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TAL38- Early Transcripts – Part 4 – Sessions 1-14

1993-12-23-Early Transcripts, Part 4
Tallahassee #38


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 4
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will, Mantoube, Machiventa, Ambrose – o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Note –  3.1.1 Anger
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Opening – o 4.2 Lesson –  4.2.1 Dolphins –  4.2.2 Transmitting – o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Opening  –o 5.2 Lesson – o 5.3 Closing
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Opening – o 6.2 Lesson –  6.2.1 Transmitting – o 6.3 Closing
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Lesson –  7.1.1 Moment – o 7.2 Closing
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Lesson –  8.1.1 Forgiveness – o 8.2 Closing
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Opening – o 9.2 Lesson –  9.2.1 Commitment, Self Knowledge
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Lesson –  10.1.1 Self Evaluation – o 10.2 Note
• 11 Session 9 – o 11.1 Opening – o 11.2 Lesson –  11.2.1 Habit, Communion – o 11.3 Closing
• 12 Session 10 – o 12.1 Opening – o 12.2 Lesson – 12.2.1 Error – o 12.3 Closing
• 13 Session 11 – o 13.1 Opening – o 13.2 Lesson – 13.2.1 Parenting
• 14 Session 12 – o 14.1 Opening – o 14.2 Lesson – 14.2.1 Journaling, Healing – o 14.3 Closing – o 14.4 Note
• 15 Session 13 –  o 15.1 Note – o 15.2 Opening – o 15.3 Lesson –  15.3.1 Receptivity, Ascension Career – o 15.4 Closing
• 16 Session 14 – o 16.1 Opening – 16.2 Lesson – 16.2.1 Error, Transmitting – o 16.3 Closing

Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 4
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Will, Mantoube, Machiventa, Ambrose
TR: JoiLin

Session 1
 12-23-93

[Today I had a lovely session with Will regarding a person’s ability to maintain balance when confronted with someone full of frustration or anger. This was a lesson I needed! Then Will brought in a guest who told me his job was one of observing the different groups, and the dynamics within each group. They look to see what it is that makes one group become a cohesive working unit where another group becomes dysfunctional and dissolves. They look to see what manner of presenting the lessons works best or is better able to instill group enthusiasm for seeking a spiritual life, and what particular lessons help to build toward that goal. They feel the biggest force working against their efforts is the residual left on our planet by the rebellion; it will take many more years before it will be entirely dissipated; they say it’s like swimming upstream against a strong current. And then there is the fact of our electro-chemical bodies and our inherent animalistic tendencies. I can’t remember the rest except that he chose not to give me his name as he said each time I accepted something on faith, it tended to strengthen my already existing faith, building a stronger foundation. For some reason I did not tape this session.]

Session 2
 12-27-93

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning Joilin, it is I Machiventa Melchizedek who comes to speak with you today. We have not had the occasion of a visit for some time, so I thought to touch bases and see how your assimilation of your lessons is faring. Do you have any questions regarding any of your lessons thus far?

JoiLin: No, sir, I might have had, had I known I would be given the opportunity to ask questions. But now that you ask me, I can’t think of one. Could I ask a question that doesn’t pertain to my lessons?

MACHIVENTA:  Yes, child, go ahead and ask. As you know, I cannot guarantee an answer that will be to your liking, but do ask.


JoiLin: I’m reading a book about angels, ET’s and dolphins. And ever since I was a child, I’ve had this inner understanding that there was something special about dolphins. And as I grew to an adult, I’ve continued to have this same inner understanding. That there is in fact something special about dolphins and that there is in addition, a common thread tying the three together. Can you give me verification on this?

MACHIVENTA: : I could child, but I will not. The time is not yet ripe for these understandings to come into full light. Your people on a whole are not yet ready for some of the truths that lie just below their understanding. We are working toward this end child; you –will- see those particular understandings surface within your lifetime. So keep the faith, work on your patience child. It sometimes leaves much to be desired. I hope this answer suffices for now.

JoiLin: Yes, sir! It’s fine. Thank you.


MACHIVENTA: : Do you have any questions pertaining to the teaching mission?

JoiLin: Well, last evening, I had a headache and really didn’t think I could, or maybe I really didn’t want to act as TR. I had verbalized that I didn’t want to, I had even verbalized that I didn’t think there would be a message coming through me, but that I had some lessons I had received at home that I would like to share, that others might gain something from. However, I thought we should go ahead and try.

