. It is a joy to watch the capacity of the students expand as they exercise their understanding.

What a joy it is to be with you in this process, to be counted as your friend while we observe these changes together. It is my desire to participate with you to the fullest of my capacities. I sense you share my desire and so we have much that will be brought our way for our consideration. For now I am just so pleased to be with you to seize the gems that are offered and expand upon them as I may be able. Thank you for allowing me this room in your individual parlors of spirit in which you so generously accommodate me. That is what I will offer for today. It is always a pleasure to join you again, farewell.


SERENA:  [Cathy] In the enhancement of light energy it is important to maintain clarity of purpose and intention. Any animosity will provide a blockage in the path of light as it moves through you. Unease and discord form a break in the continuity of the light as it is moving toward the intended destination. Your group has developed a powerful source of this light. It is a tool that may be used to great effect under the proper direction. We can see the potential and encourage you to work on the clarity of your inner circuit. One tool available is the stillness and communication with your Father. Your Father and Mother have volunteered to help you clear the blockages in your energy circuitry. You only need to request their assistance.

Mind, Distraction

CHARLES:  [Mark] Thank you for letting me through, I am Charles. I understand that the mortal consciousness easily strays from being focused. We see it all the time of course, it is nothing unusual. So this brings me to the subject, the rub, the problem with focusing on focused spiritual intention is how easily the mind wanders, how easily there is friction and there is stimulation. These things cause the mind to jump and look in that direction, pursue down that path, you find yourself in a completely different dimension sooner that you can believe it.

This is both the power and the weakness of the mind capacity, the function of the brain. It has very quick responses, it is easily sparked and therefore flashes of thought or sound or light may easily deflect this sharp instrument into a new direction. This is one of your greatest mortal challenges, to realize the tendency of this mind to jump and startle and be put off of focus. It is also simultaneously one of the greatest aspects of this grand tool of your mind, the ability to redirect, the ability to change direction, to insert intention and purpose into the equation and redirect as necessary.

This is the active part. The passive part was to observe that your mind has strayed and you are now thinking about other things, into another land, another world unto yourself. The active part is to keep a mindful eye on where the mind is and where it would wish to be with the constant intention of watching for straying and redirecting to the desired coordinates. With great gifts like the mind, come great challenges. Surely the mind is your ultimate tool for pioneering your vessel and yet even the mind requires a captain. One above, perhaps an admiral, to watch the course headings and make sure that the mind is serving the proper captain, is doing the proper headings and is keeping things going in the proper direction. If not, it is easy enough to redirect this powerful tool and it will comply if it is your desire.

This is true in all aspects of human experience where the mind participates; grieving, sorrow, doubt, fear, all of these are avenues the mind will travel down if provoked, if allowed, if permitted. The operator of the grand system is the one who must call the system to order and dictate which of these potentials, which of these paths of these compass headings will you take and which will you avoid and forsake. The mind is happy to do either. It will do whichever, it will pursue whichever course has been set. It is up to the owner/operator to take charge and dictate which course is set.

So while you encounter these episodes of the mind taking you here and there, be keen to realize there is one behind it all who has overriding power and is ultimately in charge and can steer this mind in the direction of their choosing. True, this may take vigilance and perseverance but it is certainly within the scope of what all owners of such a mind are capable of. To this end, it may serve all of you to be mindful of what distractions you bring into your sphere of consideration and awareness for each one of these potentials you allow may trigger the mind to go down that path, to live that reality and you may become more and more discerning about which of those you need allow in your space, for that as well is under your control. You determine how much and what outside influence you allow into the equation.


CHARLES:   I thought I would have a few words to say about the mind and its wandering and its distractions as I was encountering them firsthand with my associate. Thank you for this opportunity to explore these thoughts and patterns. It is always my pleasure to be given the opportunity with intention. I bid you all have a good week. I will be in attendance as we hold further meetings, thank you.

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