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NID843- Exploring Potentials

2014-10-05-Exploring Potentials
No Idaho #843


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Exploring Potentials
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Gerdean, Charles, Thought Adjuster
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
 3.1.1 Experiment
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Potential
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Exploring Potentials
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Gerdean, Charles, Thought Adjuster
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


GERDEAN:  [Cathy] I have indeed considered your invitation to communicate from my new position. I was pleasantly surprised to reconnect with Jonathan as I was greeted on this sphere by many of our brothers and sisters. To describe the experience is beyond words, even for someone like myself who has always been a wordsmith. Our work was revealed to me in an expanded form that humbled me as I considered my view from the earthly plane. We are indeed blessed with a tool and a power that is unique in human experience. I encourage you, our group, to continue to press forward in exploration of our potentials. I see that the work is far from complete and the potential is enormous and profound. I encourage experimentation with light in all its forms. Be assured that the beacon you produce is most glorious from this viewpoint. I will take my leave but remain with you.


CHARLES:  [Mark] Good morning my friends, I will make some noise as a result of the invitation and cooperation of my associate, I am Charles. It is my pleasure to join you once again. I never fail to observe your inner actions and meetings but I don’t always accept the speaking invitation when there are others. But, this morning I would like to acknowledge that your discussions of the various realms of spiritual activity are indeed inspiring because these are the lessons that we are trying to get across, that we all endeavor to expose you to, these different dimensions of where you can be in spirit, different places you can occupy, that you can actually move from here to there and become aware that there has been a shift.

This is a great accomplishment and one that we all enjoy witnessing as it demonstrates the success of the process we’ve been engaged in. I also enjoy contributing with you your directed energies and practicing working together with you in the quiet, in spirit, but unified and directed in purpose. These exercises serve to strengthen our faith. As we engage more and more with the process we are strengthened by our experience with the process and we bring greater and greater faith to the equation.

As for your discussion earlier on what might or might not be appropriate to attempt or to do or to allow or to become, I would simply state the obvious that in the end you will expand to the greatest of your capacity and you will embrace all things which are within that capacity to embrace and then your capacities will expand with the advent of your exercise and your faith as we discussed and then you will be able to hold more experience, and do more, become more in the process. This pattern of growth and change and growth and change is the constant throughout your eternal career, expanding to accommodate, expanding to hold, growing in your skills and abilities to navigate.

And so it is that you know, as a group you have encountered many new frontiers which at first to you seemed odd or strange or dissonant and they may have been a challenge for you to assimilate into your expanded awareness, but as you grew comfortable and familiar with them, they have brought you great strength. They have indeed increased your faith and now you are emboldened by this process to go and strike out in a new spiritual direction because you realize this is how it’s done, that this is the process in action.

And so now there may be another invitation from the universe before you to expand out and grow to accommodate, another new opportunity, another new challenge, another new notch in your belt which you take with you as part of your experience. I have great faith in your ability to keep growing and that you will not find a plateau and be content with it for long. You have grown to enjoy the ride, the motion of moving forward in your ascension career, the active part that you can play in the process and so I do not expect any of you will be unable to accommodate any future dimensional shift. We would not be here having this conversation had you shown much resistance to what the potentials were in this process that we use. And so it is you will find new processes and expanded ways because you are open, because you are in motion you may be guided.

I always appreciate the opportunity to come and speak words of encouragement to those who are out on the field at play and are moving in the process dynamically. I enjoy my opportunity to come on the field with you for a few moments and share this common experience of growth for I gain much from my contact with you. I am grateful for this, thank you all for accommodating me, coming out and joining me in this arena together. It is my great pleasure, thank you. ====

Thought Adjusters Inner Voice: I will accept this opportunity, I am this ones Inner Voice and I sense that a door has been opened, an opportunity has presented itself and I would accept this opportunity. I am wholly dependent in my desire to accept this on my associate, my host, you see I have no voice, I have no way to make words, I have no means of audible communication. I am mingled with thought but I am not spoken except through the voice of my host. When I attempt communication it will have to come through some host, someone with a brain, someone who can formulate thought into words, someone then in this case who can make words into sound.

All this is a lengthy and human/mortal process. None of these things is Me, I am behind all of this, to the side of the brain, in between this living organism and my divine origins. I inhabit a space within you. I am there alongside but I do not possess as you do, a set of characteristics as you do. I do not share a name or this named association with a personality as you do. I am individual and distinct as you are and yet I am part of the whole as you are but we are different in our composition. You are built on mortal experience and this mortal experience conditions the combination of what is called you, by your name and referring to this set of traits.

This is what is treasured about each individual, is this unique combination of traits formed out of this hard won experience of mortal life. This is what I desire to combine with and add my dimension to and become part of. What you are building, this unique treasure of experience of becoming a spiritual being, is what I desire to share with you and be a part of insofar as I will be allowed. This is a supreme gift and one that we may exchange, my supreme gift of an aspect of divinity and your supreme gift of an aspect of mortality. It is designed that we combine these, we share these two vast differences, combined into one experience, one being moving forward. And so it is that I have chosen you. And so it is that you are choosing me. And so it is that this process unfolds in this manner where we at first inhabit the space as separate entities and eventually grow to combine with each other and become one.

But there is no hurry in this process. We have an eternal career ahead of us to make these advances and take these steps which we are destined to take. For now, the objective may be to simply be in the state we are now to the fullest of our capacities to enjoy this aspect of the mortal and divine experience, to appreciate this part of the journey as we take it and make it. That is what my desire for you, my desire for us, is at this juncture, to breathe in the awareness, to expand the consciousness of our association, to appreciate the magnitude of this gift of grace we share. These are the fruits of the spirit.

And so, I will take advantage of such an opportunity as this to make our voice known, to let you once again feel where I am coming from, to shout from the corner as it were, and attempt to get your attention from over here. I will go to any measure, any length to realize my commitment to you so fear not that we will not succeed in our process for I have devoted myself and you are devoting yours and we are merrily on our way. Let it be so. Let it be embraced that this is our destiny, this is our truth, this is our experience together and let us be merrily along our way bringing joy and peace and love and infusing our experience with it. This is the best gift we can give our Divine Parents who have given us everything, is the glad expression of it, the happy use of it, the joy and contentment as simply being aware of the grace and the peace and the love. Those are the rewards we bring to those who make it possible for us.

Thank you all very much for your steadfast attention. It is truly much to offer and you offer it freely. I appreciate stepping in and being able to strum on these chords that we share between us, to play a few tones that may be felt deep within. You are loved, you are cherished. We are loved and cherished. Let my presence signify that to you always, for I am an emissary of love from on high that is a gift to you. May I be proper tribute to such a gift. I will be with you always, I will not ever fail you and we will become close as close friends and eventually as close as one, only to make our way back and become one again with the Great One. Let it be so, let it be joyous and with peace and with love. It is so, farewell.


JONATHAN:  [Cathy] I wish to echo the enthusiasm for Gerdean’s participation with our group. It is as Charles mentioned, a continuation of our growth in faith and spirit. We have dedicated our energies to this pursuit and have indeed expanded our capacities to move forward in faith. It is exciting to be in connection and loving association. The potentials for action are ripe and will be fruitful if we choose to bring our action together and focus our intention. Let’s circle around the table and get to work.

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