And for the first time, I sat, emptied myself and waited, and nothing came, absolutely nothing, and I had no sense that anyone was waiting for the opportunity to speak. I do remember that at some point though, I had this weird sensation in my forehead. And later both Helen and Loren indicated that there was someone with us and Helen felt that we were all ministered to. Could you give us any verification on this?

MACHIVENTA: : I will be glad to. I don’t think you quite understand yet JoiLin, that you are never coerced. You are never made to do this service for your group. We will never use the channel that you make available to us if we sense any reticence on your part. Most especially, as in last evening’s case, you were in physical pain; we would not do anything that might add to that. Frankly, I do not think that it would add to it, but we wouldn’t presume upon your person in an instance like that. But in fact, we were there, and we did try to remove the pain in your head, and I think we were successful.

JoiLin: Yes, you were! And I thank you. I even later thought that might be what you had been doing. I hope I remembered to thank you then.


MACHIVENTA: : You did child. And in fact, we did minister to each of your group members as they sat there meditating. The fruits of those ministrations we hope will be recognized and utilized by your group members in the near future. I leave you now daughter, knowing you have an appointment. Stay in His light and remember our love for you as you go about your day. Shalom.

Session 3
 12-28-93
 We Teachers Need Spiritually Directed Groups

WILL: Good afternoon, JoiLin. It is I Will, your teacher who loves you. I would like to speak with you today about a question you have had regarding a move to North Carolina.


This is a decision child, you will eventually have to make on your own. However, I would add that wherever you make your home there would be a need for the establishment of a spirit-led group of people, such as the group you are now a member of. We have a need of many such groups, so if you were to move, we would not consider it a loss. However, that is not to be taken as an urging from us toward a move, simply letting you know that either way, you will continue to serve the Father and Michael in this unfolding Teaching Mission.


We will dispense with the volunteer teacher transmissions, as we are aware that you need your energy to fight off an oncoming cold. If you feel up to meeting with me for a short time over the next few days, do so child; but only if you feel up to it. I leave you now, giving you my blessing and admonishing you as ever, to remember your time with the Father. Remember always our love for you JoiLin as you go about your day. Shalom.

Session 4
 2-31-93
 T/R’ing is Easier When You Use Your Faith

MACHIVENTA:  Good afternoon JoiLin, it is I Machiventa who speaks with you today. You have been feeling not well child, and your lack of participation has been understood. Would you have any questions you would like to have answered by me today?

JoiLin: Yes, sir, I would like to know how I could better prepare myself to be more in tune with you or other teachers when I am needed to sit as TR for our group. I seem to have such a tenuous hold on the words that the messages end up being short because I’m afraid that I can’t hear properly.


MACHIVENTA: : Stepping out in faith child, is the hardest first step to take. Once you have done that, you simply must continue along that same vein, continue to have faith that you are acting in a manner conducive to hearing the message. And simply say what comes to you. The more you practice this, the easier it becomes, by the same token, the easier it becomes, the more you may question it’s validity. Have faith child, in both yourself, in Michael’s plan, and in our part in it. We have no doubt regarding your ability to do this task. Your lack of faith is in yourself. Self-love JoiLin is where your beginning is; it is the foundation of all that will come after. Bring these things to the Father and Michael; allow them to help you. Empty yourself of these negatives and fill the void with their love. Does that help, child?

JoiLin: Yes sir, it does thank you.

MACHIVENTA: : And now child, if you feel up to it, we would like to allow one of our volunteers to try utilizing this communication channel.

JoiLin: Yes, sir, I will allow.

MACHIVENTA: : Our thanks to you JoiLin.

Un-named guest: Greetings, JoiLin. I am one who comes from afar to volunteer service to you and your people. It will give me much pleasure to see your planet take its rightful place within your local universe system. My job will be in overlooking some of the various projects within the schools. I will at times have need of utilizing this communication method and appreciate your willingness to allow me to see first hand how it works. I appreciate your willingness to serve in this capacity.


Continue to build on that love for yourself Joilin that must be your foundation. We see what is in your heart child, you will succeed. There will come a time in the future of this mission when your doubts will dissipate, will no longer have such a strong hold on your mind, your emotions; you will in fact, leave them behind for the most part. Continue working child it is a goal well worth working toward. And now I leave you knowing that your physical body is tiring; continue to build upon your faith; seeking the Father’s love that He might fill you; that you may then pass on to others that love. Shalom.

