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NID915- Crossroads

No Idaho #915


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: At a Crossroads
o 1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Mother Spirit, Machiventa, Jonathan
o 2.2 TR: Mark Rogers
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: At a Crossroads
Group: N. Idaho TeaM
Teacher: Mother Spirit, Machiventa, Jonathan
TR: Mark Rogers


Prayer: Thank you Mother Spirit for joining us in this conversation, it’s been a while and we appreciate your responding to our call.


NEBADONIA: Yes indeed, I am here and yes, in this instance I am responding to your call but in all cases, in every case, I have responded before you have made the call. I have provided for you all that you have need of in advance of your awareness of even needing it. That grants me certain authority to discuss with you what unconditional love looks like, what it feels like, how it surrounds you, nurtures you, provides for your every need, challenges you and sustains you throughout your entire process.

I am as the womb that surrounds you, so much so that you do not have a conception of your existence without my embrace. I am so invested in you that we are bound together by this investment. You are my children and any mother feels a great responsibility to those in her care. This is my undying role, my eternal commitment which I provide for you before you even knew who I was. This unconditional love does not demand that you even know of me or from where this love has been issued. That is the extent of the unconditional part. I have freely given you this love even before you have come to know me and I will continue to do so as you have need of it. I will be with you throughout as the mother is always tied by these bonds of love to their offspring.

In later incarnations you will stand more on your own two feet without such support as I offer you with your every breath. You will grow more and more to be the individual you are destined to become and at some later point, you will be able to make a clearer distinction of who you are in relationship to me. Right now we are so close that you cannot make this discernment or this observation. You do not know where you stop and I begin, I am so wrapped around you in your existence at this point that you can not be said to be separate from me. But you will be in your eternal journey, out on your own in the great scheme of universe ascension and I will remain keenly aware of you and your growth and progress as any eager parent would do.

In the meantime, you are provided for by my unconditional love. To the degree that you are able to feel this loving towards others, it is well and good to grow to experience a depth of love which transcends expectations or conditions. It is in fact your destiny and you will have ample opportunity to develop this aspect of your being. It requires a selflessness which must be mastered, a thinking outside of your own selves which must be developed. It is my pleasure to be summoned by this question.

I believe it has been my right to address you regarding what this is. You are indeed loved and cherished by a great many, though it may even perhaps be said, none more than my special relationship with you. The nurturing mother and the child share an eternal bond and I deeply appreciate this bond that is between all of us. Thank you for making way for me, allowing me to join you in casual conversation such as this, in reflection of our relationship and the need behind relationship. I will continue to support and uphold you throughout. Thank you for hearing my words.

MACHIVENTA: Hello to you all, I would take the opportunity to address this class, I am Machiventa Melchizedek and it has been my privilege to oversee much of your spiritual development in what is our Melchizedek School of Training. During the curriculum that each one of you has embraced in this Teaching Mission, there have been many levels which have to be attained as the curriculum was built upon itself. As you grow and learn, your capacities are increased and you are given more to grow and learn with.

And now it is that we witness that much of what you have been exposed to has served to provide a firm footing, a strong foundation on which you now stand in conviction and with faith. That is what this curriculum was designed to instill in the student, a sense of connection to spirit, a sense of belonging in the spiritual realm, some episodes of experience to build your faith and to require of you this faith. And you have risen to the challenge, you have accepted the gauntlet that has been thrown down that you might in fact master some of these spiritual concepts, even to wield them as you so desire in your process of expression.

Now, we find ourselves at a crossroads of sorts. We have brought forward this lesson plan, this curriculum. It has been delivered, it has served its useful purpose and now there is a concern over what is next. What does the future hold for this movement, this curriculum, this school? As with so much that you are confronted with, the direction will be yours to choose. This whole experiment in progress could be steered in a number of directions of your choosing. You all have a sense of where the energy lies in the equation, where the embers still smolder, where the interest is and we will be happy to cater and tailor our lesson plan as needed to accommodate the students who arrive in the classroom.

More and more you are getting a sense that we are not driving the curriculum as much as you are. We have delivered you the basics. You have taken in all this material and now it is your interests that drive the program, your direction of pursuit which formulates the lesson plan. There has been some lengthy period of time in which the process has been very similar as we have been delivering these lesson plans over and over again. All such patterns and routines are subject to scrutiny from time to time. Are they serving the purpose? Is there perhaps a different approach which may serve better? This notion of the student driven curriculum is what is rising to the forefront as having shown the greatest potential.

It is greatly appreciated that you have expanded your scope of realization to the levels where you are in greater awareness of your powerful choice that propels you forward in all aspects of life, that conditions your environment, that you create through the projection of your very being. Hopefully the lessons of many years have empowered you to consider yourselves co-creators in this process, even to consider yourself as a first source and center, the creator of that which you have jurisdiction over. It is your ideas that may be turned into reality, it is your choices that are reflected all around you. It is your activity as a co-creator which is critical to the process of choosing what you would make real in your experience.

So what will you make real in your experience? What will you choose to foster and promote? What will you choose to distance yourself from and what will you respond to the contrast. This is where we find ourselves, at a junction where it is time to co-create. No longer will we consider you as unlearned students but you are the ones who will come back to class. You are the ones who will go on for higher education. So what would you choose to know, to study, to become? The universe awaits your asking, awaits your choosing and I am grateful to have been behind the scenes in your preparation for your higher education. It brings me great satisfaction to see your readiness, to witness your capacities and I am ever pleased to be associated with you in this process to develop our individual relationships because we can and because we both choose to do so.

I am grateful for your choices that have brought you here. I am grateful for the opportunity to have grown with you in this process and to experience this that has been orchestrated on your behalf, through your eyes, through your awareness. It has been a pleasure addressing your classroom this evening. I always have a special attachment whenever the students are gathered, good day to you all.

JONATHAN: I greet this group, I am Jonathan. This group is near to my heart. I have friends new and friends old in this group and I still consider myself qualified to say that. I turns out, friendship and relationship are indeed enduring. It is one of the things you don’t lose along the way unless you choose to do so. It’s one of the things I choose to promote and foster and as a result, I have my connection to you all. I have my firm and enduring friendship with my partner Mark and this enables us to continue this relationship and work together in spirit as we have worked together so many times in the flesh. I appreciate that you all gathered are faithful stewards of the mission, that you have an enduring commitment to spiritual truths.

I too have an enduring commitment to spirit and spiritual truths. This we share, this calls us together for this purpose. We hear the same call of spirit and we respond. This is enough to bridge the gap, this is enough to cross the void. To make this connection to spirit an active choice is sacred, this gift you are giving back to your Divine Parents who have orchestrated this entire event and all the opportunities within it. Every time you choose to engage with the plan with spirit, you are engaging with your Divine Parents and you are developing eternal values which you will take with you. So those things which have their humble beginning here on Urantia, those things which start here like you, like me, have aspects which endure and transcend the limitations of time and space.

I am here to witness that to you even now. But this is something that you will see for yourselves, an experience you will personally have. My telling you this is so must simply be taken in faith by you at this time. This principle will be experienced by you as truth at some point. Know that you are loved and cared for. You have heard from your Divine Mother, you have heard from your Headmaster and you hear from your friend as well, all of us keenly interested in your welfare and in whatever service we might offer towards that end.


JONATHAN:  I love a good gathering and I will be in attendance as you fellowship and commune with each other and with others outside of your circle. It is good I am able to drink this cup with you. It is sweet and I fondly recall it, until later, take care.

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