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NID895- Perspectives, Possibilities

No Idaho #895


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Perspectives and Possibilities
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Jonathan, Charles, Olfana, Michael
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Morontia, Music
 3.1.2 Conviction
 3.1.3 Growth
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Perspectives and Possibilities
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Jonathan, Charles, Olfana, Michael
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Morontia, Music

JONATHAN:   [Mark] Thank you my friends, I do indeed feel the welcome. In response to your inquiry earlier about what it is like from my perspective in relationship to your perspective, I would share a few things in the form of things I miss and things I don’t miss. Some of the things I miss are sitting around in a circle with the likes of all of you and being able to look you in the eye or perhaps go over and give you a hug, those sensory experiences of what it is to see a blue sky and interpret the conditions of a fresh snowfall with all the different senses of sight, sound, smell and touch. I miss the result of environmental stimuli on all of the sensory perceptions and what it was like to feel these very things as an individual unit of life out and about.

I do not miss the achy joints, the feeling of tiredness and hardship that one experiences with the human vehicle, the encounters with sickness, the challenges of simple things such as temperatures that are present and must be navigated through in a life of a mortal on the planet. I miss the opportunity to be present with other musicians who would pick up funny wooden boxes with strings on them and sit at drums and play keys and do all this physical manipulation to create sound. Truly it was a miraculous experience to see how creatures of the realm could create instruments whereby they could display harmonic patterns that are resident throughout a universe. I do not miss carrying all my gear to a gig. I do not miss plugging and unplugging cords and having to do so much physical manipulation to create sound.

It is impossible of description for me to answer the question about what music is like because, from my perspective, there is no need for external devices such as instruments. You are all familiar with the concept of energy signatures and as part of an individuals energy signature there are tones, there are chords, there are harmonies, there are implications of vibration interwoven through all of these and they are experienced by those with the ears of spirit. Perhaps the closest thing that you have in the material world to identify this is the human voice. This is the one musical instrument you possess which is inherent within your being, may be played at will, is always with you, is a part of you, is reflective of your personality, is demonstrative of your state of being.

You might say we have a spiritual voice, that as well as our instrument is our expression, is our manifestation of our being. This is as close as I may come at this point to drawing a frame of reference for you to try to use to see some of the similarities and some of the differences. Trust me, I can verify all of these changes that I observe are indeed an upgrade, even though I may have lost some of the sensory experiences that only a life in the flesh can provide, I have gained many other avenues of experience I never could have conceived before.

So the tones and the harmonies you refer to as music, they are simply manifested in different and yet similar patterns throughout your eternal career. You will always have a spiritual energy signature and it will contain all of the hues of your color, the tones of your sound, the aspects of truth, beauty and goodness that you have combined with in your growthful career. So I would encourage each of you to drink deeply of the cup of mortal-ness, even when your knees may be sore, even when you may suffer from a bug or have to navigate sunburn.

All of these things are unique to your position and I invite you to consider that they are fleeting, they are to be treasured, they are as gifts of grace to you each and every one and you will take them with you on your eternal career as part of your composition, as part of your achievements, as what you have become and how you have become that. You lose nothing of value, you only add to it with more and more supreme values.

It is always a pleasure to be requested and so thoroughly welcomed into this environment we create for such a purpose. This too will remain one of our treasured experiences we all possess and have as part of our being from here on out. It is with great gratitude that I share this with you. Thank you for asking after me, good day to you all.


CHARLES:  [Mark] I greet you all, Charles here to take advantage of the occasion you provide. I register more and more pleas from the human heart about how to maintain ones stance of love even in the face of so much apparent distastefulness we observe. I would once again suggest that you avoid the fray that is down below of the machinations and details and aim high for the ultimate rewards of spirit and grace and that your single individual and even greater combined gifts of love, of peace, of awareness and of alignment with divine principles, these are your gifts to give back to those who have created all.

This is the contribution you may make to the Supreme, your offering of a peaceful state, your vision of a love filled dynamic, your desire for welfare and peace for your brethren, your prayerful attempts at the healing arts and forces, all of these cannot be directly registered on your mortal scale of observations but I assure you, these are the very rudimentary building blocks of spiritual success. The simple and heartfelt desire to spread love, to share love, to be love, these are what may be utilized by the universe at large, these contributions of goodness may be directed to their best potential if they are offered freely and willingly by the participants who are engaged in the overall program.

Do not let yourselves become bogged down with the actual hows and whys of the circumstance, for those are merely the details. The overall picture has only one solution, has only one eventual outcome, has only one direction of growth and so your position is to act as if you have conviction of this truth, to bring your conviction and surrender to the plan, surrender to the project at hand, surrender to the love that guides the equation. This is the stance you must maintain and hold throughout the many episodes before you. Your stance should be the same, one who stands for peace, who stands for love, who stands for the grace that is and will choose it over all other options and in this way will manifest it, will become it and will lead by example.

And while it is good and proper for you to envision well being and goodness directed towards your brothers and sisters who are perhaps under stress, don’t forget to aim high, don’t forget to vote for the hierarchy of this equation to rain down their grace. By simply choosing this option, you empower it, you create the connection, your forge the path with your very conviction. Let this be your legacy, let this be what others remember about you: you stood strong in conviction with your faith, armed with your awareness and at peace. Let it be said about all of us that we would have the strength to be an example of peace, to be peace incarnate, to be love incarnate; that is surrender, that is strength, that is conviction.

I do love you all dearly and especially that you return over and over, again and again to this well to drink deeply of these cups that we share. I stand in gratitude for all that we have and hold dear together in this process. Thank you for entertaining my words today, farewell.

OLFANA:  [Cathy] I step into this group to voice the feeling of wonder and enchantment as you reach out for new perspectives and possibilities. Thank you for the opportunity to speak of this joyful adventure of growth. As you mentioned earlier, sometimes fear of the unknown is a block to reaching out. There is no need to fear, there is no need to hesitate. Your choice to move past the known into new arenas is supported by your Father, indeed is supported by the whole universe. If you can conceive an action and it is the Father’s will, there will always be support. As mentioned before, you are a sapling growing into a great tree. Reach out for life, reach out for light, reach out for each other in support, the universe is reaching out for you in return.


MICHAEL:  [Mark] My dear ones, I simply cannot resist mingling among you this morning with such joyous spiritual energy around us. I would like to seize upon this common mortal image of the seedling and the tree. I would like to confirm for you that I was there when you came into being. I have observed you each as the tiny little seedling and I have watched you grow in this life to a young sapling and you are well planted. You have been well fertilized. I have sent the rain you have needed, I have provided the sun and all is in readiness for you to grow and manifest here and now while we observe you together.

But I would like to assure you that I will be there throughout as you grow to be the strong, big, beautiful tree and in between there will be many seasons, there will be many changes where each season you must leaf out again and become who you are in that season and I will love you in each and every time as I have loved you already. I will see each season with you, I will be there and every time you will grow a little stronger and a little bigger, a little more magnificent and I will be there and I will continue to give you all that you have need of as you grow to be your full magnificence.


MICHAEL:  Indeed, as your Divine Parent, I have seen from your inception to your complete growth but I am enjoying as we go through this process step by step, season by season, growth ring by growth ring. There is a great reward to be garnished from the process of growth and while it may seem slow and cumbersome at times, it is so very valuable to the generation of the new you that is happening in each and every cycle. So let us celebrate these stages and phases together for I assure you, I will be there as I am here, as I have been before. Let it be so, between us, into eternity and even now, amen.

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