Session 5
 1-25-94
 Stay in the Present Moment & Avoid Projecting Into The Past

MACHIVENTA: Today we will discuss your inability to stay in the present. It is from your projecting back into the past or forward into the future, that most of your problems stem from. The innocent present is where you will find love, peace, tolerance and understanding; this shining moment has no history beyond now. It is here that the Father has access to both your heart and those with whom you come in contact. If you would count yourself among His workers, you must learn to function in the now, the present at all times. Learn to recognize when you have stepped beyond the now, when you are feeling anything not engendered by love, you will know you have moved beyond the present. Step back and refocus on the moment. Allow the Father’s love to begin to flow once again. There will be no movement that cannot be rectified; all things can be brought to His Light and through Love be healed.


MACHIVENTA:  This is my lesson for you today. Remember our love for you. Shalom.

Session 6
 1-27-94
 Self-Forgiveness

MACHIVENTA:  My lesson today will be on self-forgiveness. Sometimes what is so easy for us to overlook and understand in others is more difficult to overlook in ourselves. The saying that to err is human to forgive divine, is quite true, however, we, as unfolding spiritual beings, need to recognize that until we are able to clear ourselves of these things “we find ourselves guilty of”, we hold back our own progress on that path toward the divine nature. Think on this JoiLin; see if you can use it to gain a new self-perspective.

MACHIVENTA:  Go now and carry on. Shalom.

Session 7
 1-30-94
 Commitment & Knowledge of Self

MACHIVENTA:  Let us begin. My lesson today JoiLin, will be on commitment and knowledge of self. It is understandable due to the human electro-chemical make-up, when commitments so fervently made one moment, become watered down through this physical mechanism and quickly become forgotten or at best unrecognizable.

Commitment, Self Knowledge

unamed guest:   Self-control and the understanding of self must come before any commitments made by that same self, have the ability to bear fruit. There is a saying prevalent among your people that speaks succinctly of that which I am referencing, and that is, “words are cheap”. Anyone can speak volumes of words. But until the heart of the individual gets behind those words and pushes them toward action, they are as sounding brass, signifying nothing. So, while I may say “tomorrow I will do thus and so”, fully intending to do that which I am professing, until I breathe love and action into those words, naught will come of them.

Please do not misunderstand, our level of patience and understanding in dealing with you of the human species, cannot even be conceived of by the likes of yourselves; we do not grow impatient nor weary, when we must repeat certain teachings over and over again, anymore than you become weary or impatient when you are teaching your child who has just learned to take its first steps. It is our privilege to so serve you and we will continue, have no fear, until the goal is achieved. If at times it seems as if we take a sterner tone, it is only said so, in the hope that it will spur you on to that action of which we speak.

Knowing yourselves is of paramount importance. Filling yourselves with that love of the Father, with that love that comes from Him, to you, as a source of energy, is the beginning, the means by which you will come to know yourselves.

Find that place, that place of love and begin there. Knowing yourself as a holy child of God, loved completely by Him, always understood. Begin there, and look into all the dark corners, find those thoughts, those memories that you have within yourselves, those things for which you have withheld forgiveness, whether it be toward others or toward yourselves, makes no difference. The point being, that those things for which you have withheld forgiveness must be brought into His Light and let go.
Spend some time each day, if you can, trying to pull up within your mental screen of awareness, those areas hidden in darkness.

They are your stumbling blocks. Those are the things that keep you from moving forward, that keep you from knowing yourselves as your Father knows you. It is only through a process such as this of addressing and letting go of these things that you will finally be free to be the child of Light you were meant to be. You hold the key, no one else. You must be the activator of this mechanism of cleansing, of bringing to the Light and letting go.

Set aside some time, if it can’t be daily, then let it be at least once a week, knowing that the more time you spend, the sooner your goal will be reached. Spend this time earnestly seeking for those things held back, and each time you focus on something and bring it out, talk to the Father about it; you will hear His answers, if not verbally, than certainly on an emotional level. You will understand these things have no need to be held any longer. Letting them go will fill you with lightness, as if a burden has just been lifted from your shoulders, and indeed, that will be the case.

Try this dear students, and let us see if this cleansing, this clearing out of information and feelings no longer useful to you doesn’t’ bring you more peace and a clearer understanding that you are indeed, an evolving child of the Father; daily being filled all the more with His Light. Help your people, my students, by first helping yourselves.

It has been brought to my attention that there are some groups across your land that on a regular basis set up workshops for its members. These workshops may deal with many different issues, including that of which I speak. It has been found most effective, for certain groups, to work through some of these dark areas within themselves in the safe supportive setting of this their extended family.

