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NID882- New Lands–New Tastes

2015-09-17-New Lands–New Tastes
No Idaho #882


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: New Lands, New Tastes
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: New Lands, New Tastes
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles
TR: Mark Rogers


CHARLES:  Thank you, I am Charles and it is my pleasure to join you and I am amused by your morning sharing and conversation. I would join in with the sentiment that there are great opportunities immediately before us. Of course, I would also remind you that anytime that you are opposite another sacred creation of God, there exists the same golden opportunities, however I understand that you go to some effort to create a particular event and the experiences that surround that. I admire your efforts at coordination and orchestration which furnish such rewards of the fruits of the spirit.

I happen to think of an analogy to use because I observe that no matter how much it is discussed about the workings of spirit, the manifestations of spirit, the techniques of spirit, there always comes into question in the moment how to be most effective, which tools to use, which approach to take because every circumstance demands its own individual interpretation and analysis. But I would like to draw your line of thinking to another experience which demonstrates the ease with which this happens so very naturally and routinely as you go about simply trying to do good.


CHARLES:   I will call to your attention that you have all had experiences of going perhaps to new lands or certainly to new kitchens and experiencing sensations you have not had before, new smells, new tastes, new combinations of familiar ingredients which then elicit in you an all new experience. Albeit many of these ingredients are common and well known to you, until they are combined in just such a method as you refer to as a recipe, they become a new sensation and included in your new repertoire of experiences.

And oftentimes when this occurs, it is so significant to you that you remember it, you mention it to your friends, how you tried something new, tried a new recipe, experienced a new taste and it is with joy that you would bring forth a new recipe to share with others so that they might experience the joy that you have had in experiencing a new combination of familiar ingredients. This, I invite you to view, is how you may look at your experience of spirit in the moment, in these moments immediately before you.

You have all ventured to new lands, to new kitchens, to new areas of your spiritual growth and development. You have all tasted unique combinations and these have registered with you and you have savored these tastes, these sensations of spirit and it is these sensations, like the good recipe, that is your simple desire to share for the benefit of others just as you have been graced. It is as simple and as easy and as joyful as that. It is not a burden but rather an opportunity to enlighten others with your unique combination of familiar ingredients, your ‘salad’ that is preferred by you.

So in the spirit of joining together in a ‘pot luck’ celebration, remember that you are there as well to enjoy and sample the many spiritual fruits which will be brought to your banquet table. Likewise, you are privileged to offer the space, the conditions which will be favorable to promoting a positive encounter with the fruits of your spirit and all this setting of the stage, building of the arena, simply is intention manifest. I honor you for your intentions and even more, for your efforts at these intentions, your willingness to respond in spirit, to spirit and with spirit.

I assure you, you will be greatly assisted, even to the point of ‘the words will be in your mouths’, the spirit sensation will be in your touch, your sharing of goodness will be through your gaze and the endearing act of fellowship will be your gift. Let it be so with great awareness. Let it be so with endearing intention and certainly all will be blessed, even as you are, even now. Again, it is a joy to be welcomed into such a circle of love. I assure you, many will come to observe and even participate if requested. You may avail yourselves as you so desire. Let it be so as we move forward together in grace and in peace. Well done my associates, let the games begin.


Gerald: So the question that comes up is one that you guys started, how is Charles doing? How’s your moment?

Mark: Well if we’re going there let’s go there, how about it Charles.

CHARLES:   Thank you my dear friend for asking and as you do register deeply, it is an intimate act to do although many times it is done quite casually. That same question that one poses, how are you, can open the door to a very intimate sharing encounter as you would so desire. So now that you are desiring to go there, I will respond personally that I am thrilled, I am overjoyed. I cannot express to you in terms you can significantly grasp what it means to have this assignment.

You see, as you have some sense of, everything that happens is both divine grace and a grand experience. And so, those of us who are spiritualized enough, become to rely on, count on, lean on divine grace, certainly as part of the equation. So firmly is this part of our reality that in order to balance this sense of certainty and security, we are allowed to play with the uncertainty of time and space in this case, the development of the unknown, the activation of the potential.

In this way we get to see that which we believe manifest and come to life as spiritual fruits grow. In this process of growth and evolution all this potential lies. And so, while we are certain of the outcome in a very real sense, we also cherish the unfolding of the process, the activation of these potentials so I am overjoyed to be here, this close to you, this embrace by the likes of all of you who are so deeply mired in the unfolding of truth, beauty and goodness.

Many times you fail to recognize that which is so surrounding, so to have the opportunity to interface with you in this mid-zone and to actually develop a relationship, even friendship across this void or should I say, apparent void, indeed is a thrilling experience. It pushes the very essence of what it means to have divinity pursued, even to some elemental degree achieved here in your remote location from it.

It is thrilling to see that the laws of the First Source and Center are so throughly pervasive, even in the outer reaches of time and space and to be able to see this exhibited first hand if you will, is a cherished experience I will keep forever. I would join you in saying you are right, now matter what, no matter when, no matter under what conditions and what form or non form we will all take as we evolve in the spirit process, we will continue to recognize the essence of each other, that sacred gift which makes each one of us unique and a treasured piece of the puzzle.

So my piece is connected to your piece in the grand scheme of the puzzle. I am keenly interested in you and your pieces and it brings joy to my heart that you ask of my welfare and are concerned of my being. This demonstrates we have indeed come to a new level of awareness and appreciation for you have asked about the teacher.


CHARLES:   I acknowledge this level. I accept it with grace and gratitude. Thank you my friend for inquiring. I am quite well.

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