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NID911- Checking in with God

2016-03-13-Checking in with God
No Idaho #911


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Checking in with God
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LIGHT, Dr. Mendoza
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Checking in with God
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: LIGHT, Dr. Mendoza
TR: Mark Rogers


LIGHT: I would take this opportunity to greet you all this morning, I am Light and I am drawn to your light, I am drawn to the expression that you all are of the light when you seek to shine this light, when you spread this light and focus this light. Truly you are ambassadors of this light and growing very accustomed to working within the parameters of this light. I was also drawn here by the charming comment that I wish to play with a little bit more. “Should we check in and see what God is doing”? Within these words lies a potent key to your awareness of taking the time to check in, taking the time to feel the goodness of God, to bathe in the love of God, much like you would choose to sit near an open window and feel the rays of the sun once again, bringing you not only the warmth but the security and the comfort and the familiarity that you crave when you go seeking the suns rays to assure you that there will be more sun. It will be warm and comforting. It has been provided for you and it will never cease to be there for you.

Likewise is it with the love of God. It is always a pleasure to go warm yourself by these rays of love, to feel once again the constant and sincere connection that you feel when you take the time to establish this connection once again, take the time to sit in front of the rays of God and feel them. It is truly as simple as that. It need not be seen as complicated or cumbersome in any way, merely seen as though you are sitting and taking in some of the rays provided for you.

It is also a joy to witness with you the effects of your efforts in directing this healing light. We all share when there is success, we all feel lifted up when there is a response to this energy and so I share this with you, this joy, this sensation of satisfaction at the effects of the light, the effects of the love, the effects of the efforts to sponsor this light and this love and to choose to direct it in an intentional manner. It is very true, as has been commented, that we are all assistants to the master physician. We are all accomplices in this process, participants out on the field of play and so we all share when one is lifted up, we all benefit at simply having played on the team with the light.
Thank you for the opportunity to address you once again and thank you for the comfort you provide me in so doing. I feel welcome and this opens the door for such exchanges. This I will remain eternally grateful for; until later, farewell.

DR MENDOZA:  Greetings to you all, I am Dr. Mendoza here to continue the curriculum we have been invested in for some time. At this point, I would borrow a construct of thinking from this participant in the process because I feel as though this is a worthy topic of further illumination. I refer to the thought pattern of this individual engaged in carrying out the duties of the physicians assistant who was confronted with the notion while actively engaged, that he was not certain exactly what to pray for about the given individual, what course of action may have been the best. Was it to pray for health and healing in this life or perhaps pray for an easy transition from the suffering of this life? These thoughts will cross all of your minds in this process.

In the sincere intention to do the right thing, there may arise this struggle of what is the right thing and what is best to petition of your Divine Parents and the others involved in this process? The answer that arose through the earnest petition to know was to not trouble oneself with praying for the details of resolution, looking like this or being like that, but rather to pray for the overall welfare and well being of the individual and leave the treatment up to the real physicians in charge of the patient and be willing to be fluid and flexible in your appreciation for what that might be, what that might look like or how it may turn out.

It is quite true, that as mortals of the realm, your perspective is necessarily limited, that you may not be given to see or know the many factors involved in the patients “chart” overall, in all the circumstances surrounding the situation as a total. In the journey and the destiny of any individual in particular, all these may not be made evident to you in your process and so your individual ideas of what may be correct in any process may simply be based in a genuine ignorance of the whole. This is where returning to the overarching picture, going and checking in with God once again, will affirm for you that simply doing this transforms the equation. Simply laying down your expectations and desires allows what is to unfold and to always seek refuge in your genuine desire for the well being and welfare of another while remaining unattached to what that might be exactly.

This is truly a key to your relationship to the process. The less you can set goals and expectations which then may be dashed, the more you can appreciate the flow of spirit as your prayers are indeed answered. When your prayers are fluid enough to accept the answer, then you may experience the grace as your Divine Parents would bestow it. It is a manner of aiming higher and higher as a result of your awareness with your petitions that brings you closer and in more alignment with the true physicians on high.


DR MENDOZA: I thought this may be a point of interest as the curriculum moves forward. You may be continually challenged to aim high, to not be mired in the details but to shoot for the highest possible good, the greatest possible outcome and to admit that you may not know what that is but still choose it. “Your will be done” is a statement of that intention. Let it be so as we continue though this process. The faithful physicians attendants will grow to have complete trust in the physicians to administer what is needed.

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