Whatever way you choose, know that we are ever here, ever supportive, wishing that we could take that first step for you, yet knowing and understanding that you are indeed, master of your destiny. You will or will not take those steps, as you see fit. Know always that you are held within the umbrella of our love. We visit you sometimes daily, but always at least once during the week, trying to instill within you a sense of our presence and the knowledge of our support. Seek each other out as you go about your week, knowing that much strength may be found in the exchange of support with others whose minds and hearts are turned toward the same path. I leave you new, thanking you for this time and admonishing you to seek always the Father’s light. Shalom.

JoiLin: thank you for this lesson. Who are you? Are you Ambrose?

unamed guest: It is not necessary that you know my name child; know only that I come form Him who sent me to do His will. Shalom.

Session 8
 1-31-94
 Self Analysis By Creating A Self-Portrait
Self Evaluation

Today’s lesson will be on self-analysis. We will in effect, create a self-portrait. This portrait will encompass all aspects that may be attributed to self, e.g.

  • 1. Physical: What do you look like? How are you put together? Are you strong, weak, healthy, ill? Are you tall, short, stocky, slim? Large bones, fine bones? What color is your hair, your eyes, your complexion?
  • 2. Emotional: On this level, how do you see yourself? Loving, unloving, forgiving, unforgiving, active, lazy, extrovert, introvert?
  • 3. Mental: Do you have an inquiring mind or are you more passive? Along what avenues or within what subjects does your mind like to play? What promotes an interest in learning for you? Are you able to learn simply for the sake of learning, or must your interest be piqued?
  • 4. Spiritual: Do you see yourself as a religious person? Why? Spiritual? Why? What is the difference? Continue along these lines and add any other aspects of self that come to mind.

[I guess I lost the end of this session…I think I went rather deep and forgot to verbalize for the tape]

Session 9
 How To Bring Spiritual Help To Altercations

MANTOUBE:  If you are ready, we will begin.
The lesson I had prepared for you will be set aside this morning in order that we may deal with those times when you have allowed your ego to control life situations such as the one so recently expressed between yourself and your husband.

Habit, Communion

MANTOUBE:  What could you have done differently? Many times, and I believe this is one such time, we allow memories from the past to intrude upon or into the current scenario taking place. This I believe is what happened just moments ago. You became angry based upon similar situations in which you also became angry in the past. But what could you have done to have short-circuited this morning’s situation?

The most effective tool at your disposal is allowing the Father within to become activated; this can only happen through your volition; you must begin the process. He is powerless to act on His own, as your freewill must always take precedence.

You already understand that a habit must be formed, a habit of thought, of centered-ness on the Father within. This will not happen, JoiLin, of its own accord; you must make it happen. You could begin by centering your thoughts on Him in the pleasant, easy times of your day; when you’re trying to decide a course for your day. Simple things JoiLin, when you’re putting in a load of wash; turn that over to the Father. Let Him participate. Begin with these small things to build your habit. Eventually, over time, it will indeed become a habit, so that He will be available to you when you need Him.

I would like you to spend the rest of your day making a conscious effort to be in constant communion with your Father. We both understand that this is an exercise of will, and one, which will take much effort and practice on your part to maintain. But each task must have a beginning and this will be yours for today.

MANTOUBE:  I appreciate child, your willingness to work with me. I look forward to each day’s lesson and the forward growth I am sure will result if they are applied. Go with God child, and seek His Light always. Shalom.

Session 10
 2-06-94
 Letting Go Of Mistakes We Made

MANTOUBE: If you are ready we will begin.


MANTOUBE:  Today JoiLin, I think we will confine our lesson to recognizing those times when a mistake has been made, learning how to consciously let it go, truly let it go. Mistakes are only harmful when they are held on to. Anyone can rise above a mistake made at any point in his or her spiritual development, and mistakes will continue to be a part of your development. It is JoiLin, a process, as you well know. Recognize child, that you are but human with a very strong thread of the animalistic nature running through you, add to that the fact that you are virtually an infant in regard to your spiritual development.

You are just taking those few baby steps JoiLin. Recognize this, give yourself some latitude. Don’t be so hard on yourself child, let those mistakes go. They are but mistakes, you make much more of them than they deserve. (At this point, I took a very deep breath). Deep cleansing breath, this is a good tool to use when clearing out those unnecessary, unwanted memories. When you learn to live in the here and now, and that is our ultimate goal, you will have mastered the ability to immediately let go of mistakes, recognizing that they are just that. Our Father has no need of these memories, nor does He recognize them. It is because He has given you freewill that you are able to continue to recognize what He does not.

