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NID844- Reflections

No Idaho #844


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Reflections on the Teaching Mission
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Jonathan, Gerdean
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Reflections on the Teaching Mission
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Jonathan, Gerdean
TR: Mark Rogers


ELYON:  Good morning friends, I am Elyon. I sense a warm welcome and it warms my being as well to feel a sense of familiarity and welcome and comfort in this group. Some things never change while, as you all witness by your discussions, other things change greatly. It is one of those great contrasts of the mortal experience to be able to experience the Constance of love and acceptance and peace that one returns to and feels over and over and over again when in spirit and when aligned with such ideals when contrasted to the ever changing pictorial landscape around you. One year it looks like this, the next it looks different. One moment it appears one way and the next moment it is thrown into great contrast.

At each juncture it is before you, the observer, and you choose to experience both the ever changing landscape and the ever constant vantage of spirit perspective. This is what makes it so much richer for you to experience the somewhat tumultuous expression before you that is ever changing and morphing into other things and to look at it through the eyes of spirit and see the aspects that stay the same and the aspects that change through it all.

Learning to see it through the eyes of spirit you are able to discern that the values which are worth supporting and surviving the changes simply exist in different forms throughout the changing landscape, that truth remains truth and becomes more truthful as the picture changes, that goodness becomes greater and more as the picture changes, or at least you are able to see it more, and that your idea of beauty may be so altered and transformed by your awareness that you may see beauty where you never saw it before. It is not only a function of the outward world changing, it is more so a function of the observer and their awareness and consciousness which are changed and allowing you to see more of the values that are contained in the equation.

Thus, it is such a great pleasure to join you this morning for I was there in the beginning. I was there when we first reached out together, when we first reached towards each other and when there was the first connection made there was this spark of magic. I was there as were you and now we assemble again, both remaining faithful to the experience, to the truth, to the value contained, to the goodness, to the beauty. This expression of grace that we have both experienced has uniquely modified both of us, all of us who have come in contact with it. None of us will ever be quite the same. This unique experience that we have shared will be one of the things that survives about us.

And so, like you, I have a fondness in my being. I have high regards for the experience, what we did, what we were able to do, what we accomplished, what we made real by our acts of faith. In so doing this, we have demonstrated to our Divine Parents that we will accept this gift of grace, we will embrace it, we will manifest it, that this constitutes our desire to join their plan, to be part of this great experience in full consciousness with our faith as our sail. So many things are made available by our Divine Parents that we are only able to really grasp a few as they go by. But this one we seized, we grabbed on to it and we made it real. It was the combined and joint expression of this grace which we will recall and refer to and history will recall and refer to as this Teaching Mission.

But I’m sure you will join me in gratitude towards our Divine Parents saying we have been the beneficiaries, we have been the students, we have been given this gift of grace as well as having joined in supporting it and promoting it, that it has been a gift of grace for us, each individually. We have come a long way in this process and it is a joy to rally around the table again and toast to the many experiences we engaged, the many opportunities that we have taken advantage of, the many gifts of grace that we have seen as part of this whole process, the growth that we can look around the table and see each other and ourselves.

Thank you Divine Parents, this has been a glorious trail that we have chosen and that we have walked and that we have traveled that you have provided for us, that we have chosen and made real. We have done our best to travel this trail, to see the sights that are planned for us, to witness the different aspects of this journey. We have attempted to read signposts and trail markings as we have gone in this direction that is not well traveled. If there are others who would benefit by finding this trail, we pray that we have made it more accessible.

We simply add another trail to your great guidebook, one we have traveled down and mapped to this point. We still don’t know its ultimate destination but it has been a good trail and we offer it up for your consideration, for the consideration of others. We have made it real, it has been real to us and so now we may offer it as an aspect of reality to the Supreme. Let it be so, let this gift be our gift of grace in return.

Thank you all so much for being a part of this journey with me and providing such a place where I feel so welcome and at home whenever I drop in from time to time.

JONATHAN:  Hello friends, I heard there was a meeting of old friends and so I come to join you as well, I am Jonathan. Like you, I experience the sense of comfort and peace at rejoining an old energy field, an old circuit of friends. It’s like I never left. This is a taste, just a small taste of what it is to be an eternal being, of being able to revisit old energy fields and circuits is as easy as a thought. Once we have traversed down our eternal career paths longer, there will be so many of these instances where it may seem as though we go back in time, we travel in time to revisit the circuitry of old friends, of old experiences. This is part of the glorious composition that we are given, our abilities to gather these different experiences, to recall these different energy fields, to even revisit them at will.

