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NID910- Process Pioneering

2016-03-06-Process Pioneering
No Idaho #910


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Pioneering the Process
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Pioneering the Process
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Machiventa
TR: Mark Rogers


CHARLES: Hello to you all this morning, I am Charles. I have indeed been observing your morning conversation and will, as requested, respond to your inquiries as to what we might have to say from our side as it were. It always impresses me to see the devotion attendant upon these ideas and notions of providing for others. When you see the inherent value contained in the lessons you have been given, there arises from you this desire to keep safe this gift you have been given so that others may receive it as you did, so that other lives may be changed and grown as yours has been as the result of these offerings that have been so freely given and so willingly accepted.

I support your observation that many of these lessons are indeed gems of priceless and eternal worth. They contain the potentials to plant spiritual seeds in others as they have been planted within you. They contain the potential of being equally as significant when another brother or sister encounters them, as they were when you were ‘wowed’ by them. Even as you discussed your recent encounter with the latest gifts you embraced, the latest transcripts posted offered you the opportunity anew and fresh to provide your interpretation of the current expression of word symbols and while these lessons may even have been heard by you before, because they were presented to you and present in the current moment with you, they were granted a special privilege of impacting you anew.

A fresh look at even an old truth may truly be inspiring, even to those like yourselves who are rather seasoned veterans at the whole transcript thing, the whole process, the lesson plan, the curriculum, are all familiar to you and yet you will witness, that even now, in these moments of now, you may be thoroughly impressed. That is the worth of all that has been generated before you, has been generated with your assistance, with your participation, even with your efforts at preservation and safekeeping.

I also endorse the current movement to rally around a project of this nature, after all, if not you, who? If not now, when? The opportunity will be lost if you decide not to. If you decide to, it becomes another expression you may grant to be embraced by others. You have been pioneers in this ‘new to your planet experiment’ of the Teaching Mission, the process and the rewards. You have unique vantage points to share with your brothers and sisters who were not there, who have not been through the process, who have not been exposed to the material and therefore have not grown to appreciate it.

There are millions who stand behind the pioneers of anything, ready to go out and retrace your steps, ready to follow your path because it is proven, it has worked for you, you have arrived at where you are as a result of this path. You seek now a method to provide a map to illustrate the path that has been taken, the lessons which have brought you to these places, the realizations you have made and the perspectives of yours that have been expanded.

Just as Lewis and Clark were faithful to chronicle their exploration and adventures, then many were then subsequently inspired to follow them, to follow their lead, to go out and experience for themselves what was experienced by one of their own. Likewise, you are spiritual explorers. You have a certain familiarity with the territory you have explored. There are many who would benefit and follow in your footsteps, to attempt to have for themselves the experiences that you are able to chronicle with authenticity.

There is a tendency to feel, as a mortal of the realm, that you are busy enough, engaged in your own life management and activities and that this most certainly occupies the bulk of your time and energies and after all, who would care perhaps, to engage in your journey of exploration with you? But I tell you, such efforts at chronicling your experience are so very valuable to another who is searching for a way, who has been guided to find you as a guide to find this way, to then go this way and to adhere to this path.

I assure you, as with all efforts of service and grace, there is abundant help available. Do not concern yourselves with too much of the details of your process at this stage. Focus on visions of what could be, of potentials lying before you, of dreams of divine illumination through this groups work, through your individual efforts and if you maintain the focus on service and love in this way, surely your fruits will attract many. The fruits of your efforts will be self evident in this process.

In short, I support your direction but then again, I am guilty of supporting you in everything. Trust that I will continue to support you in whatever decisions you make and efforts you extend because in this service, we are truly working together. We both share a common interest to preserve what has been created in the name of goodness. Let us make sure that these chapters of human history take their rightful place among all the other chapters offered by other individuals. Your observations and offerings and body of work are equal to any. Keep this in mind, you are custodians of this in this life. It is your choice what will happen to this extensive body of devoted effort that we witness. I stand with you to embrace it, to uphold it and to preserve it for future generations to come. Let it be so.

JONATHAN: Hey guys, Jonathan here. I could barely contain my enthusiasm to wait for Charles. This subject on the floor is near and dear to my heart. I had hoped and dreamed that efforts that were extended in such faith, with such sincerity and in such belief would stand the test of time. I stand now in conviction of that truth, that these efforts that were generated through countless acts of love will be protected throughout time, even be made available to be offered to others as they so desire.

