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NID894- Confidence of Conviction

2015-12-06-Confidence of Conviction
No Idaho #894


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Confidence of Conviction
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan, Charles, LIGHT, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Conviction
 3.1.2 Attunement
 3.1.3 Surrender
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Confidence of Conviction
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Jonathan, Charles, LIGHT, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


DR MENDOZA: [Mark] Indeed, I am here and many times from my perspective it seems as though all of you need no assistance in your discussion to render aid and assistance to each other and ably provide proper perspective to illuminate more of any given equation. There was a question submitted as to the relative effectiveness of ones knowledge or perhaps conviction of their impact in the equation. I will put it to you this way, there are three stages that you will transcend in all spiritual processes:

  • 1. The stage of ignorance where you are totally unaware and in this stage, oftentimes new information is regarded as suspect or threatening and so oftentimes a reaction to stage one is to reject or not allow in suspect information.
  • 2. Stage two, becoming more enlightened in your position is a stage where you will coexist side by side with alternate perspectives and views and realities, realizing that they have equal right to exist.
  • 3. Stage three is acceptance and moving forward as one.

All of your spiritual encounters will have to go through this process of screening that you have internally and it is no different with your acts of healing that you refer to. You are fledgling spirit beings in some sense but on this scale, viewing yourself in relationship to this particular activity, you have moved beyond the more rudimentary stages and now may be considered in the stage which enables you to not only embrace and appreciate your relationship to your spiritual dimension, but then proceed to maximize your effectiveness.

This distinction is the one you refer to when trying to make your observation about effectiveness. The devoted yogi master who has complete conviction, may merely act on his conviction and in adherence with universe principles to manifest easily, whereas the individual still grappling with their relationship to spirit, the certainty of spiritual truths or the lack of evidence provided, where there are resident doubts, they will impact the equation but nevertheless, they are exceedingly powerful when generated from the individual perspective of spirit.

Imagine if you will, the difference between the teachers at the school easily making the right decisions and the kindergartners who are their charge at the same school and what it means for them to make the right decisions. In such ignorance as they are, they cannot be made accountable for having any wisdom. So when they make a decision for truth, beauty or goodness it may be seen as exceedingly special. So there you are with perhaps a foot in each realm and your desire to function in alliance with divine principles is seen as indeed special and carries with it its own special significance.

And so, as you have heard before, all acts of love committed are treasured, are fostered and promoted and it is true that when you act in such a fashion, the ripples proceed out before you and they do matter, and it is significant and it does help the balance of the universe which is in play. For now you must summon much faith to hear these words and take them in. At a later point in your journey, these truths will be self evident.

This is what is special about this kindergarten experience here on Urantia. So many things are unique to this scenario and this applying of faith is perhaps the greatest of all treasures to be found and applied here on Urantia. You ask what good these acts may do abroad and I would hold up a mirror for you and say: the act of performing these acts has already done good for you. You have already grown as a result, goodness has already been accomplished. I hope this adds to the perspective of the many dimensions in play.

So now with your permission my comrades, let us join in an exercise of the day. Let us create goodness right here and right now, among us and between us and as we so desire, abroad for the benefit of others. Let us appreciate this connection together. Let us join for the common good and the common cause of participating in this divine exercise. Let us invite the many observing participants as well as our onboard spirit guides and apply the Thought Adjuster circuit as well, over us.

Let us make our desire be known that we would project out from this point of goodness, from this point of grace that we all witness and support. Let us project this goodness and grace out and bounce it off the heavens to wherever there is a low point in human experience. Let us see this as bringing the needed ‘rain’ and showering these individuals with the grace of love from on high that we would add to, that we would facilitate because it is our intention and desire to do so, even now.

May we act in faith and with trust in the certainty that we have joined together in this commitment in spirit. Let us breathe deeply of this truth that we would uphold. Help us to secure this space. Join us in our intention of goodness that we would project out and about and let us each drink of this cup before us as it is so freely offered.

Thank you for the spirit opportunity this provides for those of us assembled, for those who are assisting in this process and for those who may be touched by our sincere intentions for their well being. Help them to feel a little stronger your love Divine Parents, a little more of your grace and peace because we have joined you. Let it be so. Quite simple really, just simply applying all that we know and have learned and have conviction about in our process and when we bring these powerful potent factors to the table, they may be assembled and utilized. Thank you all for bringing your potent self to the equation and for lending your spiritual support as we tackle these healing and growth promoting processes.


JONATHAN:  [Mark] Hello to all my friends, I am Jonathan. I will take advantage of this ‘open mike’ to bring in a concept for your consideration. There has been much discussion of the changing of times and the spiritual pressures and universe broadcasts and frequencies being made available. I invite you to consider that with the advent of so many new frequencies, it is possible for us to get together on one right here and right now. It is also possible for you to take in another which bombards you with images of mankind’s distasteful side.

It is going to become exceedingly important for this generation to make wise choices about what it is that is allowed to come in as signals into your experience. It’s ironic that the age of ‘tuning in’ might not mean the same thing to everyone, that those who would like to tune in to spirit will certainly benefit from choosing those frequencies while others may fall to tuning in to being bombarded continuously by all manner of evil.

The choosing is a simple switch all of you may use, the same method to choose either, but for many, the influence and draw of drama will catch their attention and capture their choice. This is why it will be everlastingly important to maintain the choosing of the spirit frequencies by relying on the act of stillness and then choosing that frequency will be an active choice.

So it is good to be mindful of all the frequencies out there available, to be mindful now of that which is treasured between us and there are innumerable others out there which may be chosen or forsaken. Guard against too much space being given to all that exists out there in favor of a more controlled environment.

Remember, your mind is not a junkyard, your mind is a garden which should be tended, weeded, fertilized, planted and cared for. Be careful what you bring into this garden. Not everything yields good fruit. I appreciate the opportunity to join you again today. My thoughts and attention are with you in such times. Thanks for lettings me in, talk to you later, bye.


CHARLES:  [Mark] Greetings, I am Charles, I would throw in one more thing for your consideration. Consider if you will that your conviction that you refer to may also be seen through the lens of another term that is floated around, that is surrender. One who has complete conviction is in fact surrendering to the way it is, surrendering to the truth, surrendering to divine principles, surrendering to their very nature and the nature of divinity, that this conviction enables one to surrender is what is so notable about conviction.

It brings with it the certainty to let go, the certainty there will be a next step, the certainty to trust in divine order and so when you think of bringing conviction to an equation, maybe think in terms of the conviction to allow, the conviction to participate with the divine order. This may be helpful and useful in your consideration of how much of these factors are needed to be effective.

Always a pleasure to step in and make my presence known in such a group as this. Although I may not always interject, I am always observing and keenly interested in the goings on of this I consider, my group as well. Thank you for allowing.


LIGHT:  [Cathy] I appreciate the commitment to move forward in these light exercises. It is most valuable as seen from my perspective. Your action has helped in my growth and development. I owe much to you and love you.

Prayer: [Mary] Father of all, continue to guide us please. Help us as we go about our days. Help us to see new ways that we can show our desire to do Your will. Help us to see opportunities that come before us because of our desire to help, to contribute to Your will being manifested on this planet, amen.

MICHAEL: [Cathy] I am the Light of the World. You are my most cherished children and helpers. Stand tall in your own light. Share light with this world. Step out in faith. Be assured that you are surrounded by help and love. Together we bring change to the darkness. Let the light stream forth. Bring truth, beauty and goodness.

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