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NID900- Expanding Awareness

2016-01-10-Expanding Awareness
No Idaho #900


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Expanding Awareness
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, VanEl
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Expanding Awareness
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, VanEl
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


CHARLES:  [Mark] Very well, I’ll throw my hat in the ring, I am Charles. I welcome these lines of conversation in which one has a palpable sense of growth happening; this notion of bringing awareness into your equation is an ever ongoing theme that I would help to promote once again. The idea that you may more and more take the position of seeing yourselves as the observer in the equation, not just that the universe is circling around you, but also that you are a part of the universe at large, observing it doing its natural normal thing.

It is one of the great challenges of a mortal life is to try to assimilate your individualism into the totality and the whole, for while you are indeed an individual and unique in all of time and space, so is every other individual out there and you must reconcile that all of you are in this raft together, observing your environment and each other together while each seeing it from a different perspective. Truly this allows for a multiplicity of combinations and different viewpoints and perspectives.

Different levels of experience all generate what you have been referring to as the different vibration levels, these different energy levels at play and sometimes these energies are similar and therefore attractive to each other and at other times the energies are dissimilar and are like the forces of the magnet to equally repel or attract.

I applaud this offering of appreciation of the different opportunities presented to the observer and how many times, for many of life’s circumstances, so much of what occurs is simply an extension of what has occurred before. So much of what is seen is interpreted in light of circumstances and situations which have previously existed. This brings on the one hand a sense of comfort and ease to the individual who is able to think that they have seen it all before and will not be surprised at how things turn out or how circumstances unfold.

I suggest to you that this type of modeling and patterning, while it may be useful in some aspects of mortal life, say the example of learning to be a stone mason and using this skill over and over again to build wonderful creations, serves the stone mason well. He need not look far and wide for new methods and techniques when he has developed methods and techniques which are stable and certain and guaranteed. The danger lies that no new accomplishments may be attained, no new horizons may be seen because the participant is not looking, their energy for the new and different is simply not there.

Likewise, as a mortal of the realm, one must be careful to not become too settled in your ways, too sure of yourself, too certain of your position because while these characteristics enable you to rest more easy in your journey, they also prohibit you from encountering or entertaining or expanding to encompass those things which are new to you, those things which are not part of your previous experience. This is where, as you have referred, spirit may assist in your growth and development.

It may expand your parameters of awareness because you are able to relax and have faith, even in that which you do not yet know or do not yet possess as a part of your being. Merely your having faith in the process creates space for growth and your conviction provides you with the strength to wander into unknown places in search of that which is good and true and beautiful.

If you are indeed seeking these things, then you will indeed find these things in places you have yet to even consider. That is what is good about trying to maintain an open-minded posture in your stance, to be ready to receive that which the universe would bring to you. So while there are good and enduring and well intentioned results that are derived from sticking to your fixed ideas, there is also much to be gained by allowing the universe to be your teacher as you have stated, so that all things come into play, even your choice whether you are on ‘play’ or on ‘record’, whether you choose to simply react or act as a matter of will and choice.

Indeed this mortal life can take on an entirely new meaning for the observer who is willing to become an active participant and act rather than react to all that transpires. This is what is so enjoyable about witnessing those of you who are at this cusp, whose spiritual vibration level has expanded to the point of the discussion and identification and ultimately of mastering this aspect of being we are referring to.

There are many methods one may use to keep this potential in the forefront of their mind so whatever works for you is your method, but the very concept that you are willing to devote yourself to attention of this aspect means that those aspects of the universe which match this vibration of yours are now open and available to you as the chapters of a book which you now have access to. Thank you all for the invitation, it is always a delight to join you in your conversation as one of you, among you, another spirit seeker as you are.


VANEL: (a midwayer): [Cathy] I am indeed a specialist in things technological. My talents have been available to you at your request. The challenges of communicating on many levels are sometimes daunting. By using this medium you have demonstrated an awareness and capacity to become open to new levels of contact and connect to the available circuits. Your elementary technologies are an arena that is constantly changing. I can facilitate your ability to perceive the point that can be activated. Like the more experienced friend, I can bring your attention to elements that are in dysfunction and then your awareness will lead to a search for a “recipe” to fix the problem. I am most happy to interact with you and share my insights. Together we may bring forth the best in the tools of technology for your use.

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