There is, of course, a right place and a right time for everything. Individuals who are not at this moment attracted to a spiritual pursuit, simply need the next moment to arrive and the next choice to be presented to them and at any one of these moments of ‘the now’, new direction may be established, new interests may be fostered and they may perchance be directed and guided to find the accounts of others who have gone out in spiritual exploration together, as a group, who have supported each other and been there for each other for lo these many years.

It is an inspiring account of truth, of beauty, of goodness that deserves to be told. There are so many other accounts out there which lack the grace and the love that such an account as this group can provide and it offers a needed balance to the equation. Even now, you cannot appreciate how special this gift of grace that has been so warmly embraced and so lovingly shared is to the mortal condition. It has grown to be a second nature for all of you. You have embraced it and surrounded yourselves with it, it is familiar, cherished and welcome in your experience but many could use what you have found, what has become normal and regular to you. Many could use your perspective, your faith that has been grown, your belief that has been shown.

I hereby endorse this proposal and willingly offer my efforts as a contribution so that there may be no doubt about that. Very very much good will come out of these efforts. You all are heard making your own form of request as to how best to be of service and as if an answer to your petition, here lies a whole other avenue for you to use to channel your efforts at something that is a bit more tangible than many of the projects you engage in. Avail yourselves of the times in which you live, the opportunities provided by these times. Take advantage of the mechanisms in place and create a portrayal of your own version of truth, of beauty and of goodness that you have derived as a result of your experience with this project at hand of the Teaching Mission.

Remember, if it is your experience, your truth, your reality, it cannot be wrong. It is true for you, it is real for you. That is the test of authenticity. If those things are true then you may express them with complete conviction and confidence and let the chips fall where they may about how they are received. That part is not up to you but your honest and sincere expression is your gift you give to the Supreme and to those around you, your brothers and sisters who like you, may be searching for truth and may find it where you have found it, under this particular stone you have turned up.

What a pleasure it is to still feel this connection to the purpose that we all have been engaged in, to still feel the devotion to the cause. I do now, even as you do now, feel this. I am happy and excited to help in this process, wherever you have need of me. But you have before you, all that you need in the material, all that you need in your own personal perception, your own individual experience, to report with complete authenticity. Let the service begin.

MACHIVENTA: Hello to you all, I am Machiventa. I have spoken to you before about this notion of the students who have gained mastery over the material becoming teachers assistants. In the perspective of what is being discussed here today, the project at hand, each one of you may be seen as the student instructor who now is asked to lead the class. Surely, you may lean on the lesson plan, you may borrow from the materials, you may refer as you wish to the text, but the real teacher teaches by example. They teach from the vantage point of one who has not only mastered the material, but stands atop of this foundation and teaches from a place of knowing, of embracing, of a more complete awareness of the material than those around them.

This is you in this project. You are the students who have been well devoted in class. You have internalized the lesson plan and you have read the text. You may even recall and recite them at command but now, you are asked to give a personal account of your understanding, of your awareness, of your change in awareness and perception, to offer to others a perspective of growth, a perspective of expansion, of illumination, of forward momentum in the process. This is what will impress the others, your story, what happened to you, how it changed your life, what truly impressed you about it and why.

These are things that are common to all of your kind. They are accessible to all of your type of mortal minds. Therefore, your contribution made lovingly and sincerely helps to round out the perspective offered out there by others, helps to provide contrast, to offer choice, to look at life from yet another portal of perception. Your viewpoint is like no other. That is how it works. This is true throughout but few, relatively, are willing to chronicle their view and share it so that others may benefit from your experience. You all stand as qualified representatives of the truth. You all have mastered the curriculum to the point of being asked to lead the class and you all are willing to rise to this challenge, thus it has been issued.


MACHIVENTA:  As you well know, you are never left alone in this process or any other. There will never be a time when you are forsaken in your needs and desires but you must strike out and be in a direction so that you may be guided and instructed and ‘bumped’ one way or another as you refer to it. You may count on this continuing to transpire and you may count on great support from myself and the others who you allow to join you. Those are my words in response to your heartfelt request for solicitation from those on my side. Be of good cheer. This is yet another gift of grace. Be still and embrace it.’

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