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NID845- Exploring Potentials

2014-10-19-Exploring Potentials
No Idaho #845


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Exploring Potentials
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Gerdean
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Exploring Potentials
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Gerdean
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning friends, it is Charles here again joining you around your round table of discussion. I’d like to chime in with a little alternate perspective on this notion that has been going around for comment on the observation made that there appears to always to be a forward guard or those on the front lines of change, whether it’s women seeking the vote, whether it’s people of color demanding their rights, whether it’s citizens of a nation standing up for representation, whether it’s those members of a great spiritual movement or those members involved in the promotion of a great spiritual text.

There are always those on the front lines of change and most often, as history will recall, those who find themselves on these front lines of change did not particularly seek this role, did not go out of their way to find these challenges but they are merely following their hearts and souls about what the right thing to do is. And, if they are secure enough in their individual position, they will pursue the rightness, the correctness of their path and in so doing, this may very well lead them into the front lines of change. They may very well may be the ones who stand up for change, who march forward for change, who participate in methods to promote change because in the end, they personally and individually feel it is the right thing to do.

This is proof positive of the growth of spirit, of the effectiveness of the entire plan that is set in motion for this purpose, that individuals spring up in this process, yearning for more, seeking for more, and following their desire to promote this growth that they can foresee to the point where others may be able to appreciate it, see it, grasp it and themselves be motivated, not only to yearn for it but to stand for it and to even work for it. This is where you find yourselves on the spiritual front when you consider your relationship to spiritual components like the Urantia Papers or the Teaching Mission.

You are indeed the ones who feel the calling within, who respond to this inner urge to stand up for this because you believe in it, you have faith in it, you even have an inner vision that this is the way to go, the way to be, and so you are willing to promote it in your own lives and make it so as a result of your efforts in your own experience. Truly, all these forerunners of new dimensions face a period when they look around them and wish there was more support, wish more of their brothers and sisters were there with them sharing their belief, their faith and trust in this new direction.

But time and time again it is shown that these forerunners, these leaders of this new direction, must persist and steadfastly move forward before the rest of the ‘hundred monkeys’, to borrow a phrase, decide that they too can identify with this direction, they too can relate to the values contained within and they are willing to personally invest in moving in the direction which expands these values and brings this new reality into fruition.

Most great figures in history did not desire the role that they ended up playing. Most sincere and devout individuals are simply following their hearts, are simply going in the direction that their soul is leading them towards higher values, greater meanings and deeper purposes. And the trail that they follow leads them invariably in the direction of greater truth, more beauty and more profound goodness. But in the beginning they may find themselves standing apart as they strike out in new directions, they may find themselves leading the way, almost as if by accident.

But if the urge is strong enough and if the will is strong enough, individuals, just merely by pursuing greater degrees of truth, beauty and goodness find themselves as leaders, as forerunners of great movements which history will note as being great shifts in human consciousness. Oftentimes these forerunners do not even live to see the fruits of the movement that they began. Oftentimes these ones who would stand up for what is right, what is true and good, do not get the full satisfaction of seeing the support of the masses who will eventually rise up behind them in pursuit of the same goals, the same values.

This is the paradigm one faces as a mortal of the realm. It is quite easy to stay in with the rest of the herd and go in the directions the herd goes. There is a safety and security one feels when they are not outside of this herd mentality. But invariably, there will be those individuals who find strength to pursue where they feel they are led and in so doing they forge a new trail, a different trail, another option which may be chosen and little by little, the members of the herd will take notice and witness that one has gone astray and they have met with certain success in doing so. Little by little, others will follow this trail and explore what has been explored. Eventually, if the direction was viable and good, many will follow it and many will go astray from the patterns of normal life and living to explore these different, alternate paths, seeking to expand the awareness of truth.

So this is where you find yourselves at times, in context with your spiritual brethren. You see many levels on which they seem to exist, all the way from those who are apparently completely disinterested, to those who are mildly interested, to those who are passionate. There are those who draw lines in the sand from which they will not stray and those who will follow where spirit may lead. This is where your spirit has led you? So what may appear to you as a no-brainer for instance, ‘everyone on Urantia could use the Urantia Papers’ may not be so simply applied. There are so many different approaches that your valued text which you have found to be so chock full of truth, beauty and goodness may not find residence in another who comes from a different vantage point with a different background and different needs and desires for what they seek.

Grant that all approaches are valid and that those who are supposed to find certain avenues of approach will find them. One of the truest statement made here today is that you may be the only representation of whatever source of knowledge that you refer to, that others may ever read, that others may ever know about. It is the life you live, it is the compilation of your lifetimes worth of readings, of understandings and awarenesses that make you, each individual, fountains of wisdom. So it is not so much to be concerned with who has read what, who has studied under who and who comes from what background, rather, it is a matter of who has assembled the greatest wisdom and understanding as a result of their vast and different set of life experiences. All are valid accomplishments and must not be judged strictly in context to each other but as unique accomplishments.

You have referred right to the fact that individuals, strictly speaking, do not need this or that. Yes, they may be aided and assisted by adding various alternate viewpoints, but what individuals need is this long journey of assembling everything they come in contact with into this scenario of understanding. I appreciate all of your willingness to stand out on the edge, on the brink where few feel comfortable to be. I appreciate that it is not always comfortable for you which is why I appreciate your willingness to be here now. I assure you that, just like those pioneers who headed out to chart uncharted territories, that these territories will most surely be charted one day and be included in the grand map of the universe as known and explored by the likes of you, the first explorers to chart these dimensions.

So be it, someone has to do it and the challenge may fall to you, but you are worthy and able to pick up this challenge and move forward with it. It is my pleasure to have a few words to share with you this morning. I now would open up this platform for further discussion, thank you.


GERDEAN:   [Cathy] I am attending along with your group this morning. In the intervening period I’ve been exploring the possibilities of action from our position in concert with your action. Jonathan has expanded his concept of the potentials for action and I am very excited to be involved with you. It is for you, on the earthly plane, to formulate the direction and begin the action. Our role is as facilitators in helping guide once the motion has started. I understand more fully the position of the teachers who have been devoted these many years. From our position we are able to shine a light, enlighten, but the motion must be started by you. As the newbie on this side of the team, I am eagerly awaiting an opportunity to serve.

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