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NID854- Relationship

No Idaho #854


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Relationship
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Unknown, Jonathan, LIGHT
o 2.2 TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Relationship
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Unknown, Jonathan, LIGHT
TR: Cathy Morris, Mark Rogers


CHARLES:   [Mark] Good morning friends, I am Charles to take my seat around your circle and to insert my energy into the field. I would echo those fine last words spoken of being in great gratitude for us all being here together. Truly, these gifts of grace that we refer to as our relationships is one of the grandest gifts we will ever experience. This is how we become more than just ourselves.

This is how we expand beyond our capacities, this sharing of each others experiences, of each others understanding and awarenesses. This constitutes a sacred gift. To offer your personal take and experience on life for another’s consideration is one of the purest and truest gift one may give and having given such a gift, it then is incumbent upon you to let it go and let the arrow strike where it will on the target.

This sharing of each other in a relationship not only binds us in the process but expands us in the awareness of what it is like from another perspective, the perspective of another Fragment of God interpreting the experience, another portal from which this experience is viewed, another angle to take into account when trying to piece together the entire picture. This is a service that you do for each other to provide some contrast, some substantiation, some support, some difference, some unique angle that has not been presented.

Truly your experiences and your willingness to share them constitute your greatest gift, even to the Father who has all things and is so greatly pleased when you offer to share your experience, your unique encounter with creation with Him. Just like the little drummer boy, your real gift is your song, the song you sing, the song unique unto you, your voice, your expression, your echoing the grace of the equation through your being.

You all have been exposed to the truth that relationship is one of the aspects of your being which endures and this is true because it is so filled with grace. It is such a divine encounter that survives and becomes part of your being that it endures past the transition. So I join you here in this hour to toast our relationship, all of us intertwined, woven together in this experience that we share. We will all witness that having each other to share such an experience with makes it deeper, more meaningful, more real for we are experiencing it together, albeit through separate windows, we are nevertheless coming together in pursuit of these experiences and intention is so very significant.

Having purpose and intention about relationships is what makes the difference for the results, the outcome, the long term effects, all are a matter of application of intention in time and space. Intention is what begets the process, what begins the entire cycle. I applaud all of your intentions in the process and pursuit of spirit. Surely this is what counts, this is what matters. We must be willing to accept whatever various forms it may manifest but realize that it is the answer to our prayers, it is a response from the universe to our request to pursue our Divine Parents and to be of service.

I feel just as you do, grateful for this spiritual experience, I sense it in my being as you do. I distinguish this as a spirit aspect functioning in spiritual capacity. This is what you are growing to recognize and feel and pursue. This is what feels good to you when you know you are in spirit functioning with your spiritual aspect, operating with your spiritual component.

I love to share these moments with you and infuse my signature into the equation. I drink deeply of this cup of satisfaction as you do and it is my pleasure to simply acknowledge our presence here together. Thank you for saving me a seat around your circle and creating a space for me to occupy. I bid you all have a wonderful week and new year ahead. I assure you, we will not be bored. Be at peace, farewell.

Angel of Progress: [Cathy] Connection is a process of bringing units of possibility into an alignment that recreates the focus and direction of the parts. The process of connection continues to evolve as the parts are modified by proximity to each other. This is the process that is only recognized by looking backward at the progress of a group or individual. Living the moment in connection is being the pattern of the Creator in action. Each part has a tone that adds to the music that is produced in the process of connection, a glorious symphony of the Creator.

JONATHAN:   [Mark] Dear friends, I am Jonathan here to join you this morning as well. This discussion of friendship and relationship has my spirit bells ringing and I would join in to offer the perspective from my side of the great elephant. The relationships formed on the levels of the mortal realm are indeed sacred beginnings as are all relationships. They do indeed contain great value and are worth pursuing. Once a relationship is made, it is easy to rekindle it and keep it alive but it certainly requires dedication and ongoing energy.

Much as when you form a band and learn the materials, it doesn’t take as much to get you all back on the same page but it certainly does require maintenance level energies. This of course is true of all systems. They all require the application of energies to keep them going. If they do not receive energy they simply wither and pass away. There still may be value contained in the experiences of those involved in relationships but unless they are maintained, they will be limited experiences.

If they are maintained they may be eternal experiences. I invite you to consider this deeply when you take stock of the relationships in your lives. They are treasures, gems, each one and they may be fostered and kept alive for an eternal journey or they may be forsaken, forgotten and will cease to survive in the long term.

This is why I come here now. It is my desire to keep this circuit alive, to keep these friendships I have established ongoing, to let you all know that I remember you and perhaps you will remember me. That is all it takes, that is enough energy contribution to maintain and sustain a relationship indefinitely. And so I will apply the energy needed, I will offer the step of reaching out towards those I desire to maintain relationships with and in this way, we will not forget each other, we will not simply allow what we had to cease and wither away.

So it is my friends that I will keep coming around because you keep leaving the door open and it is my desire to be with you. I thank our Divine Parents for this gift of grace that allows this to be. I wish you all a good day and a good week and a good year and a good life and I will maintain relationship with you. No matter what stages we may find ourselves, this desire to be connected transcends all levels, good day.


LIGHT:  [Cathy] I also will keep our connection strong. You are my family and I love you all.

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