Continue to work on Friday’s lesson, inviting the Father into those areas of your day that are stress free. Working on this, on the foundation, you may begin to expand this invitation to Him to include more and more of your day. You have no greater gift that you might give to Him JoiLin; your love is all that He asks. That love, once given, allows Him to work through you child, as you well know. Continue looking for ways in which to include Him within each conscious act you begin.

It is difficult to achieve this at first, and like all good habits, must be practiced, and practiced, and practiced, all the while feeling uncomfortable, until finally, this habit becomes ingrained and begins to feel a part of you. At this point it becomes automatic and you can let go of control. Until you reach that point, you must control it, you must activate it. You child, are building that morontia vehicle that will serve you well for a very long time to come. Each vehicle, well built, becomes the foundation for those that follow. Build this foundation JoiLin, with the best within you.


MANTOUBE:  WE know what is in your heart child, you must simply bring it out into the light of day, that you too, may see it. Go child, into his Light, and bring that light into all areas within your mind. Share with Him child, knowing you gain strength and grow stronger each time you do. And remember as well, our love for you as you go about your day. Shalom.

Session 11
 2-07-94
 Establishing A Spiritual Foundation in Youth

JoiLin: May I ask a question regarding my grandson, Bradley?

Teacher: Yes, child, of course you may.

JoiLin: My daughter and her husband would like to know what they might do in order to foster Bradley’s spiritual growth.


Teacher: They have already begun on a good foundation; this school they have placed him in will help him to understand that he has a loving Father watching over him. He is too young to understand his potential role at this time.

Whenever a human is given the opportunity to foster the growth of a child within their home, the most effective method in assuring the child’s spiritual growth is to seek first their own spiritual garden. I would highly recommend reading the Jesus papers in the Urantia book.

We each must recognize that as we begin our upward journey to the Father, the best tool we have, is that tool we find within ourselves, that fragment of the Universal Father, given with such love and placed within each human heart. That is a most wonderful beginning, or place to begin. As one begins personal housecleaning, and gets their own house in order, they are then better able to nurture and feed those around them. This is all I have to say. Shalom.

Session 12
 2-08-94
 Obtaining Internal Release
 Journaling

Teacher:  In today’s lesson we will continue to focus on methods that may be utilized in order to affect a release, or what might be termed internal cleansing, of those things that are being held onto; those things that are no longer useful to you as an evolving spiritual entity.

Journaling, Healing

Teacher:  One method that might be used, is to begin to write a journal. This journal rather than going forward from this day, goes backward in time to your earliest memory, and working forward, stopping and spending time in those areas within which you have been emotionally hurt; those times you have suffered, that you have been a victim of others’ misconduct or lack of love. Focus on those times that you have been the initiator as well, those times that others have been hurt through things you have done, or things you have neglected to do.

Bring these things individually to the Father within; try to get in touch with the feelings that those remembrances evoke. It may then be helpful to try to take on the feelings of the [opposite] party. Take on the feelings and the role of the other person; that person you have either hurt, or been hurt by. How did this person feel causing you hurt? Did they know, were they fully cognizant of having hurt you? Were there extenuating circumstances that made it more difficult for them to recognize what they did? Were they blinded by emotion? Look at all of these things. When dealing with the situations wherein you have been the perpetrator of hurt, try to understand how the other person felt as the receiver of your ill will; your spoken or unspoken words.

When you bring these things to the Father one at a time, recognize your part as either victim or instigator, and give them to Him. Give them to Him child, let go, you no longer need to hold on to these memories; they serve you no purpose at this time. They are holding you back. No one ever said this path would be an easy one. Cleaning out the garage is never a fun job, but oh, the feeling of accomplishment we have when the job is done JoiLin! I think this will be enough for you to work with.

I want to thank you child, for opening your heart on the electronic airwaves; it did both you and others much good! Thank you for being receptive to those things I would say through you. You are much-loved child, never for get that. Try to remember JoiLin, the exercise of keeping the Father in your conscious mind. You haven’t remembered Him today child; He understands, you are working against much within yourself. Once these blockages are cleared, your way will be made easier.


Teacher:  Go now, begin your work. Shalom.

[Once again there have been many sessions I have not included, as they were very personal in nature and lessons I didn’t think could apply to anyone other than myself. At this point my lessons were picked up once again by Ambrose, Mantoube it seems, had completed his time with me.]