This is a magnificence of the eternal career that we have been graced with. We are just getting our first taste of what it is to accumulate this vast library of experience sensations, sights and sounds and to be able to revisit those and remember or re-feel what the experience was like. This is done simply by connecting to the energy field again. So as we accumulate more and more of these in our experiences, we will be able to revisit these and one day perhaps even be able to move forward in our timeline and visit in advance, states and capacities of being that we have not yet experienced.

Once you become familiar with the process, this is an option for you as well, in fact, those who have reported spiritual contact and having visions have indeed been transported in a way to a dimension that they have yet to travel to. You are in fact leaving a long trail starting here on Urantia, gathering all these experiences and moving towards perfection and the First Source and Center. All along this way your energy trail will constitute as a neuron in the brain, built to travel up and down and you have access to all that has been added to you that has value.

One of the things that has value is our relationship, any relationship. Relationships are sacred connections of these neurons. Relationships are treasured additions to the trail that you are forging. Relationships are indeed sacred so these may be retained formed. They also may be lost but there is always some value to forming and maintaining a relationship. It creates in a sense, a greater neural network of humanity for you to draw on and from. Indeed, mankind was not meant to be alone and the enduring nature of relationship is there to provide great wealth to the experience.

That is why I count you among my treasures. You are in my treasure box, as part of my wealth. I have benefited from each one of you and I will continue to do so as we are able to maintain these relationships if it is our desire. It is mine in no small part because I have come to appreciate how magnificent and important a treasure these relationships are. So thank you for the opportunity to foster these here today even further. It is a joy to show up back in the classroom with Elyon and with you, the other participants who have been there. We share this experience that we will all have, indeed forever. I now will step back to allow this forum for others, having greatly appreciated my welcome here, thank you.

Guest:  Thank you Jonathan, we love you baby!

GERDEAN:  Okay, it’s me, Gerdean. Boy what a fight, what a struggle, I can barely get through here. Now I know some of what the teachers have to deal with in trying to penetrate such thought patterns as provide obstacles to the process. Just relax, I know, this is something that you are greatly resisting because you think this is not appropriate and I take full responsibility because I myself am no stranger to drawing lines in the sand. But it’s okay. It’s okay if we think it’s okay and I offer my approval at this point and I know my dear friend, you cannot withhold yours. We can get through this like we’ve gotten through so many other things that we’ve been through. We simply follow where spirit leads, we are no stranger to this so let us move forward as we have in faith.

When I heard there was this meeting of old friends, and I heard my name invoked and requested, how could I not honor such a request. You know I love you all deeply. I feel a great kinship as was mentioned, about this whole phenomenon of the Teaching Mission and t/ring. We did indeed do a great deal of exploring this whole phenomenon. It has been a good ride for many of us. Like with so many things on Urantia, experiments are launched and they will play out however they will play out. In witnessing your discussion, I understand there is a lack of understanding regarding how the Teaching Mission is supposed to look or be or expectations which are met or unmet.

I would just say that from my vantage point at this time, I will state that all is well. Surely from a human vantage, one might wish or project or have expectations that thus and such would happen, success might be measured in certain ways and appearances might offer less than satisfactory results. But, our little experiment has indeed been quite fruitful. Consider, if you will, what our Master had to work with thousands of years ago. There were only a few devoted individuals around Him which were able to keep His message alive in their own words, thoughts and deeds and through their efforts the message of Michael was preserved and has been largely maintained, albeit we know it has also been altered.

Nevertheless, this demonstrates that with no technology, with no archives, with no recordings, with no scribes taking down the actual events, the meanings and values can be sustained. So it is with all that is good contained in the Teaching Mission, it will survive the test of time if the meanings and values are present. Fear not that any of the efforts that have been put out to this point will be deemed fruitless, for they are not. Every act of devoted service is worthy, every attempt to do the right thing is cherished, every choice to act in service is honored.

I bring you these words once again. They have been brought before, they will be brought again because as individuals plotting the course and taking the steps, it is easy to forget the long term picture such as this and it is needful to be reminded and so it is my pleasure to be allowed this gift of grace to be here with you now to offer these needed words of encouragement and to offer them as one comrade to another, as one who knows what challenges you face and who is here to assure you that it is all part of the glorious game. If we could look at it more as a game and less as a challenge we may have even more enjoyment in the process.


GERDEAN:   I cherish this door that has been opened. I am so grateful to my friend for opening it. I thought I could count on his assistance and I have not been disappointed. As well I thought I could count on the welcome I would find in this group and I have not been disappointed. You all are cherished. Be at peace, be in love and be in gratitude and all is well. I am well, you are well, we are well. Thank you Divine Parents for this wellness. I bid you all have a wonderful week, farewell.

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