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NID907- Individual Awareness

2016-02-21-Individual Awareness
No Idaho #907


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Individual Awareness & Healing
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Dr. Mendoza
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Individual Awareness & Healing
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Dr. Mendoza
TR: Mark Rogers


MACHIVENTA:  Indeed my friends, it is true, that when you consider another, when you condition your perception to accommodate and allow for the presence of another whom you are familiar with, internally you are able to reconstruct your previous experience of the last time you had an encounter with this individual. Your human mind is an excellent resource to be able to restructure for you your awareness and understanding of not only individuals but circumstances and even potentials.

It is very true that when one considers another individual, they are flooded with sensations of the attributes and parameters of this other individual thereby making literal space in their awareness for this individual presence to inhabit. You have referred to this on past occasions as creating the arena or building the citadel or perhaps even visiting the portal. All of these are your efforts to reconstruct experiences of the past and provide a framework for spiritual experiences of the present and a launching pad for future spiritual experiences.

This is accomplished by means of your revisiting this state of awareness and being and each time you revisit this you reinforce these neural net pathways and these spiritual net pathways and by choosing to engage in this, by devoting the spiritual effort necessary, your are indeed rewarded with the success of your attempts and as a result, in this example, I have been summoned by your ringing of the bells and I have reported to you as your desire has indicated. This is also my desire as indicated by my presence to be here. This is one of the great gifts that you are given as mortals of the realm, this ability to use the mind circuit to recreate and restructure for you your arenas of safety and spirit. Each time you do this it’s becoming easier and stronger.

I would like to reflect with you here this morning. As has been discussed, we have been together for a number of years and this is but the beginning of our relationship and yet it already feels as though it has enduring qualities. I would promote your ideas here today, that you are in process of becoming these strong pillars of security, anchored and stable on your foundations of faith. Also, I would echo your awareness, that your real tasks at hand are to cement this secure foundation to establish such firm footings that you will not be wavered by all that transpires in the environment around you. Whether this environment happens to be Urantia or any subsequent environment. Your stability is built here in this life of uncertainty, in this existence of being unaware, until you become aware. All of these experiences serve to make you stand stronger and stronger in your conviction and faith and so it is that this environment has been structured to give you these experiences and allow you these choices and foster for you this growth.

When I come and join you it is much like I have stood outside the classroom door for some time, simply taking in and observing all that you bring to class yourselves, the many different valuable contributions you all make to the classroom and the learning experience lifts my countenance and brings me great joy to see the students so eager to be about the process of learning, growing and sharing. Indeed, the lesson plans have taken effect, have become lodged in your own individual selves and now you are operating at a level you may have only imagined in your past. Hopefully this glimpse of your growth, which I affirm for you, only provides you anticipation and perhaps even excitement for all that is before you that you will grow into.

Should all earthly things perish, we can still stand strong in our faith, in our relationship, in our awareness and in our peace that we enjoy as a result of having such strong spiritual ties and foundation. I look forward to future curricula, to future classrooms and future environments which provide their own set of opportunities to be accessed and chosen. But for now, I stand in great appreciation and contentment with what we have done in our lesson plans and in our process to expand your awareness for we can certainly measure certain success.

Thank you Michael for this class, for this group, for this combination of relationship that binds us, brings us together and provides for our spiritual stability in this process that has just begun but which has no end. I stand with you all in gratitude for this unique experience and opportunity and I look forward to remaining connected with you in relationship, no matter what happens, no matter when and no matter how. Let us be open minded enough to take it as it comes, to choose it as it is presented and to manifest the grace and the peace contained in these opportunities. Help us make it so as we move forward in this process together.
You are my students in whom I am well pleased and it brings me great pleasure to bring this assurance to you. Thank you for the invitation, good day to you all.

DR MENDOZA:   Hello to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza and I am here as well as a result of your having created the space for me to be. My name has been invoked on several occasions here today which brings me great joy that we are in fact, developing close relationships and that I come into your consideration so that I may have a place within your being to occupy, to stop in as I make my rounds to visit you as you will so allow. We all witness that we appear to be in a stage here together of working on a number of individuals in need. This appears to be one of the areas of interest and I am certainly most willing to join you in this area of interest.

We do what we can and I refer to we, you and I together, will do what we can given the limitations of time and space, of mortal life and of individual awareness and limitation. After having successfully done our part, we must also relax in faith and peace that the entire bigger picture is being ministered to on another level as well. We may not, in our efforts on this plane, be shown the many different aspects at play but nevertheless, we are driven to act in faith and to believe in the efficacy of our efforts.

But even the physicians and the physician’s assistants must also stand firm on their foundation of faith and belief, even to the point of being willing to turn over our desires and expectations to those who minister on even higher levels. We may and do act in accordance with our will and desires but these must be seen as incomplete, as partial in regards to the whole picture of all that is transpiring. So while we will make our best efforts, while we will offer our most sincere intentions, we must also recognize that there is a grand scheme of which we are only a part and that situations and circumstances may take turns that are not altogether clear to us who are engaged in our process but nevertheless must be viewed as aspects of the whole.

This sentiment of course may be captured in the well known statement: “Not my will, but yours be done.” And while we would choose to see individuals made whole before our eyes, as a response to our efforts, we must concede that we are only a part of the ongoing and enormous process that surrounds other individuals and circumstances and that our desires and wishes are accepted on high for being offered in loving intention but are only a part of the entire equation. All this having been said, we still are keenly aware of the significance and impact of our intentions, both combined and individual and we are willing to work in accordance with these universe principles to the best of our abilities. Having done all this, let us be at peace with whatever transpires, whatever unfolds, because as I have said, there are other ministers on high and they are involved with these individuals and circumstances as well.


DR MENDOZA:   It is a joy to join you once again and feel so welcome in this environment. Thank you for providing this place. I will see you next time I make my rounds, farewell.

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