Session 13
 3-3-94
 Subject of Angels Represent One Channel To Reach Minds

Note  [I had recently watched a program about contact with personal angels, and messages of reassurance on the continuation of personality after physical life ceases


AMBROSE: Good morning JoiLin, it is I Ambrose, your teacher who loves you. The program you watched this morning is a channel through which many will open their minds.

Receptivity, Ascension Career

AMBROSE:  These vehicles or channels are being used throughout your world to reach people, to open them to the understanding that there is a bridge through which the other side may be reached. Reality as we know it, includes the whole; your side of life is simply the beginning; our side is the continuation. Many people are beginning to be open to this understanding. There are those of course, who will never be open while still in the physical state of life. Their opening will come later. So we work mainly with those whose minds are already open or those for whom the possibility exists.

This is not to say that those who are unable to open their minds at this time are in any way made to suffer a consequence. The only possible consequence would be a slower progression on their individual paths, but life is made up of different time frames for all individuals. Each individual’s life is a moving path along which there are myriad tasks as well as pleasures. Each person utilizes a different time frame within which these tasks and pleasures are experienced. As an example look at any task, any manual task and note that it will take different lengths of time for each individual to complete.

So too are our leisure experiences extended over differing lengths of time. I may spend hours engrossed within a particular pleasure while you might spend more or less time than I. So too, does this same example apply to our path of spiritual progression. You may move more quickly in some areas, less quickly in others. The same holds true for each of your planetary siblings. Each moves according to their ability and understanding at any given moment, however, the end result, using eternity as the time frame, will be the same of all. We all reach the Father by whatever path we choose, at whatever time all prerequisites have been met. This time frame, as I have mentioned is different for each individual ascending mortal.

AMBROSE:  You of course already understand this JoiLin, but you may one day share this teaching with others who have not yet reached the understanding that you have. Shalom.

Session 14
 3-5-94
 No One Can Make Progress Without Making Mistakes

unamed teacher: Let us begin. It has been some time since we last spent time together. I have missed you child, but I know you are in good hands with Ambrose. And it is he who will guide you from this point forward.

Error, Transmitting

unamed teacher:  You have indeed come a long way, yet understandably, have yet still a ways to go. I refer to both your spiritual development as well as to your developing skill as a receiver. You are making progress even though unrecognized by you. These small discrepancies in the messages, over which you worry so, are just that JoiLin. When looking at the broad picture they are insignificant; they will correct themselves over time. We would not allow anything to stand uncorrected that mattered. These small difficulties in receiving are like the chaff that will be blown away with the wind. What remains is the kernel, the real meat of the message. Do not concern yourself child, you waste much energy pursuing these negative paths.

The message you felt you received regarding your uncle was in part affected by your mind-set at the time. He was indeed on your mind at the time you received, however, it was thought by us to have been not an important issue, taking your aunt’s emotional state into consideration.

(My uncle had recently passed away, and my aunt was stuck in her grief)

And so while the message began as a prompting of your own (unrecognized) agenda, it was allowed to proceed with our guidance. We do when possible, work with each human willing to be utilized as receivers, when these agendas become known to us. Do not concern yourself that this has been the norm with you child. These times have been rare, but you are human and must work within the framework of your human physical vehicle. However, we understood what was happening and we worked with you child, so that what you received was helpful to your loved one and we will leave it at that.

If you continue to pursue this path, you will in future discover a more certain method of remaining outside these transmissions. It is, as with any learned procedure, going to require a certain amount of time and concentrated effort in order to develop consistently pure transmissions. Your ability will develop as you continue to work with it. Your performance to date has been most acceptable and appreciated by your teachers. And yet I caution you to remember that all transmissions that come through in the manner being utilized by this Teaching Mission is subject to human error.

Continue to work on that inner contact with the Father, it will happen with consistent effort on your part. Know child, that no one can make progress without experiencing some mistakes. It is through these mistakes that we learn. Do not chastise yourself. Know always, if and when this happens, your teachers will use the experience in a positive way. Continue in bringing the Father into your daily activities. You bring Him much joy when you do so child, and feed yourself as well.


unamed teacher:  I leave you now with my blessing and understanding that you are in my thoughts. Your personal sessions with Ambrose are seen to be moving in a positive direction. Do not feel as if now that you have a personal teacher, myself and the other teaching staff members have left you adrift. You have reached a point where working with Ambrose is the most beneficial path for you to pursue. We have other students who are just learning this technique and will need my time now, in the same manner that you did when you first began. Go child into your day and stay in His Light, knowing that we love you. Shalom.

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