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NID906- Service & Support

2016-02-14-Service & Support
No Idaho #906


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Service and Support
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Michael, Nebadonia, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Service and Support
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Dr. Mendoza, Michael, Nebadonia, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris


DR MENDOZA: [Mark] I’ll answer your call, I’m Dr. Mendoza and it is a joy to make the rounds with you this morning. That’s what you all have been so well engaged in is this checking up on your patients and maintaining this flow of energy, maintaining them in your consideration and your thoughts. This is what it means to make your rounds with your patients and visit them in this process. I would welcome your observation that you not only need gather to minister to those with physical ailments; there are many in need of simple support and validation for their struggle and where they are at and acceptance for them as a brother, a sister, a fellow, a comrade. These things are so very valuable to individuals as they go through their growth process. There is always this need for the connection with stability and certainty.

You all have found this in your spiritual perspective, in the position you have yourselves in relationship to all that goes on around you. Having this firm footing you are able to cast a line out to others and steady them in this great flow that is going on all around us. This spiritual island supports you as the world swirls all around you and no matter what the circumstance, no matter who the individual, they are impacted by coming in contact with your stability, with your firmness of stance and so you may not only be a beacon, a lighthouse to let them know of your presence, but then you may stand firm so that they may cling to you and moor to your stability.

This is the service you provide as a mortal of the realm. You have your feet on the terrestrial plane, your boots on the ground, your direct contact with the environment and the circumstance and as well, you have a universal internal component that is beyond time and space that is tied to the entire universe, that is yours to grab onto and hold fast as the sands may shift and the currents may seek to dislodge you. It is great to join you as we explore so many of the dimensions before us in this capacity of health and healing. Trust that if you are not able to envision the mechanism for the curing of physical ailments, rest assured you are able to provide the comfort of a friend, the stability of a comrade, the conviction of one who stands on their faith. These things are yours to give to any patient, to every patient and you need not consult a more qualified position because none is more qualified than you to act in love and compassion on your own.

Trust that this simple act is as potent and powerful as all the remedies that may come about. This act of love transcends all else. It is what remains in the equation throughout. Well done my comrades, I enjoyed my morning rounds and now will take my leave, good day.

MICHAEL:  [Mark] My dear ones, it is my pleasure to greet you at this time, I am Michael. I hope I am known by you as your Father, even your brother and even your friend. I hope that I may call on you as you may call a friend. We have enjoyed these years coming to know each other more and more and I delight in your growth and your progress, indeed your ascension. I come today to tell you that I am aware of your service to me. It does not go unnoticed, rather it brings me great joy. I refer to the truth that whenever you are in service to any of my children, you are in service to me and you have so willingly volunteered for such service and I have witnessed these acts of yours and they have touched me for these things are your gifts to me, each and everyone.

I accept these, your offerings, with the greatest gratitude and I desire that you know I am well pleased in all that you do for me and for you. You see, the same way I am so pleased when you help others, I am equally as pleased when you service yourself, when you provide for your needs, when you look after the one no one else can truly look after. This is a service to me. I know there exists the human tendency to shun the self as a way to become more spiritualized, to realize that the importance of self may need to be downplayed in order to strike a balance with spirit and this may be so, but there also exists the potential to deny the self, to overlook the needs and to not service the one providing the service, after all, what could they have need of.

But there are needs. You provide a great service to each other here today in your camaraderie and fellowship, a needed service that you not only give, but receive. While you believe and take to heart that I will provide for your every need, there are certain inherent conditions which must be met and I encourage you to engage with any process which facilitates the satisfaction of your own requirements, your own needs in the process. It is easy to have so much consideration and thought for others that you neglect the self but you are as important to me as any of your brothers and sisters whom I so cherish. I am here for you, to support you in your process, to bring you my love and my peace as you go about your journey and to acknowledge you as as important as any of the others to me, to us all.


Thank you for all that you do when you show up and volunteer as you so do. Know that I am with you in these times and always and that I am so well pleased for all that you would do with me and in my name. Thank you Father for these beautiful children, amen.

NEBADONIA: [Cathy] My children, I bring you a hug on this day of heart appreciation. You are growing and acting in service and compassion. This is a reminder that my many helpers are available to aid you in this walk. Spirit flows throughout our universe and is freely available for your use and connection. Be assured that your intention is a powerful tool that will be aided in every possible way. Your Father and I are watching with love your attempts to reach out and aid your brothers and sisters. We are always available to aid you, just ask.

JONATHAN:  [Cathy] I wish to add my greetings as you celebrate heart connection. We are truly connected, heart to heart.

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