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NID853- Cause for Gratitude

2014-12-28-Cause for Gratitude
No Idaho #853


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Each Moment, Cause for Gratitude
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Unknown, Charles, Jonathan, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Each Moment, Cause for Gratitude
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Unknown, Charles, Jonathan, LIGHT
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


Unknown: [Cathy] During this transition time it will be necessary to maintain an aura of hope and serenity. We have prepared for change and you need to believe that this is possible. You need to step forward and pursue the goals of our mission. You need to be the compassion and mercy we are needing. Your attitude needs to be humility and gratitude to bring forth the correction in institutions and individuals. Bring your action to the problem and be cheerfully hopeful.

Prayer: [Mark] Thank you Divine Parents for this gift, this opportunity, this chance for us to make this choice and be the space, provide a place for you and the others in our choosing to do so.


CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Charles. To one who has grown and become familiar with the dimensions of their being as spiritual beings, truly it is possible for these individuals to maintain a positive and hopeful attitude for they understand how big they really are, what a family they belong to, what their destiny is about and the scope of their eternal experience. So, even when faced with obstacles and challenges, these individuals take comfort in another reality, another truth. They rely on universe principles which they have come to know, they trust and have faith in the universal grace that they have experienced.

These are the individuals who will remain hopeful, who will remain faithful, who will proceed as if all will be well, individuals such as yourselves who have become versed in these truths and who have embraced these realities for themselves. Certainly there is much to be experienced and much to be gained by fully being immersed in the ongoing experience around you and so it is well and good that you practice being in the moment as you refer to it. But part of the desire to focus on the importance of the moment comes from a greater awareness that these moments contain within them grand significance.

So all of this approach, all of this attitude comes about because of the degree of awareness that you have about your position in the whole scope of all that has transpired. The more secure you feel as a spiritual being among these spiritual truths, the less fear and uncertainty you may exhibit in your current moment of the now. It is truly a challenge for you to manage such wide ranging ideals alongside such mundane moment to moment interactions. That is the unique opportunity you find yourselves in of the life of a human on Urantia. Eternal beings plodding through moments of time trying to bring as much consciousness and awareness into this present as they are capable of.

This is viewed as nothing less than miraculous, that born of the flesh, individuals may become indwelt with spirit and infuse mortal time and space with spiritual values and principles at play. This is where you are, the spark plug between spirit and the engine of humanity.

It is always a great joy to come to this group as a fly on the wall as it were, and observe the stimulating conversation and to feel as you do, each one, the shift as we enter the spiritual classroom and begin functioning in the spiritual dimension and to discuss how this may be applied to everyday living and every moment it serves. I am always grateful for the opportunity you provide, the space that you create which I can come and share with you as we engage together. I now make room for others, farewell.

JONATHAN:  [Mark] Good morning friends, Jonathan here to join you once again. I love this discussion of how the mortal and the divine co-mingle in the human experience. It is such a unique experience, such a one time encounter with the furthest reaches of materialism and still, spirit is there. Spirit survives, even permeates those who are willing to receive it. There is a statement of sorts that to one who is spiritualized, all things are holy, all things are miracles and it is true simply because the observer observes them in this fashion. They are material acts and actions but they may be infused with spirit and miracles. It is all about who is involved, who the observers are and what their intention is.

It could be a simple mundane act of changing the toilet paper or it could be a holy act of gratitude, the same act performed by different participants or by the same participant with a different attitude. That’s what makes the human experience so fascinating. It all comes down to the choice of the participant . It is not preordained or predetermined in any way, it is created moment by moment, piece by piece, action by action, choice by choice. It is truly miraculous to behold how mortals of the realm create their lives, their environments, their circumstances, often times ignorant of their power in doing so.

But to those who are becoming spiritually aware, they are monitoring their selves for their reactions, they are bringing their choices into the moment, bringing themselves into the present and attempting to connect conscious choice with action, in accordance with divine principles. Such an act is that of a divine being, a co-creative divine child of God. What a joy it is to come among such a group, to be among such a group as one, all of us who recognize that we are children of Divine Parents, that this in not only our heritage but our destiny and we are being born of the spirit more and more each time we transform.

But it is always good to be in gratitude for the current circumstance, the current experience at hand and I join you today and stand in gratitude for what we have now in this moment. It is sacred, it is a miracle, it is by choice, it is by love, it is by grace and I stand with you in gratitude and I feel with you the peace of such a moment because we experience this together as a result of our choice and our desire to be here now. I breathe it in as you do, soak it into my being as you do, experience it to my core as you do and stand in gratitude for this ability to share this with all of you at this time. Thank you for leaving the door open for me always and the light on. I always feel welcome.


LIGHT:   [Cathy] I am with you in the discussion of sparks. These are indeed flashes of the light sent forth to induce activity. You are each an activator that has the capacity to bring forth motion with your inspiration and intention. I find in my play with light that even the smallest spark can have an astounding effect. Continue your efforts to bring light with you in every one of those small moments of your day. Play with light and observe the effect. I am always ready to join you in play.

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